Feedees reblog if

The only thing you want to do is be forcefully tied to a large bed while your feeder brings you copious amounts of food for weeks, months, even years. You just want to watch your body slowly blow up like a calorie filled sack. Your feeder making you stuff yourself endlessly every day until your belly grows so absolutely enormous you can’t see your fat swollen feet anymore. You want to be so riddled with fat that you can’t possibly heave yourself over without help. Your ass weighing you down along with your cellulite stuffed thighs. All you want is to be a useless eating machine gorging non stop until your arms are so heavy you can’t even bring them to your fat engorged face leaving your feeder no choice but to strap a tube into your pathetic hog mouth and fill you like a human balloon. You also know the consequences of eating like a pig and you don’t care. You just want to be helplessly obese even if your heart struggles to pump. You just want to be fed, rubbed, and played with.