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    Role Play - Daughters Circumcision

    This is a role-play with nox.magnus.

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    Darkgirlbex: Rebecca (16)

    Darkgirlbex: Katherine’s GF, Allison (19)

    Nox.magnus: Mother, Maryanne

    Nox.magnus: Rebecca’s sister, Katherine (19)

    Nox.magnus: Rebecca’s best friend, Annie (16)


    Maryanne knocks on Rebecca’s door at 8 am the morning of Rebecca’s 16th Birthday Party “6 hours to party time!” she calls


    Rebecca rolls over onto her back and opens her eyes slowly. “Morning mom” she calls out sleepily.


    “Is it safe to come in sweetie?” Maryanna calls with a slight giggle, carefully opening the door.


    “Yes mum” Rebecca yawns sitting up in bed and looking at her mother.


    Maryanna looks her daughter over with a loving smile on your face “How are you holding up Rebecca?” she asks “I know what’s happening today is terrifying”


    “It’s ok, I’m a big girl now mum” Rebecca lied to herself and her mother. “I’m just a little uncomfortable that everyone will see me… you know, and they’ll all know”


    Maryanne nods “I remember” she says with a fond smile “Did you just wake up?” she asks, going over nearer to Rebecca’s bed. “How late where you up last night ‘preparing’ for today?”


    “I can’t even remember what time I fell asleep in the end” she said feeling a little shy. “I can’t believe it’s all gonna be over soon. It still feels like there’s so much I have left to enjoy”


    Maryanne nods “Did you remember to put a pull up on before falling asleep?” she teases playfully, then looks serious “It is going to be a loss today” she admits “I still miss mine sometimes”


    “Sorry mum I forgot” Rebecca says feeling to confirm she actually had forgotten. “Mum…” She pauses for a second looking at her mother. “What’s it really like living without it?”


    “It’s not that different really, but it’s frustrating. You’re horny a lot and can’t do much about it.” she says “Especially the first few years before you learn to just enjoy what you can get. You’ll feel so much more womanly though, and it’s easier to keep clean”


    “That’s what I meant, I don’t know how I’ll cope not being able to satisfy my urges” Rebecca admits feeling a little embarrassed. “But I guess it will look nicer down there” she says remembering how her mothers empty slit looks.


    “Would you like to see it..” she asks as she takes a seat on the edge of the bed “And if you can’t cope… maybe we can look into something to help with it.”


    Rebecca nodded. “Please” she said quietly moving over a little to make space on the bed for her mother.


    Maryanne lifts her long skirt up and slides off her white lace panties to reveal a carefully trimmed bush. She spreads her legs and uses two fingers to spread her outer labia, revealing only a heavily faded scar showing where her clit and inner labia used to be. “Take a good look, this will be you by tomorrow”


    Rebecca leans in a little closer to get a better look. She feels her own clit tingle as she looks at the little scar where her mother's once was. “Mum can I..” She says slowly moving her hand closer to her mother. “Can I feel?”


    Maryanne nods gently. “Go ahead sweetie” she says softly


    Rebecca reaches out slowly and rubs her finger over the spot where her mother’s clitoris should be watching her mother's face for her reaction as her finger moves over the slightly rough line. “What does it feel like?” She asks curiously.


    Maryanne smiles at her daughter’s touch but doesn’t seem to have much sexual reaction. “It’s… it’s like a really nice massage. Like if someone was giving you a really good shoulder massage, just down there.” she says “It still feels nice but… none of the fireworks like you get”


    Rebecca thinks for a second trying to imagine the feeling her mother means. She wonders what it’s going to be like the first time she touches herself down there after she’s healed. “Thanks mum” She smiles taking her hand away.


    Maryanne smiles and pulls her panties back up before getting up “You should get dressed, your sister will be here in an hour or two, to help getting things ready for the party. You need to be dressed. Remember, need to wear a skirt today so that it’s easy to take off when it comes time for the main event” she says


    “I know mum” Rebecca says as she pulls her duvet off herself.


    “And put a pull up on.” she says “The whole point of doing it as part of your party is moving from childhood to womanhood, and it makes sense to have you start out in your pull ups” She heads for the door as she says it.


    “Do I have to mum?” Rebecca asks. “Everyone’s gonna laugh at me”


    “Don’t worry, it will be fine. I wore them, and if you’ll remember, Katherine had them on at her party to. It’s just part of the ceremony of it all.” she says “I don’t think anyone will laugh that much


    “But mum” Rebecca protested calmly. “Everyone’s already gonna see me naked. And they’ll all see me getting cut and then everyone will be talking about it. Everyone’s gonna know I’m cut and none of them will be” she pauses for a second. “Why does our family have to be so weird?”


    “Now Rebecca, you know full well that at least some of your guests have or will be cut as well. It’s not just our family. It’s far from every family, but we’re not unique. It’s just very uncommon” she reprimands lightly


    “I just don’t want everyone to know” Rebecca sighs. “It’s embarrassing”


    Maryanne giggles slightly “We’ve been talking about this since you were 12” she says “You know why we do it… and yes, we’ve all been embarrassed, but you’ll feel so much more grown up afterwards”


    “I guess so” Rebecca says thinking about her mum and her sister going through the same. “I’ll be ok mum” she said with a faint smile, taking the pull up her mum left on her dresser and putting it on.


    “Good girl” Maryanne says with a beaming smile as she goes out the door “Remember, don’t take to long getting ready, your sister is coming”


    Rebecca watches as her mum leaves the room closing the door behind her. She waits until she hears her mum going downstairs and then lays back on her bed. Desperate to squeeze in one more orgasm knowing she may never get the chance again, she began rubbing herself through her diaper. She was already super horny and it didn’t take her long to climax moaning loudly as she did. She laid there for a few moments afterward to regain her composure before getting up and quickly getting dressed and heading downstairs.


    Maryanne is waiting for her to come down with a plate of food for breakfast “Hungry?” she asks “I made a full English breakfast for today, cause it’s a special day.” she pushes the plate toward Rebecca. “Of course after this you can’t eat anything until after your circumcision”


    “Starving” Rebecca says still feeling her muscles contracting occasionally hoping it’s not too obvious what she’s just been doing. “Thanks mum” She smiles starting to tuck into breakfast.


    Maryanne looks her over thoughtfully, coming over “You had one more go didn’t you?” she asks “Let me smell your fingers”


    Rebecca goes bright red. “Mum!” she whispers holding out her hand nervously.


    Maryanne sniffs and nods “I thought you were done with that Rebecca. I let you have your fun last night, was it not enough?”


    “Sorry mum” Rebecca said quietly. “I just couldn't help it, seeing you and thinking about everything.”


    Maryanne sighs “The worse you are at controlling your urges, the harder the next months and years are going to be for you Rebecca” she says “I know you’ve been masturbating more than we’d agreed already”


    Rebecca’s heart almost missed a beat thinking about what her mum just said. She knew she was going to find it so hard coping after today. “I can’t help it mum” She says sadly. “I just get so worked up and I try so hard to not touch but It just kinda happens”


    “Well after today it’s not going to get you anywhere” Maryanne says in a firm but gentle voice “But if you can’t learn to control your urges…” she trails off, leaving the remainder that might be said up to Rebecca’s imagination “Just eat your breakfast and we’ll start decorating for the party as soon as Katherine arrives”


    Rebecca starts eating quickly going over what her mum just said. ‘What did she mean if I can’t control my urges?’ she thought to herself. ‘She obviously didn't mean she’d have me cut coz I already will be’. Rebecca hadn’t seen her sister Katherine in almost a year and she was so excited to see her again she soon put what her mother had just said out of her mind.


    The door opens Katherine comes in, a bit earlier than expected. “I’m home!” she calls out rambunctiously, always her energetic and athletic self. “And I brought Allison with me.” Despite the two dating for a bit over a year, Maryanne and Rebecca only knew her from phone calls and skype chats. “She wanted to see what a circumcision is like first hand.” she adds, still yelling. Katherine comes into the kitchen “There you two are” she says with a big grin.


    Rebecca quickly gets up from the table and goes to give her sister a hug. “Hey sis” she says excitedly putting the situation to one side for a few moments. “It’s been so long” she continued.

    Allison comes over to them and puts her hand on Rebecca’s shoulder. “Hey kiddo, you excited about today?” she asked in an almost cheeky tone of voice. Rebecca just shook her head and continued hugging her sister.


    Maryanne stands in the corner of the kitchen, smiling at her daughters together as Katherine hugs Rebecca back “Bet she’s terrified actually” Katherine says “I know I was.” she steps back and looks Rebecca over “You’ve gotten taller since I last saw you, and your chest is a bit bigger to. You’re getting to be quite a woman. Feeling ready to make that womanhood official?” she asks


    “I suppose so” Rebecca replies her uncertainty clear in the tone of her voice. “I suppose it’ll be nice to be just like you and mum though” she says with a smile. “But I am kinda scared” she adds in a whispering tone.


    “Allison, can you help Mum decorate?” Katherine asks “I need to talk privately with my sister for just a bit, then we’ll come help you” she says, taking Rebecca gently by the hand.


    “Sure” Allison says watching as Katherine leads her little sister away, almost desperate to know what they’ll be talking about.


    Maryanne smiles “Do you want to go spy on them Allison?” she asks, watching Allison with a knowing look as Katherine leads Rebecca back up to her room “It sucks knowing it’s coming doesn’t it?” Katherine asks Rebecca candidly “You can’t tell Mum how much it sucks cause you know it’ll lead to either an argument or her crying but… why would anyone be happy about this, right?”


