Giving up entirely on Femdom. Completely hopeless and will never happen. Yes there is a huge problem with fakes and people pretending to be women, but they are really easy to spot and weed out. I’m speaking about what is the true problem….. The real women….

    When you do actually find a real women they are nothing but scams as well. They are not interested in kinks at all. They are NOT interested in dominating a man. They are interested in one thing and one thing only. Your money. Nothing else matters to them but your money. You will get absolutely nothing in return from them except them asking for more and more money! Don’t fall for it guys! Onlyscams is pathetic as well there is absolutely nothing special on there that you can’t get for FREE! Don’t let these fake Doms fool you! None of them are interested in you they want your money and that’s it. DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM! We hold the power NOT them! Wake up men! Be smarter!