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    Pretty Little Toys

    Just a few pictures of pretty girls looking sexy and feminine.

    These are here to inspire you .. to inspire you to exercise more, to eat better, to practice your make-up, to wear higher heels, to wear sexier clothes.

    Summer is coming, time to look pretty and sexy and happy.


    Large boobs and babes from 14x8inches Plenty more here | Get random | What I like | Who I like


    A safe place for former feminists

    Most girls are brought up to believe that they should strive to be equal in a men’s world. They are told to work as hard as men, be as tough as men, be smarter than men.

    And for the majority of women that works. They work hard, they are tough and they are a lot smarter.

    But not for you.

    Yes, you may have been a feminist in college, but we both know it was a “phase”. It was an attempt to fit in. An attempt to lie about your true nature.

    Now you are in your mid-20s and the realisation has dawned. You don’t want to be smart, you don’t want to be tough, you don’t want to be equal.

    You want to be treated like a silly little fucktoy. You want your man to make decisions You want your man to mould you.

    That is OK. It is OK to want that. Just relax, breathe deep and accept it.

    And it is OK to DM me and ask for help. It is what I do.


    Large boobs and babes from 14x8inches Plenty more here | Get random | What I like | Who I like

    Given recent events, I'd like to point out that people seem to think that Black Lives Matter... but only when black people are killed by white people and the police. No one ever says anything about the 90% or more of black people who are killed by other blacks, as is typical of any race. Pointing this simple fact out is considered racist by the kind of morons who are trashing their cities right now. The same morons who are about to learn the hard way that as hard as black people's lives are now, they are going to get incalculably worse when the police decide to leave them to their own devices. If you want an example of how black people live and act when they're in power, just pick a country in Africa. If you're willing to settle for how they act in absence of law enforcement, simply refer to this tweet. I'll warn you now, it's not for the faint of heart:


    What’s your name?

    Day 3  

    “What’s your name?”


    “Are you sure? Don’t you mean “dumb cunt”?”

    She rolls her eyes. “Cheesy. I know what you are doing. It only works on morons.”  

    “Agreed. We’ll revisit that in a couple of weeks.”  


    Day 8  

    “Wake up, dumb cunt”.

    She groans.

    “What’s your name?”

    She blinks for a second and looks around disoriented. “Jane. This is lame.”  

    “Giving up?”

    “No way, I’ll win the bet. Piece of cake. Uhm… 16 more days.  

    “15? You’ve been here only 8 days. Are you trying to cheat? Are you scared if you stay too long you’ll lose?  

    “No, no… uhm… 22 days. No problem. Your amateur fantasy mind control stuff is weak.”  

    Day 14

    “I know what you are doing. Pavlovian responses don’t work on someone who already knows your intentions. I’ve taken psych classes in undergrad. You can have your sluts feed me treats all day long it won’t erase my memories. Positive reinforcement doesn’t really work. You’d need to imprint the… uhm… the stuff and erase things. Anyway… uhm. whatever. Boring”.

    “If that’s the case then, no harm in playing along. You can indulge in your secret fetishes and at the end of the month you’ll be 10 grands richer. Not a bad deal. Don’t you think, dumb cunt?

    “No s… I mean… fine whatever”.

    Day 22

    “I know it’s confusing and a little scary, dumb cunt. But it’s for your own good.”

    “Do I really have to?”  

    “Not if you don’t want to, dumb cunt.”  

    She sighs. “Fine… I am a dumb cunt. There, happy?”  


    “I am a dumb cunt.”

    “Very good, cunt. There, doesn’t that feel better?”


    “Come on, don’t be shy. Oh… you are blushing. That’s precious, little cunt. Come on, say it for me, little cunt. You’ll love how it feels.”

    “I… uhm… I am a horny, dumb cunt”.

    I snap my finger.

    “Oh god! I… I am cumming. Fuck! How… fuck… how are you doing this?”

    “You already forgot? We spent all week last week training you to cum on command. I guess it’s normal though. In between sessions I’ve been able to suggest to your subconscious to bury unsexy memories. Thinking is so hard when you are horny, no?”  

    “Uh… sorry, what??  

    “Nevermind. Don’t worry about it”.

    “Can… can I… uhm… can I have another one please, Sir?”

    “What’s your name?

    “Dumb c… n… I mean… no… it’s something else. I am… “

    I snap my fingers again.

    “Fuck! Oh fuck…”  

    Day 28  

    “What’s wrong, dumb cunt?”

    She keeps sobbing.

    “Is everything ok?”

    “I… I… I forgot my n… name, Sir.”


    “Yes, I… I know it’s there… I can feel it… I just… “

    “But every time you think you remember, your mind gets distracted?”

    “Yes. I mean… no… I… I just… it’s like I don’t want to remember. I just want to hump the pillow instead and… and not think about it. And it makes me so hot when I do that. I just… I just need to rub one more time and then I’ll stop and remember. But then I go again… and again… and I can’t stop.”

    “I see. Well, I suppose that’s partly my fault. Have not let you cum in a while. I imagine that must make things a bit… challenging.”

    “P.. please, Sir…”


    “I… I am a dumb cunt.”

    “Of course you are.”

    “Fuck, why is this so hot? Fuck. I am a dumb cunt. I am a dumb cunt!”.

    I chuckle and leave her to hump the pillow.

    Day 30

    I snap my fingers.

    “Oh my god! Thank you Sir! Thank you. I am a dumb cunt. Fuck! Thank you. I am horny dumb cunt. I exist to be used. I am nothing, but a dumb cunt. Fuck…”

    I wait a few minutes.

    “That’s quite a show you put on. How many times did I make you cum, dumb cunt?”

    “I… uhm… I am a dumb cunt.”

    “Close enough. I made you cum 8 times. Must feel pretty good after two days of edging and denial, no?”  

    “… uh… I… wh.. What?”

    “I said, feels good to cum after so long. No?”

    “… uhm… I am a dumb cunt?”

    “Never mind. Anyway, congratulations. You made it to the end. 30 days. How do you feel?”

    “I am a dumb cunt.”  

    “I see.”  

    “I am a d…”

    “Hush, don’t you want your reward?”  

    “Y… yes Master… p… please… let me cum.”

    “No, no, Jane. The money. 10 grands? You said you could last a month. Well you did! You are free to go!”  

    “Go? Wh… where?”  

    “Go home? Pay your student loans. Whatever you want. Aren’t you excited?”

    “I… I am a dumb cunt”.  

    “Right… I know I made you say that a lot. But your name is Jane. You are a grad student… uhm… hello? What are you looking at?”

    “Cock… Master’s cock. Please… please… I am a dumb cunt.”  

    “Tell you what. I’ll give you 25 grands and my car. You can go home in a nice BMW and brag about how you suckered me into giving you my money and my car, pay for your food and lodging for a whole month… “

    “I am a dumb cunt.”  

    “Ok, I guess you can stay and suck my cock”.  

    “Yes Master… thank you, Master. I am a dumb cunt. I am a dumb c…”  

    I shove my cock down her throat. I wonder if her conditioning is irreversible. Oh well, we’ll never know I guess.


    Anyone else want to make a bet?


    Me, please, do this to me


    Someone please do this to me, I beg you. Make me an object existing for your pleasure


    Fuck this is such a huge fantasy of mine


    I’ll take the bet.


    Kind of a long game for me, but worth a shot for a bit of fun.