    Allison looks at Maryanne “I can’t spy on them… can I?” She asked obviously wanting Maryannes approval. Meanwhile upstairs Rebecca hugs her sister again. “No I don’t want it. I know I’m gonna miss it so much, mum keeps saying I’ll learn to live without it but I shouldn’t have to” She said sadly.


    “Well, it’s up to you” Maryanne says with a shrug “Go ahead if you’d like.” Maryanne goes to get the party supplies. Katherine looks at her sister thoughtfully, trying her best to figure out how to reply.


    Unable to resist the urge Allison sneaks up the stairs and stands outside Rebecca’s room peering through the gap in the door making sure she can’t be seen.

    Rebecca looks into her sisters eyes and asks “What’s it really like? Mum said it was just a little difficult to adjust at first but she didn’t really go into many details”


    “I spent the first year probably trying to rub myself to orgasm every chance I could, and crying myself to sleep at night when I couldn’t. I still do sometimes, though Allison makes it easier for me to distract myself. Mum’s right that you can adjust over time. Until then it’s pure torture. Not that it isn’t sexy, you can work yourself up alot and ride that high for awhile.” Katherine says


    “I wish I didn’t have to do this” Rebecca said quietly stepping away from her sister. “I know mum thinks I only play with it every now and then but I probably do it way more than I should. And now after today that’s not gonna be a thing for me anymore”.

    Allison grinned as she listened to the girls talking, her panties becoming damp as her mind filled with images of what she imagined it was going to be like watching Rebecca’s circumcision.


    “I figured as much.” Katherine says with a sigh “I think part of the tradition started with making sure none of our family’s girls could lie about how much control they actually had” She bites her lip “I still wish I could get myself off, or even orgasm at all.” She looks Rebecca over “You’re a virgin still aren’t you?”


    “Yes” Rebecca nodded sitting down on her bed.

    Allison began rubbing her nipples through her shirt, as she peered through the door at Rebecca sat on the edge of her bed Imagining the young girl after her circumcision desperately trying to make herself cum like she used to.

    Rebecca looked up at her sister with wide eyes. “Do they always take the whole clit out?” she asked hoping for the answer to be a no.


    “Always” Katherine replies “The whole clit and the inner labia, at the very minimum” she clarifies, sitting down next to Rebecca and wrapping an arm around her.


    “Minimum?” Rebecca asked confused.


    “Grandma told me before my circumcision that Mum had been sewn during her teens, until she married Dad” she says “And that if a girl can’t adjust there’s more extreme surgeries to make her sex drive go away, but she didn’t give any details”


    “I don’t like the sound of that” Rebecca said feeling uneasy. “Mum said something similar this morning”

    Allison continued peering through the door, while she did feel a little sad for Rebecca she also felt highly aroused knowing she’d soon be an orgasmless girl just like her big sister. Ever since she met Katherine she wished she could have been there to watch her circumcision. The very fact that Katherine was circumcised always made her so much more excited whenever they had sex.

    Rebecca looked at Katherine. “Kat… Would you promise to not tell mum if I was to you know… one more time?”


    Katherine smiles “I’ll do something even nicer for you… if you’d like” she says, slowly lifting Rebecca’s skirt, allowing Rebecca time to refuse, until her pull ups become visible “Of course Mum has you in those. After today you can ditch them for good”


    Allison watches on in amazement ‘She’s not gonna do what I think she is… is she?’ she thought to herself.

    Rebecca sighed. “I’ll be glad to get rid of them at least” she joked trying to hide her nervousness at her sisters proposition.


    Katherine gets up and moves to kneel in front of Rebecca, facing her. She takes the waistband of the pull ups in both hands “Lift your hips” she says in a seductive voice as she starts pulling them down. When she finally gets them off she looks Rebecca’s pussy over, putting a finger to Rebecca’s clit “You have no idea how much I truly miss mine” she says sadly


    Rebecca takes a sudden sharp breath and bites her bottom lip moaning quietly. “Sorry Kat” she says softly.

    Allison feels herself getting even wetter almost unable to believe what she’s seeing unfolding in front of her. She slips her hand down her jeans and into her panties letting her finger find her swollen clit.


    “Is there someone you like Rebecca? A special guy or girl who really turns you on?” Katherine asks her sister as she fingers her clit lovingly “If so, close your eyes and visualize it’s them doing this.” she adds before dipping her head in to skillfully and attentively nip and lick at Rebecca’s pussy.


    “Maybe” Rebecca said cheekily closing her eyes and imagining Annie between her legs as she feels her sisters tongue flicking over her sensitive nub. “Oh fuck” she whimpers softly.


    Katherine lovingly stimulates her sister’s clit with the tip of her tongue, skillfully moving to give as much pleasure as possible as she teases her entrance with one finger.


    Rebecca feels her sister’s finger probing at the entrance to her vagina and pulls away slightly with a little uneasy giggle.

    Just outside the room allison’s fingers tease her own clit as she tries hard to keep quiet and overcome the urge to bust in and join in herself. Her eyes fixated on Katherine and Rebecca.


    Katherine giggles to herself and moves the hand down to her own clitless pussy, fingering her scar as her tongue continues lovingly and relentlessly on Rebecca’s doomed teen clitoris.


    Rebecca’s moans grow louder and more frequent as she grows closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. She places a hand on the back of her sisters head pulling her in closer.

    Allison by this point is already at the edge of orgasm and slows down her pace to try and stop herself cumming just yet. The thought that Katherine might be the last person who’ll ever make Rebecca cum possibly ever again was driving her wild. The same thought was also at the back of rebecca’s own mind, but unlike Allison she was trying not to think about it.


    Katherine moves her tongue to taste some of Rebecca’s juices before diving back into licking her clit with full enthusiasm, watching Rebecca’s reactions, committing every moment of Rebecca’s only intact sexual encounter with another person to her memory.


    Allison begins to rub herself faster again as Rebecca starts to arch her back and pushes her head back into her mattress.

    Rebecca pushes Katherines mouth harder into her pussy as she reaches the point of no return, her body begins to shake. She lets out a loud moan and as she does Allison cums as well squirting a little soaking her panties completely.


    Katherine lovingly licks her a bit more, cleaning up some of Rebecca’s juices before standing up and grinning down at her “So, will that be your last one sis?” she asks “Was it enough?”


    Allison creeps off to the bathroom to clean herself up as Rebecca lays there for a few moments unable to speak. She just smiles at her sister and nods, her body still trembling as waves of pleasure continue to radiate through her body. When she’s finally able to speak all she manages to utter is a simple “Thank you”. As more time passed and Rebecca came down from what was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had, more intense than she ever imagined possible. The reality that she would never get to experience anything like that ever again hit home and she began to sob.


    Katherine carefully slides Rebecca’s pull ups back up and pulls Rebecca into her arms, hugging her lovingly “I know, I know” she says, cuddling her sobbing sister. “It’s going to be alright. Did you like my gift for you?”


    Rebecca hugs her sister back wiping away her tears with her sleeve, “Yes” she said squeezing her sister tightly. “I love you sis”


    “I love you to” she says, hugging back “Are you ready for the party now? We should go down and help Mum and Allison”


    “As ready as I’ll ever be” Rebecca smiled. She wasn’t ready, she didn’t even want to do the stupid ceremony but she knew like her sister before her she had no choice in the matter.

    Rebecca got up and followed took her sisters hand as they headed downstairs.


    After a few hours of putting up decorations, the first guest shows up “Rebecca!” Annie calls, letting herself into her best friend’s house without even so much as a knock on the door. “I can’t believe this is finally happening” she says, then leans in for a whisper “If you want to avoid it we can run out the front door and I’ll hide you at my house”


    “Shh! We can’t do that!” Rebecca says firmly. “Mum will know where I’ve gone straight away then it’ll just make things worse”.


    “To bad” Annie whispers “I bet you’re gonna miss it” She steps back and says out loud “It’s going to be so hot to see your pussy made completely smooth though. I keep imagining one a circumcised pussy looks like ever since you told me that this was going to be happening”


    “Annie!” Rebecca says trying to get Annie to keep her voice down. “This is hard enough for me as it is, please stop drawing attention to me”


    “Sorry” Annie says, blushing but her hard nipples visible through her tee show that she’s actually quite turned on by the idea of what is about to happen “So how many people did you invite?”


    “I don’t even know, mum was the one that invited everyone. If it was up to me there wouldn’t be anyone else here. Well none of this would even be happening at all but you know” Rebecca said trying to pretend she couldn’t see Annies firm nipples while also spending as much time as possible looking at them.


    Katherine gently elbows Allison and leans over to whisper “Rebecca is spending a lot of time looking at that that girl’s chest isn’t she? Then again what sort of girl shows up to watch someone get cut with no bra on”

    Meanwhile Annie gives Rebecca another hug and goes to help finish the decorations as more guests start arriving, friends and relatives.


    Allison “Maybe she has a crush on her” she giggles. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she was into girls as well… I wonder if she’s ever done anything with another girl?”


    “I think she might do something with a girl… someday” Katherine says innocently. She checks her watch “I don’t think she’ll enjoy it much soon though”


    “No, Is it nearly that time already?” Allison asks trying to avoid the urge to touch herself again.

    As the guests keep arriving Rebecca tries her best to stay out of the way so as to avoid anymore awkward questions and sympathy from people who’ll never go through what she’s about to.


    As Rebecca walks around there is no avoiding the occasional giggles as girls talk “Can you believe someone we know is going to lose that?” is overheard once, along with many variations of “I rubbed myself so much thinking about coming to watch this. I can’t wait to see it for real” Katherine sticks near Rebecca, trying to keep an eye on her as the party continues.


