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Work in Progress. Independent Original Character for Kingdom Hearts. Takes place at the start of KH2 then goes from there. Is also multi-fandom friendly!

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    hurt sentence starters
    blood, broken bone mention.

  • “you’re going to have a bruise.”
  • “it won’t heal if you keep picking at it.”
  • “you were out for a few days. how are you feeling?
  • “absolutely not. you’ll pop your stitches.” 
  • “take it easy. you’re in rough shape.”
  • “those pain meds knocked you out.
  • “where’d you get that bloody nose?”
  • “make a fist for me.” 
  • “where does it hurt?” 
  • “ow, ow, ow.”
  • “that’s going to need stitches.”
  • “shit, that hurts.”
  • “is it broken?”
  • “keep ice on it.”
  • “ouch!” 
  • “i can’t even look. is it bad? wait, don’t tell me.” 
  • “you shouldn’t be walking around right now.”
  • “how am i supposed to sleep with all these bandages?”
  • “stay in bed and let me look after you.” 
  • “there, you’re all patched up.” 
  • “let me help you to your room.
  • “how many fingers am i holding up?”
  • “take your time. slow, slow. you’re doing great.”
  • “you could have a concussion.
  • “i’m okay. you can stop hovering.”
  • “you’re lucky. you could have gotten seriously hurt.”
  • “how exactly did you manage to give yourself a black eye?” 
  • quiet-heart


    The redhead hummed softly as she listened to her friend and gave him a gentle squeeze. “I think I understand.” She told Ryou softly before placing a kiss on his cheek. “You can come to me though. If you ever need to talk.”

    Facing her from where he sat, the young man smiled. “Thank you.. I’ll be fine, this happens from time to time. Being outside helps.” Nodding at her offer he reached for her hand to pull her into a hug. “Thank you.. How did you find me by the way..” Or did she just happen to come across him. 


    “You’re welcome.” Akane smiled as she let out a soft hum and leaned back a bit. “Just doing a bit of exploring. Getting more used to the town.” She answered before shrugging. “I really wasn’t looking for you honestly.”


    @darkenedflames from X

    Akane sat down next to her friend and hugged him gently, arms going around his waist. “Want to talk about it?” She asked softly, placing her chin on his shoulder.


    Lowering his gaze as she sat and gave him a hug he shook his head. It wasn’t anything really, just another funk. His emotions dropping quite a bit and every bad thought he has coming back to bite him. “I’ll be fine.. It’s not something I can talk about.” Or he didn’t think so with out looking sad and pathetic.    


    The redhead hummed softly as she listened to her friend and gave him a gentle squeeze. “I think I understand.” She told Ryou softly before placing a kiss on his cheek. “You can come to me though. If you ever need to talk.”

    Starting Shit Sentence Starters

    Adjust as necessary

    “What? No way, I’m a WAY bigger slut than you.”
    “Oh my god just shut the FUCK up –”
    “How are you still talking? I’ve been ignoring you for twenty minutes.”
    “Clearly you don’t speak resting bitch face.”
    “I would rather eat molten glass than continue this conversation.”
    “You are legitimately the worst person on the planet.”
    “You have the personality of the NPC that welcomes you into the tutorial town.”
    “Can you just fuck off already? Pretty please?”
    “You know I absolutely hate you, right?”
    “You can’t stop me!”
    “So are you going for the record of being the most obnoxious or is this just a hobby?”
    “What do you mean water isn’t wet!?”
    “I don’t have enough medical licenses to hold this conversation with you.”
    “I bet I could survive in a cave if I really had to. You, though? No way.”
    “You definitely fucking cheated!”
    “You’re the type of person to die first in a horror movie.”
    “You talk a big game, but that’s all!”
    “I don’t believe you.”
    “Willing to bet your parents straight up through you on the ground rather than just dropped.”
    “Shut up and fight me!”
    “If you think I won’t flip this table, you’re sadly mistaken.”
    “You’re seriously going to get this mad over a game?”
    “If you don’t quit it I’m going to go fuck your Mom/Dad/Sibling/etc.”
    “You’re like a walking translation error.”
    “Yes, I just put gum in your hair. It suits you, really.”
    “How long can
    you hold your breath? You should practice. Aim for an hour.”
    “Because fuck you that’s why.”
    “I wish you nothing but disappointment." 

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    Female muses don’t have to be easy. They don’t have to be cute, they don’t have to hold back their drama. They aren’t interesting despite their chaotic personality, but because of it. 

    If you are interested in interacting with female muses who are powerful, multi-layered and complicated, please help me spread this. I want to make a point.

    ( angst starter sentences. )

  • “Are you going to leave me again?”
  • “Be quiet!” 
  • “Do you trust me?” 
  • “Don’t pretend that you cared about me.”
  • “Don’t you love me anymore?” 
  • “Foolish.”
  • “Forgive me, please.”
  • “Get out of my face.“ 
  • “Go away.” 
  • “How could I believe someone like you?” 
  • “How could you do this to me?”
  • “How was I supposed to know?” 
  • “Leave me alone already.” 
  • “I can’t let you go, not when you’re like this.” 
  • “I can’t trust you.”
  • “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
  • “I haven’t been resting. I can’t sleep.“ 
  • “I just wanted to help you.” 
  • “I needed you and you weren’t there.”
  • “I said I was sorry.” 
  • “I thought we were friends.“ 
  • “I’m a nobody.” 
  • “It’s too late now.” 
  • “It was hard for me to say goodbye.”
  • “Maybe, I don’t need your help.”
  • “Please don’t go.“ 
  • “Please, stop it already.” 
  • “Stop lying.” 
  • “Stop pretending.”
  • “Stop trying to fix something that can’t be fixed.”
  • “Wasn’t I worth a goodbye?”
  • “We need to talk.”
  • “What more do you want from me?” 
  • “You don’t care anymore, huh?” 
  • “You liar!”
  • “You’re hurting me.”
  • quiet-heart

    “you look like you could use a hug.”

