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2021-01-17 20:23:54

    [!] Congratulations to Bangtan for winning the following at the 2020 Melon Music Awards:

    🏆Artist of The Year Daesang
    🏆Album of The Year Daesang (Map Of The Soul: 7)
    🏆Song of The Year Daesang (Dynamite)
    🏆Top 10 Artist Bonsang
    🏆Netizen Popularity Award
    🏆Best Male Dance
    🏆Best Rock Song (eight by IU
    Feat. and Prod. SUGA)

    I'm genuinely geting tired of people portraying Dabi as a fuckboy or yandere. Y'all, do you even observe his behaviour? He is the epitome of anti-social awkward guy who can't socialize for shit. I stanned him since beginning and I miss the days when he was appreciated for who he is as a character, not something he is defined by the way he looks. I relate to him on a personal level, but the majority of content I see is him being sexualized or painted as a "hot bully". All respect to people who write him canonically and stick to his actual personality.