    “This is making me so uncomfortable” Rebecca whispers to her sister hearing another remark from one of the guests. ‘And I'm horny again” she admitted. Rebecca felt confused, while she hated the thought of what was soon going to happen, even she somehow managed to be just a little turned on by it.


    “I remember” Katherine says “It’s almost over, not long before the Doctor arrives” Katherine gives her a gently hug. Soon the doctor arrives, bringing with her a portable gyno chair that Kat and Maryanne help her set up in the middle of the living room as the guest crowd around, speculating on how it will go down.


    As Rebecca watches the gyno chair being set up her heart begins to beat like crazy. Unable to resist she lets her hand wander down her skirt and into her diaper for one last rub. ‘Goodbye old friend’ she thinks to herself as her finger teases her swollen clit. Completely unaware that Allison was watching her from across the room.


    “I don’t think you’re supposed to be doing that” Annie whispers as she steps in front of Rebecca, shielding her partially from the eyes of the people gathered around “Especially where everyone can see you. You’ll get in trouble won’t you?”


    “You're not the one who's gonna be losing out. Besides they're all too busy gossiping” Rebecca says pulling her hand out. “I don't know what more they can take away from me anyway”


    “Well your mum could spank you in front of everyone” Annie says “Or she could have them take your nipples” she adds in a more musing tone. “Are you going to actually you know… take it all the way?”


    “Everyone is already gonna see me getting cut so I don’t care if they see me getting spanked” Rebecca says quietly. “And no there’s not even enough time now” she sighs.


    “Alright Rebecca” Maryanne calls “It’s time, take your skirt and blouse off and come over here” She smiles at Rebecca and waves her over.


    Rebecca turns and faces away from everyone to remove her skirt and blouse, then walks over to her mother looking down at the floor the entire time.

    Allison makes her way to a position where she’ll get one of the best views in the house, she briefly makes eye contact with Rebecca and gives her an approving wink.


    Katherine smiles and playfully grabs Allison’s rear as they watch Maryanne take the waistband of Rebecca’s diaper and pull it down “Last time you’ll have to wear these” she promises “You’ll be a woman in a little bit.” She gently pats the gyno chair as the Doctor lays out her instruments.


    Allison desperately wants to touch herself but manages to resist the urge, she glazes around the room trying to work out who’s aroused and who isn’t.

    Rebecca takes a deep breath and climbs up into the chair closing her eyes as she lays back.


    Katherine comes over and takes Rebecca’s hand as Maryanne takes the other. The Doctor straps her firmly in the chair. From the sidelines can be heard “Can you believe this is actually happening, it’s not a joke?” “Are they really going to cut it all away?” After Rebecca is fully strapped the Doctor fills a syringe full of lidocaine and injects it carefully into the shaft of Rebecca’s clit, followed by several more in various parts of her pussy. “Ready?” Kat whispers “Just focus on me”


    “Not really no” Rebecca whispers squeezing her sisters hand as the needle went into her clit.

    Allison moves herself around so she can see directly between Rebecca’s legs her own pussy almost dripping with her juices. Rebecca hears another girl whispering obviously in response to the last girl “I don’t know, but I hope they take it all” followed by a quiet chuckle.


    After a few moments the Doctor begins to finger Rebecca’s pussy to check the effect of the lidocaine. She picks up the scalpel. “Do you think she’ll ever have an orgasm after this?” A guest asks one beside her.

    Annie moves through the crowds to be next to Allison “So what’s it like being with a clitless girl?” she asks, loud enough for Rebecca to hear “Do they still enjoy a good fuck?”


    Rebecca pulls on her sisters hand to get her to lean in closer so that she can whisper something to her. As she does she the other guest responds by saying rather loudly “I don’t think it’s possible to orgasm afterward, at least it’ll be really difficult”

    Allison looks at Annie noticing her erect nipples and gives her a smile. “It’s so much fun” she teases, “They’re so much more attentive to your needs… if you know what I mean.” Allison lingers looking at Annies nipples “It looks like you’re getting turned on by this”


    The Doctor begins to actually make the cut, blood starting to flow as she carefully cuts around the base of Rebecca’s hood and clit, her efficient cuts designed to get as deep into the shaft of the clit as possible, to remove all hope that Rebecca will ever feel more than faint enjoyment from any sexual activity.

    “Well.. Rebecca is sexy as fuck and the idea of a lover who doesn’t have that… ability is hot as well” Annie admits, turning red “I’m going to ask her out when this is over. Do you ever… return the favor in any way with Katherine? Is there still any want to give a cut girl pleasure?”


    Rebecca feels the warm wetness as the blood begins to trickle down her vulva. She wanted to look down but she didn’t dare.

    “She is very hot” Allison whispers, “You should ask her out. And yes sometimes I would like to be able to pleasure Kat, but I do enjoy watching her frustration when she’s desperate to cum. It always makes my own orgasms far more intense”

    As the guests watch on whispering among themselves. “She’ll soon be clitless now, I’m gonna cum so hard tonight after seeing this” a girl whispers.


    The doctor nears the end of her cutting and begins pulling Rebecca’s clit outward.

    Annie blushes “And does Kat ever ask you to finger or lick her?” she asks curiously, her hand slipping down to the crotch of her jeans and rubbing herself through them without even thinking.

    “Me to” whispers another girl nearby “I’m going to picture myself as the doctor”


    Rebecca begins to feel a tugging sensation from deep within her sex causing her to pee a little, although she was completely unaware that she even had until it was brought to her attention by a party guest who laughed “Is she peeing?” making her feel even more embarrassed than she already was. She squeezed her sisters hand tightly again as she feels a faint but sharp pain from deep within where the anesthetic hadn’t numbed.

    Allison notices Annie rubbing herself. “She asks me to finger her sometimes, I often lick her because I love the taste of her pussy… and seeing her disappointment when it doesn’t feel anywhere near as good as it should” she pauses for a second and watches the doctor working, as she does she places her hand over Annies. “Naughty girl” she teases.


    The doctor finishes removing Rebecca’s clit and lays it in the dish beside her “That’s it for that little thing” she says and Kat gently squeezes Rebecca’s hand, gently stroking her hair with her free hand “It’s ok” she says gently.

    Annie blushes at Allison’s statement “Join me?” she whispers, still rubbing, an obvious wet spot forming in the crotch of her jeans “Let’s cum for our clitless girls’

    “This is so hot, do you think it hurts at all?” a girl whispers


    A tear rolls down Rebecca's cheek as the feeling of loss overcomes her. “There goes my orgasms” she said not even realizing she’d said her thoughts out loud.

    Allison smiled at Annie, “We could… do each other” she whispered into Annies ear pressing her hand and Annies harder into Annie’s crotch.

    “It must hurt a little, makes my clit hurt just thinking about it” another girl replies.


    “It’s all gone now” Maryanne says “You’ll adjust and life will be so much easier” Kat glares a bit at her mother over Rebecca’s head but Maryanne doesn’t notice it. The Doctor begins on Rebecca’s inner labia, pulling them outward with her forceps and beginning to slice them away flush with the rest of her skin.

    Annie moans softly and nods “That sounds amazing” she says, reaching over with her free hand to rub Allison through her clothes as well as Annie’s orgasm approaches quickly.

    “Fuck, I hope it hurts, watching her getting cut and knowing that she felt pain while her good feelings disappeared… I’m nearly cumming thinking about it” A nearby guest says. “Did you hear her just say her orgasms are gone?” Another says “She knows what she’s losing. Mmmm”


    Rebecca lays there sobbing quietly squeezing her big sisters hand trying to come to terms with what’s been cut from her body, as the doctor continues to cut her labia.

    “Did you see the size of the flesh they cut out of her?” Allison whispers starting to slip her hand into the waistband of Annie's jeans and gauging her reaction. “It looks like she took the entire root out…” she pauses sliding her hand down and running her finger through Annies slit. “Mmm you’re soaked” she giggled rubbing Annies clit. “Cum for me, cum like Rebecca never will again”

    As Allison and Annie sneakily try to get eachother off completely undetected by the guests all focused on Rebecca, another of the girls whispers loudly “Well I’m gonna need a change of panties now”


    Katherine lovingly strokes her forehead, whispering soothing words of comfort, even if Rebecca is past the point of comfort. The doctor continues her work, leaving Rebecca’s labia sitting beside her clit in the dish and beginning to close the wound with careful stitches.

    “Maybe you should volunteer to go after, see if yours is as big” Annie gasps huskily as she cums hard, her body spasming, leaving her barely able to stay standing as her fingers rub against Allison’s pussy. Meanwhile another girl nods “I think we all are” she says “God I wish I could watch one of these more often. Could you imagine getting fucked while watching a girl lose her clit?”


    “No th...thanks” Allison pants quietly as she too cums almost in unity with Annie squirting a little again making an obvious wet patch in her jeans. “You’ll really enjoy being the only one capable of orgasm” She whispers taking her hand from Annies panties and sucking her fingers clean.


    Annie licks her lips, still quivering in arousal as the Doctor unstraps Rebecca. Kat and Maryanne lift her up shakily “Let’s get you up to bed” Kat says, helping support her as Maryanne turns to the party guests “I hope you all enjoyed celebrating that with Rebecca” she says.


    Still sobbing Rebecca puts her arm over her sisters shoulder to support herself, her legs felt like jelly and every step she took was uncomfortable where she’d been stitched. “I can’t believe it’s really gone” she whimpers as Katherine helps her upstairs.

    Back downstairs the guests thank Maryanne for inviting them and continue to whisper among themselves, all except for Allison and Annie who snuck away to the downstairs bathroom to clean themselves up and chat more privately.