    Ryou was on a bench, waiting for the bus when she came up to him. Looking up from where he sat. His expression sad for a moment though quick to smile. “A hug sounds nice..” 


    Akane sat down next to her friend and hugged him gently, arms going around his waist. “Want to talk about it?” She asked softly, placing her chin on his shoulder.

       HOCUS   POCUS   1993  )    SENTENCE    PROMPTS   .


  •    look at that. another glorious morning…it makes me sick!  ‘
  •   you know, ive always wanted a child.  ‘
  •   come out, my dear. we will not harm thee.
  •    my ungodly book speaks to you.. ‘
  •   we shall be back, and the lives of all the children of salem will be mine!   ‘
  •    come, we fly! ‘
  •    it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!   ‘
  •    damn,  damn! double damn!   ‘
  •   i killed you once, i shall kill you again, you maggoty mouth feicance!   ‘
  •   it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you sold your soul!   ‘
  •   you’re the ugliest thing that’s ever lived, and you know it!   ‘
  •  i’ll always take care of you.  ‘
  •   but he can’t die. remember?  ‘
  •   you’ll never know how precious she is until you lose her.  ‘
  •  nothing good can come from this book. you got it?! ‘
  •   there aren’t enough children in the world to make thee young and beautiful!  ‘
  •  i shall always be with you.  ‘
  •  thanks for lighting that candle. ‘
  •  the witches are dead. ‘
  •   my soul’s finally free. you freed me, [name].
  •   so take her to the movies like a normal person.   ‘
  •   next year, we go trick-or-treating as wendy and peter pan
  •   look just do this one thing for me, and i’ll do anything you say.  ‘
  •  this is the girl of my dreams.  ‘
  •    i like your costume, [name].  ‘
  •   what do you call them, [name]? yabbos?
  •   what took thee so long?  ‘
  •   i had to wait three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle.  ‘
  •   it stands to reason, does it not, sisters dear?
  •   we evaporate! we cease to exist!
  •   aren’t you broads a little old to be trick or treating?  ‘
  •   we’ll be younger in the morning.  ‘
  •   why? why was i cursed with such idiot sisters?  ‘
  •  don’t get your knickers in a twist!  ‘
  •   sucking the lives out of little children!  ‘
  •   we’re just three kindly old spinster ladies. ‘
  •   spending a quiet evening at home.  ‘
  •  well, tell me friend, what is this contraption?
  •   well, what does it say?  ‘
  •   it says to form a circle a salt to protect from zombies, witches, and old boyfriends .  ‘
  •    i’ve waited centuries to say that.  ‘
  •  go to hell! ‘
  •   oh! i’ve been there, thank you. i found it quite lovely.  ‘
  •  i am alive!  ‘
  •   damn that boy, he’s tricked us again.
  •   oh, you’re right, you’re always right.  ‘
  •   it’s my curse, that and you two!  ‘
  •   say what you want; just don’t breathe on me!
  •  amock! amock! amock!  ‘
  •    i am beautiful! boys will love me! ‘
  • ‘   [name] likes your yabbos. in fact, he loves them!   ‘
  •   couldn’t you forget about being a cool teenager just for one night?  ‘
  •   hang him on a hook and let me play with him!
  •   this is….this is terribly uncomfortable. ‘
  •   i put a spell on you and now your mine  ‘
  •   a virgin lit the candle.  ‘
  •   i suggest we form a calming circle.  ‘
  •    i smell children!  ‘
  •  why was I cursed with such idiot sister?!  ‘
  •  twist the bones and bend the back.   ‘
  •   i’ve always wanted a child. and now i think i’ll have one on toast!  ‘
  •    come little children, i’ll take thee away.   ‘
  •   life is sweet, be not shy. on thy feet. so sayeth i!
  •   it is a prison for children.
  •  what is this place?  ‘
  •    it reeks of children!  ‘
  •  okay that’s it, party’s over! get out of my house!  ‘
  •  they call me master. ‘
  •  shove it, satan!  ‘
  •  ooh. thou mustn’t speak to master in such a manner. ‘
  •   wait ‘til you see what i’m gonna call you.  ‘
  •  hello, i want my book.
  •   we desire children.
  •   i don’t think there’s gonna be a problem.  ‘
  •   i couldn’t wear anything like that because i don’t have any.  ‘
  •   'tis firm! ‘tis firm as stone! ‘
  •  why! it’s a road!  ‘
  •   dead man’s toe! dead man’s toe! dead! dead! dead! ‘
  •   pull over! let me see your driver’s permit!  ‘
  •   i need one of those instant ice packs.  ‘
  •   oh man, how come it’s always the ugly chicks that stay out late? ‘
  •  now you must suffer the consequences!
  •   i’m going to summon the burning rain of death!  ‘
  •  look, he makes fire in his hand.
  •   no, no! he’s a good zombie. ‘
  •   i hate it when that happens.  ‘
  •   i hate halloween! ‘
  •   i brought the witches back from the dead. see, i even have the book.
  •  look, I’ll get it tattooed on my forehead, okay?  ‘
  •   are you a virgin?  ‘
  •  let’s light this sucker and meet the old broads.
  •  sisters, satan has married medusa. see the snakes in her hair.  ‘
  •   i can’t believe you made me move here!  ‘
  •  the witches are back from the dead and they’re after us.  ‘
  •  how much candy have you had, honey?
  • all hallow’s eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!