So so gullible


    Looks like some flimsy ass cheap plastic lol


    Hemitite is an iron ore material that is incredibly brittle since itโ€™s iron rock.

    It breaks because it is made thin as a ring and any decent pressure on it snaps it.

    Not because of negative vibes


    In other words:

    The guy that made โ€˜em


    I work at a rock shop, we have had these boys forever but due to some tik tok trend last week we have been getting people just comming in and rushing for the bands. Not to mention when they are like โ€œman i hope yours does not breakโ€ and I tell them they are fragile and you should be careful with them they get angry with me since the only way the can possibly break is by vibes alone and not jusy throwing your hand down on a table too hard.


    you at the rock shop