    Merry Christmas to all my followers

    You guys give me the motivation to keep writing and keep posting. Thanks to those of you who like and re-blog my posts, and Thanks to those of you who have messaged this year, we’ve had some interesting conversations though not always good it’s been a fun ride regardless. Lot’s of love to you all x

    Part 2 of my last Role-Play

    This is a continuation of our last Role-Play done in the style of messages exchanged by Mum and the Doctor the following day

    [Mum]: Hello. It’s Rebecca's mum we met yesterday, you said to get in touch.

    [Dr]: Yes I did, how are things going?

    [Mum]: She seems to be doing ok, just a little pain/discomfort.

    [Dr]: That’s normal, I had to give my girl daily aspirin for a week or so.

    [Mum]: That’s what I’ve done. She slept like a log last night though.

    [Dr]: Has she gotten used to using her diapers yet?

    [Mum]: She forgot to put a new one on this morning nearly had a little accident. Other than that though she doesn't seem too bothered by them.

    [Dr]: My daughter is a bit forgetful, so I got into the habit of double checking for her.

    [Mum]: I suppose it's understandable they aren't exactly used to having to put one on. She don't half look adorable though ;)

    [Dr]: I know, always looked forward to her coming home from school so I could change her

    [Mum]: Rebecca wants to do it herself so I've let her get on with it.

    [Dr]: Mine did too, but didn’t have enough room for a spare diaper in her bookbag. And after a few days of that I just got into the habit of changing her myself regardless.

    [Mum]: I wouldn't mind doing it myself. I could check on how she's healing at the same time then.

    [Dr]: You should try, she might be a little shy at first, but I feel it really helps. Diapering was even a bonding experience for me and my daughter.

    [Mum]: I’m sure she wouldn't mind me doing it.

    [Dr]: Very good. Do you have any other questions about her operation, or how to take care of her after?

    [Mum]: Not really. She's a little swollen down there at the moment and there's a little bleeding still but that's normal isn't it?

    [Dr]: That’s normal, everything should be fine if you keep it clean. Aside from that, how have you been?

    [Mum]: I've been good thanks. I felt really horny all day when we got home yesterday, not much better today if I'm honest.

    [Dr]: That would have been me if my daughter wasn’t waiting for me when I got home.

    [Mum]: Well I won't lie me and bex did some bonding of our own yesterday evening ;)

    [Dr]: Was that the first time you two had ‘bonded’ like that?

    [Mum]: Honestly no, I let her have a little bit of fun the night before her appointment. Didn't seem fair to take her in without letting her enjoy it one last time, and that was before I even knew how much was being taken.

    [Dr]: It was the same with my girl, I showed her how to have a real orgasm the night before her operation. And things just kind of grew from there.

    [Mum]: It was pretty intense for the both of us. I wonder how she's gonna take it when she discovers it's more than “just a little reduction in sensation”

    [Dr]: It will be an adjustment but as long as you are there to help her through it she’ll adjust fine. And i’d start pushing things pretty early, you need to make it clear that she needs to focus on making her mommy feel good and forget about her own pleasure.

    [Mum]: Mmm “focus on making her mommy feel good” now there’s an idea that I could live with :p

    [Dr]: You have no idea, the first thing I did when I got home yesterday was take my daughter to bed with me, slide off her pjs and start caressing her ruined little slit. She let out the cutest, most desperate moans as I rubbed her clit scar and fingered her.

    [Mum]: Ooh you really know how to get me going... I caught bex a couple of times as we played yesterday reaching between her legs then realizing and pulling her hand away. I never said anything to her but it certainly heightened my experience seeing it.

    [Dr]: The night my daughters stitches finally came out I made her masturbate in front of me. I came right as she started to cry about not feeling anything.

    [Mum]: That’s so cruel but so fucking hot!

    [Dr]: I love doing things like that. Sometimes we’ll watch porn together and I’ll tease her every time someone orgasms. Reminding her after each one she’ll never feel that good.

    [Mum]: Wow now you’re just giving me ideas now. I’m gonna have to do that myself ;) How does she react to that?

    [Mum]: By the way. Who did your daughters surgery, I’m guessing it wasn’t you?

    [Dr]: She hates it, but it doesn’t stop me from doing it. And I did it, the single most erotic thing I’ve ever done was making that last cut and severing her clit, destroying her pleasure forever.

    [Mum]: Wow that must have been quite the experience, for her as well having her own mother do it.

    [Dr]: She was a bit upset, but she knows she’ll get a firm spanking any time she complains. When she’s being really fussy I’ll even threaten to sew her shut if she doesn’t start acting better.

    [Mum]: Now that could be a threat to use on Rebecca when she acts up. Though yesterday she was very attentive to my needs ;)

    [Dr]: What did she do?

    [Mum]: She was just very eager to please me I of course told her I’d return the favour as soon as she was healed but we both know that’s never gonna be possible.

    [Dr]: I love that trick, for weeks after she healed I’d say that I found a new toy that I was sure could get her to cum, as long as she did a good job on me first.

    [Mum]: I can imagine her desperation must have made her willing to do anything!

    [Dr]: You have no idea- i bought this amazing rabbit vibrator that just makes me explode and she became convinced she could cum with it. She begged and pleaded for weeks and finally agreed that she’d let me put her in diapers permanently for a chance to use it.

    [Mum]: Permanently?

    [Dr]: Yeah, just a few snips and she lost all urinary continence.

    [Mum]: You have to tell me more, that sounds rather exciting

    [Dr]: The procedures rather simple. They make a special device that sides up the urethra, and once it reaches the very top it cuts the muscles that allow her to hold her urine. Simple as that. She wears diapers all the time- I generally change her once in the morning, once after school and once at night.

    [Mum]: That's quite a thing to agree to, she really must have been desperate to get off. How does she feel about it now?

    [Dr]: She’s still a bit sullen, but the benefit of going through with it is she knows what I’m capable of. Now she completely believes me when I say I’ll sew her up if she’s not acting properly.

    [Mum]: The thought that you put her in diapers permanently is driving me wild!

    [Dr]: If you're interested that’s something I can definitely help you out with.

    [Mum]: I’ll bare that in mind If she ever gets too out of line. Does it take long to do?

    [Dr]: Not at all, just a few minutes at the most

    [Mum]: Does it hurt much? Take long to heal after? Any complications?

    [Dr]: She’ll feel very uncomfortable, but it’s not especially painful. It doesn’t take more than a few days to fully heal and there’s very little risk of any complications.

    [Mum]: Ahh that does sound like a very simple procedure then. Have you done it to many girls, or just your daughter?

    [Dr]: It’s less common than circumcision, but I have done it on a fair amount of girls.

    [Mum]: Really? I actually love the thought that there's some girls out there somewhere in diapers 24/7. That’s rather arousing don’t you agree?

    [Dr]: Oh very, knowing that I’ve taken one of the first signs of independence from so many girls, including my own daughter, I’m soaked just thinking about it.

    [Mum]: Has it always been at the mother's request?

    [Dr]: I may have had a few “accidents” during surgery that left girls incontinent, but besides that always by request.

    [Mum]: I’m sorry to cut this short but I’m gonna have to go run some errands. Would love to chat again soon though

    [Dr]: No problem, if you need anything from me, ever, please let me know

    [Mum]: I will do. Chat soon x

    Another Role-Play

    PDF Version can be downloaded from >>Here<<

    ------------ Another roleplay with Daoofpenguin. Just pay attention as we switch and change roles as we playing a lot throughout this one

    Daoofpenguin: I smile at you as I finish cleaning the dishes after dinner "Excited for your birthday tomorrow?"

    Darkgirlbex: "Yes mommy", I say excitedly

    Daoofpenguin: "Good, but remember you should get to bed a little early tonight, you have your appointment in the morning"

    Darkgirlbex: "I know mommy, but I still don't get why I have to go though"

    Daoofpenguin: "It's the law sweetie" I say stroking your arm comfortingly

    Darkgirlbex: "But I don't want anything taking away down there"

    Daoofpenguin: "Sweetie, it's just a little snip, nothing major. I know your friends make such a big deal about it, but it's really nothing" I say as I stroke your arm.

    Darkgirlbex: "I'm scared, I don't them to take my clit"

    Daoofpenguin: "Sweetie it's not as bad as it sounds. Hey, would it help if I let you do anything you wanted tonight?"

    Darkgirlbex: "That's easy for you to say, you still have everything down there. But maybe if I can play with it a bit while I still can”

    Daoofpenguin: "Okay sweetie" I kiss your forehead, "want to sleep in mommy’s room tonight?""

    Darkgirlbex: I nod contently

    Daoofpenguin: I smile as we walk back to my room with you "Do you want a pair of pjs?”

    Darkgirlbex: "Yes please"

    Daoofpenguin I look in my drawer and pull out a nightshirt "Will this work?"

    Darkgirlbex: I nod

    Daoofpenguin: I hand it to you

    Darkgirlbex: I put it on quickly

    Daoofpenguin: I smile as I carefully watch you "You're really becoming a woman aren't you?"

    Darkgirlbex: I smile "Yes mummy"

    Daoofpenguin: I sit down on the bed beside you "Do you still want to…” I sigh. "Say goodbye to your bits?"

    Darkgirlbex: I look at you embarrassed, "You mean now?... But you're..."

