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A place to share fantasies, images, and scenarios that arouse me. Most importantly, a celebration of my beautiful wife. My goal is to assemble one of the finest and sexiest galleries of erotic images. Comments are welcome and encouraged. WARNING: 18+ VIEWERS ONLY. EXPLICIT CONTENT.

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    Let's get right to the heart of matters why don't we?

    Touch her like this. Gently spread her to both look at and prepare her vulva for your tongue. Make her cum. You must! And then spread her again gently with your hand and position the swollen head of your beautiful cock at her entry. Allow a gush of your precum to slide from your head between her lips. And then shift your hips and slowly enter my wife. Immediately she feels the uniqueness of a new man's cock for the first time in 25 years. Your head is even bigger than mine and your cock is just slightly thicker. As you glide into my wife and her vagina expands around you like a warm velvet grip, she moans involuntarily and in pleasure.

    One thing led to another this day..

    She allowed me to choose her clothing and gave me the freedom to touch her and photo her any way I wanted..

    I milked my precum onto her lips and tasted from them, imagining it was another man's. I guided my swollen head into her again and again until I couldn't stand it any longer and my sperm pulsed from my body into and onto her vulva..

    Now it's your turn to do as you wish as she consents and submits to your every desire in this moment.