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2021-10-19 13:33:38

    do you ever just,

    follow your magic ring to the woman of your dreams, fly through the skies with her and distract the things following you both

    only to have her disappear once again, resulting in you searching for her more and coming home exhausted only to find her in your castle, now cursed

    and then give her a ring that is actually what let you two find each other in the first place? and then eventually live happily ever after?

    Howl and Sophie~<3

    It’s been so long since I’ve drawn Howl’s Moving Castle art that I felt the need to do a new piece. I even attempted a big background environment. shook

    Working with these happy colors was quite therapeutic. I hope this brightens your day a bit!

    This is painted in Procreate in about 11.5 hours. 

    This is now available as a print in my shop here!

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