    Daoofpenguin: "It's okay sweetie, just relax" I say as I stroke your sides

    Darkgirlbex: "Mum it's embarrassing "

    Daoofpenguin: "Just pretend I’m not here" I say soothingly

    Darkgirlbex: I sigh and think about it for a few moments

    Daoofpenguin: "There you go sweetie, just relax" I say, continuing to stroke your sides “Just relax sweetie...You can start, mommy won't mind" I say, encouraging you

    Darkgirlbex: I slowly pull up my nightshirt and move my hand down between my legs

    Daoofpenguin: "There you go sweetie"

    Darkgirlbex: "It feels weird with you next to me" I say still not doing much besides resting my hand down there

    Daoofpenguin: "Would it help if mommy did too"

    Darkgirlbex: "Maybe" I say shrugging my shoulders

    Daoofpenguin: "Or if I helped you" I asked, placing my hand over yours

    Darkgirlbex: I pull away slightly "Mum, what are you doing?" I ask nervously

    Daoofpenguin: "Helping you give your bits a proper goodbye" I say, keeping my hand resting between your legs

    Darkgirlbex: I feel a little uneasy but I move my hand away

    Daoofpenguin: I gently start rubbing your budding clit

    Darkgirlbex: "Mum... Are they really gonna cut it off?..." I let out a little moan in pleasure as your fingers rub my clit "Is it gonna feel really different after?"

    Daoofpenguin: "They are sweetie, but it's just a little snip. And it'll still feel good, just different"

    Darkgirlbex: "Why haven't you got to have it?"

    Daoofpenguin: "It’s a new law, to make sure girls aren't distracted in school" I say rubbing your swelling clit faster "It just..calms things down"

    Darkgirlbex: My breathing grows heavier and I start to moan louder. Beginning to get really wet down there

    Daoofpenguin: "And you'll be nice and smooth down here, so pretty" I say beginning to flush

    Darkgirlbex: "I still don't want it"

    Daoofpenguin: "Can you be brave for mommy tomorrow" I whisper into your ear as I start to match my fingers to the rhythm of your hips

    Darkgirlbex: I nod "I'll try mommy" I say softly letting out another moan in pleasure

    Daoofpenguin: "You're so wet" I whisper surprised as your juices start to drip down to my palm

    Darkgirlbex: "It feels so nice mummy"

    Daoofpenguin: "I can tell, you're shaking sweetie"

    Darkgirlbex: I feel myself getting close to cumming. I close my eyes and tip my head back slightly

    Daoofpenguin: I rest my head on your shoulder, rubbing circles around the base of your clit, trying to picture how you'll feel once you're cut "Let it happen sweetie" I almost moan into your ear

    Darkgirlbex: I push myself harder against your hand as my muscles start to tighten up, and I arch my back slightly. Letting out a loud moan

    Daoofpenguin: "There you go sweetie, let go" I say my lips grazing your earlobe

    Darkgirlbex: As I cum I arch my back more and my whole body starts to shake more violently Daoofpenguin: "Let it out sweetie" I say as I hold you tight through your orgasm

    Darkgirlbex: Once I've cum it becomes really sensitive and I push your hand away giggling a little. Then lay flat on the bed again still breathing heavily. Occasional bursts of pleasure still shoot through me

    Daoofpenguin: "Aren't you glad I helped you say goodbye to your clitty"

    Darkgirlbex: I nod, "But now I just want to keep it even more"

    Daoofpenguin: "It'll be fine, 5 minutes in the chair and we'll be home to open your birthday presents"

    Darkgirlbex: "What will they do exactly?... Will you be there?"

    Daoofpenguin: "They'll numb you, and just make a little snip right here" I say touching the base of your clit "That's it, and I'll be holding your hand the entire time"

    Darkgirlbex: I squirm a little as you touch my still over sensitive clit.

    Daoofpenguin: "Then you'll be nice and clean sweetie" I say, holding back a moan

    Darkgirlbex: I just lay there trying to imagine what it'll be like

    Daoofpenguin: "Would you mind if mommy..." I trail off

    Darkgirlbex: "If you what mommy?"

    Daoofpenguin: "If I um....masturbated"

    Darkgirlbex: I shake my head

    Daoofpenguin: I reach my hand down and let out a stifled moan. You can hear my slick fingers as I look at your exposed pussy

    Darkgirlbex: I just giggle

    Daoofpenguin: "You'll look so pretty after"

    Darkgirlbex: "Do you think so?" I ask feeling unsure

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes, so pretty" I pant out, holding back a moan as I rub your ass lightly

    Darkgirlbex: "Will I still be able to cum like I just did?"

    Daoofpenguin: "It'll feel different, but yes" I say, barely able to get the sentence out through my moans

    Darkgirlbex: "Different how mommy?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Have you ever fingered yourself"

    Darkgirlbex: I shake my head

    Daoofpenguin: I shudder hard in orgasm "Mommy will show you after" I say panting

    Darkgirlbex: I smile as I watch you cumming

    Daoofpenguin: "Mommy's so proud of you" I say leaning in close

    Darkgirlbex: "Thanks mommy"

    Daoofpenguin: I smile and give you a light kiss on the lips

    Darkgirlbex: I cuddle into you

    ----(We drift off)----

    Daoofpenguin: "Wake up sleepyhead" I say nuzzling you the next morning, “You need to get ready but" I pause "If you want one last touch, you can" I say smiling at you as your nightshirt is still hiked up from last night

    Darkgirlbex: "Morning mommy, I'm really nervous about today" I say quietly

    Daoofpenguin: "It'll be fine sweetie. Just remember how proud mommy is of you" I say kissing you lightly, but letting my lips linger

    Darkgirlbex: I take up your offer and my hand wanders between my legs. I begin rubbing my clit quickly

    Daoofpenguin: "Such a brave girl" I whisper, my lips still grazing yours

    Darkgirlbex: I just smile not knowing what else to say

    Daoofpenguin: You feel the tip of my tongue at your lips

    Darkgirlbex: "Mommy?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes sweetie" I say, trying to hold back

    Darkgirlbex: "Can I see what you look like down there?" I ask quietly Daoofpenguin: I nod and lift up my nightshirt, letting you see everything

    Darkgirlbex: I glance down comparing yours to mine and trying to picture how I'm gonna look after. Still rubbing my clit

    Daoofpenguin: "Sweetie you're going to be so beautiful" I spread my legs a little so you can see the pool of wetness between them

    Darkgirlbex: "Are you turned on?" I ask

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes" I say blushing

    Darkgirlbex: "Why?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Mommys picturing how you'll look after"

    Darkgirlbex: I smile widely

    Daoofpenguin: "Do you want to feel?"

    Darkgirlbex: I nod and reach out my hand

    Daoofpenguin: I spread for you. I moan loud as I put my hand over yours, guiding your finger in small circles around the base of your clit letting out a small moan as I picture the scalpel going in

    Darkgirlbex: I start to rub your clit

    Daoofpenguin: You hear my breathing go ragged as I lean in, inches away from your face as I picture the knife going in paring away your developing clit

    Darkgirlbex: I get noticeably close to cumming again

    Daoofpenguin: "Cum for me sweetie"

    Darkgirlbex: I try to hold off and enjoy the good feeling for as long as possible but it doesn't work. My whole body trembles as I cum again

    Daoofpenguin: I spasm in orgasm as well, picturing the moment your clit is sliced off

    Darkgirlbex: I lay there breathing heavily, feeling really satisfied and content

    Daoofpenguin: I lean in and gently kiss you, slipping my tongue gently between your lips "Ready to go sweetie?"

    Darkgirlbex: I nod

    Daoofpenguin: I help you into a nice dress and walk you to the car

    ----(At the clinic)----

    Daoofpenguin: "We're here sweetie" I say as I get out of the car and walk around to open your door.

    Darkgirlbex: "I'm scared mummy"

    Daoofpenguin: "Why sweetie" I say, stroking your hair

    Darkgirlbex: "I don't wanna do this"

    Daoofpenguin: "It'll just be a little snip bex, I bet it won't take more than 5 minutes, and you'll be so pretty after"

    Darkgirlbex: "But I don't want a little snip" I say getting out of the car and closing the door

    Daoofpenguin: "It won't even hurt"

    Darkgirlbex: I take a deep breath and start to walk with you toward the entrance

    Daoofpenguin: "Mommy is so proud of you, you're being very brave. So glad you're not making a scene like her" I say nuding you in the direction of a girl sobbing in a car

    Darkgirlbex: I glance over briefly then look away.

    Daoofpenguin: "You'll be fine sweetie" I say as I open the clinic door for you

    Darkgirlbex: I walk in nervously and look around the waiting room at all the other girls sat with their parents

    Daoofpenguin: I quickly fill out the reception form and sit down, patting the seat beside me

    Darkgirlbex: I sit down and lean into you slightly for a hug. "I feel sick mommy"

    Daoofpenguin: "That's just nerves" I say as I hug you

    Daoofpenguin: I start to rub your tummy, letting my fingertips dip down to just above your panty line "That better sweetie?"

    Darkgirlbex: I cuddle into you more, starting to feel a little aroused as your fingers brush by the top of my panties “Yes mommy”

    Daoofpenguin: "See this isn't' so bad" I say as my fingertips dip a little lower

    Darkgirlbex: "No mommy" I say quietly, thinking to myself about the way you'd made me feel the night before

    Daoofpenguin: "Sweetie you'll be sooo pretty after. So clean and pure" I say, leaning in closer to your ear.

    Darkgirlbex: "You keep saying that mommy"

    Daoofpenguin: "It's true. You don't think so?"

    Darkgirlbex: "I don't know mommy, I think it looks nice how it is"

    Daoofpenguin: "I think you'll love how you will look. The pamphlet said most girls end up wishing they'd had it done earlier"

    Darkgirlbex: I sit and think about it but my train of thought is interrupted by the nurse calling my name

    Daoofpenguin: I stand up "It's time bex, lets follow the nurse okay?"

    Darkgirlbex: I stand up slowly and take hold of your hand.

    Daoofpenguin: I squeeze it as we follow her

    --The nurse shows you the exam room--

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Now rebecca, just put your clothes here" I say as I pat the bench "And hop up in the chair.

    Darkgirlbex: "All of them?" I ask sounding very nervous, looking toward mum

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Yes sweetie"

    Daoofpenguin: [Mum]: "Be brave" I say kindly as I help unbutton your shirt.

    Darkgirlbex: I get striped down as far as my panties, then hesitate.

    Daoofpenguin: [Mum]: "Those too bex"

    Darkgirlbex: I slip them down to my thighs and let them drop to the floor

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Hop up here"

    Darkgirlbex: I get up onto the exam chair and look at mum wanting her to do something. I smile trying to be brave.

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Feet here sweetie" I say, pointing to the stirrups

    Darkgirlbex: I lift my left leg up and place it in, then do the same with the right. Now feeling very vulnerable and starting to become visibly distressed.

    Daoofpenguin: "There you go" the nurse nods as she spreads them wide enough that your inner lips and clit are now plainly visible

    Darkgirlbex: I turn my head to look at mum again

    Daoofpenguin: "Well isn't someone a growing young woman" the nurse says as she slips a leather strap over your left ankle and tightens it

    Darkgirlbex: "Why do you need to do that?" I ask nervously

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "To keep you nice and still during the exam" I say repeating the process with your other ankle "wiggly patients are hard to take a look at"

    Darkgirlbex: Mum: "Can I ask you something nurse?"

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Go ahead"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "You seemed surprised looking at her, is she not developing normally?"

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Quite the opposite, honestly, I've never seen a girl at her age with such a developed clit. And so responsive" I say as I gently rub it

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "I can't say I'd really noticed"

    Darkgirlbex: I let out a little moan

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Come here, I can show you"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: I come and stand by your side. Beginning to feel a little aroused again myself

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]:"see how swollen the glans of her clitoris is?"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Oh my yes" I say glancing down trying to act surprised

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Usually for a girl in her position you'll see slight swelling, but for her glans to be fully exposed like this? I've never seen that in a patient"

    Darkgirlbex: I lay there feeling even more embarrassed.

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Is that bad?"

    Darkgirlbex: "Just relax sweetie" Mum says rubbing my knee

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "And feel how stiff she is" she says placing your fingers around the base of your engorged clitoris

    Darkgirlbex: Mum feels around my swollen clit acting as if she's surprised. "Wow she really is"

    Darkgirlbex: While I lay and enjoy the feeling.

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "But we'll be taking care of that in just a minute"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Yes she's a little worried about it as you can tell. Aren't you sweetie?"

    Darkgirlbex: I nod

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "It's a really quick procedure though right?"

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse] "Not too long, maybe 25 or 30 minutes"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "That's a little longer than I expected from reading the pamphlet"

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "We keep the pamphlet pretty brief, it helps make sure no one gets to worried before hand" The nurse reaches down and strokes Rebecca's hair "so our patients coming in knowing there's nothing to be afraid of"

    Darkgirlbex: I smile at the nurse

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Ahh I see. I'll be ok bex remember you’re mommies brave girl aren’t you?”

    Darkgirlbex: “Yes mommy”

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "You just need to meet with the doctor before we get started"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Ok any particular reason?"

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "Just to go over the operation"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Ok no problem"

    Daoofpenguin: “Just follow me”

    Darkgirlbex: "Mommy will be right back ok sweetie" mum says kissing me on the forehead and following the nurse out of the room.

    Daoofpenguin: The nurse smiles "That's right sweetie" as she takes mum’s hand and leads her out

    Daoofpenguin: [Nurse]: "It's this door right here," I say, opening it for you

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Thanks" I say stepping inside

    Daoofpenguin: "Hello miss" I say getting up to shake your hand "how are you and rebecca doing today?"

    Darkgirlbex: "We're fine, she's just nervous"

    Daoofpenguin: "I can understand, it's a big transition for girls"

    Darkgirlbex: "Yes I suppose it is" I smile

    Daoofpenguin: "Especially for her, from what I hear she's quite sensitive, so losing all of that will be an adjustment"

    Darkgirlbex: "She'll still have some though right? So it won't be the end of the word" I laugh

    Daoofpenguin: "Oh no, I'm very thorough, you won't have to worry about her having any sensation after I'm done"

    Darkgirlbex: "I was under the impression it was only a little snip" I say very surprised

    Daoofpenguin: "The brochure is mostly there to calm the patients" I say "we do a very good job removing the entire clitoris down to the roots"

    Darkgirlbex: "Won't that virtually numb her completely?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes, of course"

    Darkgirlbex: "I thought the idea was just to stop them masturbating"

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes of course, but especially for girls as developed as your daughter is, It's only a matter of time before they'd discover their g spot. This way we take out any chance of them masturbating"

    Darkgirlbex: "I'm not really sure what to say, this is kind of a shock" I say starting to feel myself getting wet at the thought

    Darkgirlbex: "Must it be that thorough?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes, the complete clitoris, tip to roots has to be excised. I'm not leaving any erectile tissue behind"

    Darkgirlbex: "How will this affect her later in life?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Long term there aren't any side effects, aside of course form losing the ability to orgasm"

    Darkgirlbex: I almost let out a little moan myself but held it in and said "Oh my"

    Daoofpenguin: I smile "I know that look" I say "you don't have to worry, it's completely natural to be aroused by this, its a very intimate experience for both mothers and daughters"

    Darkgirlbex: I look at you acting surprised by what you just said.

    Darkgirlbex: "Well actually doc.." I pause.

    Daoofpenguin: “Yes?”

    Darkgirlbex: "I feel so bad saying this but I have been a little aroused since we got the letter. It's gotten worse as today got closer"

    Daoofpenguin: "That's completely natural, I would say most mothers find this process quite arousing- being in the room as their daughters transition into being good, clean women"

    Darkgirlbex: "It's normal to be turned on by this?" I ask feeling unsure

    Daoofpenguin: "Of course" I say, placing my hand over yours "I’ve even had plenty of mothers masturbate in the room"

    Darkgirlbex: "Seriously?" I ask starting to feel more relaxed Daoofpenguin: "We can't allow it in the operating room obviously, but some mothers have sneakily done it, and I know it's the first thing most moms do when they get home"

    Darkgirlbex: "It'll probably be what I do on the drive home if I'm honest" I say still feeling a little uneasy about my admission

    Daoofpenguin: "And I'm not at all surprised in your case" I say "your daughter is so developed,already practically a woman and watching her sacrifice all of that" I say, hiding a blush "must be an intense experience"

    Darkgirlbex: "In an odd way yes. I know I shouldn't say this but I'm glad it's not me going through that today"

    Daoofpenguin: I laugh "I know"

    Darkgirlbex: "What kind of mother am I to say that"

    Daoofpenguin: "A perfectly normal one. I was just as aroused watching my own daughter's operation"

    Darkgirlbex: "Your daughter has been done as well?" I ask curiously

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes, last year"

    Darkgirlbex: "How's she adjusting? You know to being without it"

    Daoofpenguin: "She likes the look but at that age her hormones aren't making it easy on her. She still misses the pleasure, but it's getting better"

    Darkgirlbex: "I suppose bex will be the same"

    Daoofpenguin: "The first year will be tough, but it will get better"

    Darkgirlbex: "I can't imagine what that must be like, still can't help but find it arousing though"

    Daoofpenguin: "Watching her struggle with that I have to admit, has been intensely arousing. Knowing you have access to what they want more than anything in the world...safely tucked between your legs"

    Darkgirlbex: "I'll bet, do you get you know.. when you do this surgery?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Of course, severing a young woman's clitoris, taking all of that away from her, forever is intensely erotic"

    Darkgirlbex: "Oh don't, when you word it like that.. I'm gonna end up needing to change my underwear" I laugh "How do you manage all day?"

    Daoofpenguin: "Well it's true, especially for your daughter she's losing more than any patient i've had in a long time, and I take frequent...breaks"

    Darkgirlbex: I smile

    Daoofpenguin: I pause to collect myself "Anyways, back to business. Do you have any questions about the operation?"'

    Darkgirlbex: "Will she feel anything during?"

    Daoofpenguin: "She probably will feel some pain, especially as the roots are removed, but it shouldn't be too bad"

    Darkgirlbex: "She will be given pain relief though right?"

    Daoofpenguin: Yes she will be numbed, but it's common for it to not be effective as the deeper nerves are cut"

    Darkgirlbex: "Ok" I nod "I'll be there with her anyway"

    Daoofpenguin: "Very good. You'll need to help with some aftercare too, It's quite common for the swelling after surgery to cause incontinence for a few weeks"

    Darkgirlbex: "Really? "What will I need to do?"

    Daoofpenguin: "She'll likely need to wear diapers for a few weeks, and because of the soreness after the operation she'll probably need help getting changed"

    Darkgirlbex: "I'm sure we'll manage, Will she be in much pain afterward?"

    Daoofpenguin: "There will definitely be soreness, but not too bad"

    Darkgirlbex: "She'll be given something for that though right? And what other aftercare is needed?"

    Daoofpenguin: "She'll need aspirin for the pain and swelling, and you'll need to help keep the scar clean"

    Darkgirlbex: "Ok that's not a problem"

    Daoofpenguin: "You have any other questions?"

    Darkgirlbex: "Not that I can think of. Well actually… will she be allowed to you know... one last time?"

    Daoofpenguin: "What are your thoughts about that" I ask

    Darkgirlbex: "Well it seems unfair to take it away without letting her use it first, but then that thought is strangely satisfying"

    Daoofpenguin: "If that's what you would prefer we can certainly proceed without letting her"

    Darkgirlbex: "I'm not sure. I'd feel bad taking that chance away from her"

    Daoofpenguin: "It's something the nurses here prefer as well, so I wouldn't feel bad about it"

    Darkgirlbrx: "I guess"

    Daoofpenguin: "Most girls spend plenty of time saying goodbye to their bits the day before"

    Darkgirlbex: "Maybe you're right" I smile

    Daoofpenguin: "You will definitely need to be there for her during the operation, girls tend to have a sense of what they're losing as we cut deeper, and can get upset"

    Darkgirlbex: "I wasn't planning on going anywhere"

    Daoofpenguin: "I mean you'll need to be supportive, holding her hand, talking her through it"

    Darkgirlbex: "I know what you meant" I smile again

    Daoofpenguin: "And be prepared for it to be..intense...with how developed your daughter is we'll have to remove a lot"

    Darkgirlbex: "Don't think it'll do much to kill my arousal level though"

    Daoofpenguin: "That's completely understandable. It's one of the benefits of holding her hand, feeling her body react to the loss of her clitoris will be an intense experience. And you'll get to see the look in her eyes as it gets taken away"

    Darkgirlbex: "Yes I can imagine" I smile cheekily "Makes mine tingle just thinking about it, and I’m already soaked"

    Daoofpenguin: "Well for cases like this im so wet that I don't even bother wearing panties during the operation"

    Darkgirlbex: I giggle, "You done many girls?" I ask as we stand

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes I typically do 4 or 5 a day" I say as lead you out of the room

    Darkgirlbex: "Wow that many?" I say following you down the corridor

    Daoofpenguin: "Yes"

    ---(Back in exam room)---

    Daoofpenguin: I walk in and smile as I see rebecca "How are you doing sweetie, I'm doctor Smith"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Mummy said she wouldn't be long didn't she" she said coming over and giving me a kiss on the forehead.

    Darkgirlbex: I smile at her and then nervously say "Hi to the doctor"

    Daoofpenguin: "Just lay back rebecca this will all be over soon" I say taking the cover off of my instrument tray and picking up a syringe

    Darkgirlbex: "It's ok sweetie just try to relax for mommy ok" Mum says taking hold of my hand.

    Daoofpenguin: You feel a cold wipe on your pussy followed by a few small sharp pricks.

    Darkgirlbex: I flinch a little and mum squeezes my hand

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "It's ok sweetie mommies here"

    Daoofpenguin: "That's right" I say "that was just to numb you"

    Daoofpenguin: After a while you hear me ask "Rebecca, can you feel this?"

    Darkgirlbex: "No" I say quietly

    Daoofpenguin: "Very good” I smile, "ready?" I ask looking at you and your mom

    Darkgirlbex: Mum looks over at you and smiles giving you a wink

    Darkgirlbex: I just nod not really having much choice but to be ready

    Daoofpenguin: "Now rebecca this will feel a little weird, maybe some pressure or tugging, but that's all completely normal" I say as I grasp her your clit in the forceps and begin cutting around the shaft. I start to flush.

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: I let out a really quiet moan and bite my bottom lip as I glanced down between her legs, also picking up on how aroused you are.

    Daoofpenguin: You watch as you see the scalpel slip deep into her pussy, under her clit

    Darkgirlbex: I feel a weird feeling and start to squeeze mums hand harder

    Darkgirlbex: "Just relax sweetie" mum says rubbing my forehead

    Dakrgirlbex: [Mum]: I look at the nurse and give another cheeky smile

    Daoofpenguin: I begin to cut deeper working on freeing the inner root "You'll start to feel tugging here but that's totally normal"

    Dakrgirlbex: I nod

    Daoofpenguin: I wink at you as the scalpel slips deeper under your clit as it begins to free the inner root

    Dakrgirlbex: "It hurts" I begin to wince and squeeze mums hand even harder.

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Relax, take it easy. It'll be over soon sweetie" Mum says stroking my forehead again

    Daoofpenguin: The tugging slowly moves deeper until it's at the core of your sex as the scalpel nears the base of the root

    Darkgirlbex: I begin to tense up my muscles as the pain becomes borderline unbearable. "Ahh stop stop!"

    Darkgirlbex: "Shh Shh Shh It's ok, It's ok" mum says trying to calm me

    Daoofpenguin: I look at your mother and wink as i let her stare at the y shaped piece of flesh millimeters from being severed

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: Unable to hold back I let out a quiet little moan of joy, as I wink back at you

    Daoofpenguin: "Rebecca you're going to feel a sharp pinch ok?"

    Darkgirlbex: Beginning to sob I just nod gently

    Daoofpenguin: letting your mom watch I quickly make the final cut and lift your three inch clit and roots into the medical waste dish

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: Unable to hold back any longer I reach down and give myself a quick rub through my clothing.

    Darkgirlbex: "There there sweetie that's the worst part over" Mum says leaning in to give me a kiss. "Mommies proud of you”

    Daoofpenguin: I notice and wink at you as i carefully slice off rebecca's right inner labia.

    Darkgirlbex: "It's nearly over now" mum says kissing me again.

    Daoofpenguin: I smile as I carefully slice off the other inner labia and begin to stitch up your clit scar.

    Darkgirlbex: "Is it over now mommy" I sob

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Yes sweetie almost. You were such a good girl" I smile

    Daoofpenguin: I finish sewing up "See that wasn't so bad, was it?"

    Darkgirlbex: I shake my head "No"

    Daoofpenguin: "You should feel all better in a few weeks" I say comfortingly

    Darkgirlbex: "It feels funny down there" I say lifting my body up to try and have a proper look

    Daoofpenguin: "You have a few stitches, but they'll dissolve soon and you'll barely have a scar at all"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum:] "See I told you you'd look pretty. Well you will when it's healed"

    Darkgirlbex: "How long will that take?" I ask

    Daoofpenguin: "A few weeks, but there are some things you'll have to do until then" I say “first your mommy will have help you keep it clean"

    Darkgirlbex: "Ok" I nod

    Daoofpenguin: "And you'll probably need to use these for a bit" I say as I show your mom a small home care package containing a few diapers and changing supplies.

    Darkgirlbex: "Why?" I ask looking over at one of the diapers as mum pulls it from the pack

    Daoofpenguin: "Just until the swelling goes down" I say comfortingly "you'll be back to normal after that"

    Darkgirlbex: Mum smiles at me "You where such a brave girl this-morning"

    Darkgirlbex: I smile back at her feeling rather proud of myself.

    Daoofpenguin: "She really was" I say winking at your mom

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: I stare down at the exercised flesh laying in the little metal dish and then look up at the doctor "Yes she was"

    Daoofpenguin: I blush deeply and mouth "all gone" as I wink at your mom

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum:] I give you a thumbs up sign without bex noticing

    Daoofpenguin: "One other thing sweetie" I say, looking at rebecca "things will feel ...different...down there"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: I look at you with a smile "How so?"

    Darkgirlbex: "How much different?" I ask

    Daoofpenguin: "Well things have changed down there, so you'll have to get used to how your body responds to stimulation since you don't have your clitoris anymore" I say winking at your mom "you'll have to learn what other places feel good to touch"

    Darkgirlbex: Not fully understanding what any of that really means but not wanting to seem stupid I just I nod anyway as if I do.

    Daoofpenguin: I smile and pick up the waste disposal dish, as I pass by your mom I whisper "like what you see?" into her ear

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "You took so much" I whisper back "Things really will be different for her"

    Daoofpenguin: "She'll never orgasm again, I made sure of it" Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "I don't know about never orgasm don't look like she'll even feel much pleasure again"

    Daoofpenguin: "Everything that gave her pleasure is in here" I whisper "want to feel?" I ask, the dish still in my hands

    Darkgirlbex: "Sure" I wink

    Daoofpenguin: I hold the dish close to you

    Darkgirlbex: "What are you whispering about mommy?" I ask

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Noting sweetie" I say taking hold of the exercised clit moving it around between my fingers

    Daoofpenguin: "Your mom is just helping me with the trash" I tease

    Darkgirlbex: "Can I get up now?" I ask getting impatient

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Just think of all the years of pleasure this would have brought her" I whisper dropping it back into the dish

    Daoofpenguin: "That she'll never feel again" I say as I walk over and drop it in the medical waste bin. I turn to rebecca "you can get up sweetie"

    Darkgirlbex: I start to get up slowly, as I do a sudden pain from deep inside my bits makes me loose my balance for a second, a small amount of pee dribbles out.

    Daoofpenguin: “Its okay, just make sure your mommy gets you in a diaper before you leave" I say

    Darkgirlbex: "Here let me help you" Mum says as she comes over and helps me to stand and starts to get me dressed

    Daoofpenguin: I smile as i watch

    Darkgirlbex: Mum finishes getting me dressed and then gives me a quick hug and a kiss. I stand waiting to go completely oblivious to the real extent of my loss.

    Daoofpenguin: I pull your mom off to the side before you both leave "Are you going to tell her" I whisper.

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "I wouldn't even know how to"

    Daoofpenguin: "What do you want to do"

    Darkgirlbex: "Best to just let her find out for herself Isn't it"

    Daoofpenguin: "I completely agree"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "I bet I know what you're gonna be doing now" I laugh quietly

    Daoofpenguin: "Can I be honest with you?"

    Darkgirlbex: "Sure"

    Daoofpenguin: "I'll be climbing in bed with my daughter, she knows just how to take care of mommy after a surgery"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Doesn't that you know.. make her more desperate?"

    Daoofpenguin: It's part of the fun"

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Oh I'm not debating that" I smile

    Daoofpenguin: "What will you be doing?" I ask

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "You don't even need to ask" I tease as I walk back over to Bex stood waiting by the door

    Darkgirlbex: "Mum can we go now?" I ask Impatiently

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: "Yes sweetie we're leaving now"

    Daoofpenguin: Before you walk away I turn to you "If you're interested, here you go" I wink as I give you a slip with my cell number on it

    Darkgirlbex: [Mum]: I take the slip and place it in my pocket "I may just do that" I wink

    Daoofpenguin: I open the car door for you "How are you feeling sweetie?"

    Darkgirlbex: "Ok I guess, just hurts a little. Can I sleep in with you again tonight mommy?" I ask

    Daoofpenguin: "Of course sweetie"

    Darkgirlbex: "Thanks" I smile

    Daoofpenguin: When we get back home i turn to you "Want to take a little rest now sweetie?"

    Darkgirlbex: “Please mommy”

    Daoofpenguin: I walk you to my room "You were soo brave today" I say, smiling as I lay down

    Darkgirlbex: "I tried" I say laying down beside you

    Daoofpenguin: "Such a brave young woman" I emphasize as I cuddle you

    Darkgirlbex: "Awe thanks mommy" I say feeling even more proud of myself

    Daoofpenguin: "You're going to look so beautiful when you heal"

    Darkgirlbex: "I hope so"

    Daoofpenguin: I place a gentle kiss on your lips "You will be"

    Slave to my Clitoris

    In the world surrounding the female circumcision fantasy there's this idea that's commonly used in stories and captions. Where a girl discovers masturbation and then as a result her grades start to suffer, she's cut and suddenly starts to focus on studying and goes on to do really well in school. The idea that masturbation becomes an addiction is interesting, because it holds a lot of truth in the real world at least for me. (I'd like to hear other women's opinions on this)

    Because I find I play with myself a lot. It’s the first thing I do every morning before I get out of bed and the last thing I do at night before I sleep without fail. But it’s not just at times where I’m not being kept busy. I can be sat at the computer coding, completely focused on what I’m doing, not thinking anything dirty and not even aroused, and I’ll just get the urge to touch myself. I'll stop what I’m doing and lay back in the chair and slip my hand down my panties and that's the end of my concentration. The same thing applies but worse when I’m writing stories or making new captions, it's actually one of the reasons I don't produce as much as I'd like to.

    At every opportunity through the day regardless of what I’m doing, I’ll end up stopping to touch myself and thus stopping whatever I was doing or working on. I don't even always make myself cum when I play, a lot of the time it's just for the good feeling that come from rubbing it. I don't have an average amount of times I masturbate in a day, because it varies a lot from day to day. But on a bad day I've been known to do it to the point it's so sore down there it burns like hell when I pee, and I get fuck all else done the whole day.

    It's like I'm a slave to my clit, it takes over my daily routine and distracts me from doing things I need to do, and it gets me in trouble (or at least my lack of self control does). Admittedly I do get aroused quite often and very easily, but I don't even need to be horny at all and I will still play with it. It's like a comfort thing for me sometimes then other times I'm just touching it coz it's there and it feels nice, not always because I'm horny or want to climax.

    I know if I didn't have it I'd still have urges to touch it. I'd still want to but I wouldn't be able to, and then I'd not be getting distracted every five minutes, and I wouldn't be weeks behind on some of my projects. So yes that little idea in the femcirc fantasy holds a lot of truth in my daily life. Maybe I just need to learn a little self control.


    How about this: you go in to have your wisdom teeth removed. For some reason they strap you down to the bed, but you go with it. When you're falling asleep, you see them doing something to you down there, but it's too late to resist. You wake up with your crotch bandaged and sore, and you can't move because you are restrained. There is a metal pan on the table next to you with your bits in it

    That's a super hot fantasy right there 😈😈

    Role-Play I did with someone via PM

    The following is taken from a role play I did with daoofpenguin



    I walk into the bathroom and head toward a cubicle


    I silently follow you into the bathroom


    "Hey there rebecca" I say


    "Want to help us settle a bet?" I say pointing to kate and amber


    ”What are you talking about?"


    "Well we heard that you're a kinky little slut" (i say as kate and amber both giggle) "and we wanted to know if that was true"


    "What?" I ask surprised


    "Well, the entire freshman class is claiming that you are a dirty, kinky whore" I say as i teasingly pinch your nipple through your thin shirt, "and we wanted to see if they were right"


    "Stop it, get off me" And I start to pull away from you


    "Hey there, it's just a question" I say as kate and amber walk up behind you


    "Are you?"


    "She asked you a question" (kate says as she slaps your ass)


    "No I'm not. Now get off me"


    "I bet you are, I can almost smell your wetness"I whisper into your ear


    "Eww!, Just leave me alone please"


    "Let's see if that's true" I say cupping your crotch through your jeans, "I can feel your heat right now, are you sure you're not wet?"


    "Get her on the sink" I shout to amber and kate, as they lift you up, leaving your legs hanging off the edge


    "Stop! Get off me!"


    "Shut up you slut, Get her pants off" I demand as kate unbuttons your jeans and amber slides down the zipper


    "Hey stop, what are you doing?" I ask nervously


    "Well that's up to you" I smile, "This little thing" I say as i produce a small tube from my purse, "Will slide up your urethra, to the very top and"

    From daoofpengui

    "You'll be stuck in diapers" Kate says laughing


    "But I'll only do it if the idea turns you on"


    "Of course the idea doesn't turn me on" I snap, now starting to feel really worried


    "Let’s see" I smile as Kate and amber tug down your pants and panties "If you're dry, you get to hop down and go back to class"


    "But if you're wet" I say, smirking as i put my hand on your abdomen, just below your belly button "Then it's diapers for you)


    "NO! GET OFF ME" I scream loudly


    My hand trails down lower, until i finally reach your pussy and firmly cup it "She's soaked!" I say, trying to hold back my laughter


    "Look just let me go and I won't tell anyone about this I swear" I begged trying to get away from you


    "Spread her" I say, as kate and amber each grab a leg and hold you wide open, "This will feel a bit weird at first, kind of like you have to pee" (i say as i coat the tip in your wetness then slowly slide it in


    "No don't do this please" I begin to sob


    "Just relax" I say as i ease it in further, and you being to feel a strong urge to pee


    "Take it out please" I beg


    "Almost done" I smile as the urge to pee suddenly gets stronger, feeling like you have to piss more than you ever have before


    I try to pull my whole body away "STOP!"


    Kate and amber hold tight as you feel a terrible pinch, and feel wetness start to pour from your pussy "There we go, all done" I say as you can hear your piss start to drip down to the floor


    "Oh fuck what have you done?" I sob looking down


    "Snipped your urethral sphincter muscles, so you'll be in pampers forever" I say teasing


    "Do her clit now!" Kate shouts

    "Her clit" Amber continues, as they both start giggling


    "What are you gonna do?" I continue to sob nervously beginning to feel very afraid "Just leave me alone"


    "That's up to you" I say as i gently massage your clit "We're going to see if you want to be circumcised"


    "Oh god please no not that!"


    "We'll make a deal, If you don't cum in anticipation, then you can go" I say, feeling for the most sensitive parts of your clit and pussy "But if you do"


    "snip snip" Kate and amber reply laughing


    I squirm and try to wriggle myself away from your finger


    I smile and concentrate, my fingers expertly dancing over every spot that makes your body shudder with need


    I try hard to resist your touch


    I begin to rub your clit in perfect rhythm, timing each rub with a twitch of need i feel in your pussy


    "She's going to cum!"Kate says excitedly


    "Fuck please stop" I begin to beg, knowing I'm not gonna last much longer


    "If you don't want it, don't cum" I say, as i ease a finger into your pussy




    I use my thumb to keep my rhythm on your clit as i feel for your g spot


    My muscles begin to tighten up as I get ever closer to orgasm


    "I can feel it, she's about ready to pop!" Amber says as i keep going, fingering you faster


    Unable to resist any longer I moan out in pleasure as my body begins to shake


    "You're getting snipped as soon as you stop cumming" Kate whispers into your ear


    "Oh fuck!" I whimper


    "I'm going to hold you spread while she cuts off your clit" Amber moans


    "No please" I begin to beg


    I smile as i pull out a small knife


    Kate uses her free hand to start rubbing her clit "Do you see that, she's going to take it and put it right at the base of your clit" She pauses to moan "Right here" amber says touching the base)


    "And she's going to cut" Kate moans louder, "Until she's severed every last nerve"


    I begin to cry properly "Please no don't do this"


    I pick up your panties off the floor and shove them in your mouth


    I place the blade against the base and slowly start making a circular cut around it


    I begin to scream


    "You'll never orgasm again rebecca" Kate whines, "You'll never feel pleasure down there" She repeats as you can her her slick fingers pumping in and out of her pussy


    "No come on please stop"


    I keep going as you feel a sharp painful tugging


    "Yes do it!" Kate screams in orgasm as i pull your clit out by the roots


    Still screaming in pain I shout "Oh fuck no"

    daoofpenguin: just now

    I smile and bandage you up

    daoofpenguin: just now

    "It's all gone, everything, she took everything from you"Kate pants in your ear as she comes down from her orgasm


    I go limp sobbing uncontrollably, feeling a terrible pain between my legs


    Powerful message

    ps…bullies suck








    If only the people this is aimed at actually cared enough for it to actually have any effect :(