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    hellloooooo everyone!!! I feel so bad for basically abandoning this tumblr lol, so sorry about that. I had loooots of computer issues so basically anything I couldn't do on my phone, I couldn't do. But that's all figured out now, yay :)

    thanks for sticking with me, hope to be back to normal posting soon.

    So the trailer for that movie James made dedicated to eating ladies is out, check it out here

    As I was watching the trailer I realized how important this movie really is. There are so few (if any? I've honestly never heard of another one, could be wrong) adult movies based solely on the female orgasm, and I'd definitely say this is the only porn movie that does not involve a man's penis at all. In the trailer, James states this movie is about orgasms. It's about the female orgasm, end of story.

    Now this is a gutsy move for James as a director. Other directors have talked about how ther are 'studies' that show that porn viewers actually fastforward through the cunnilingus portions of porn movies. Which, how could they know that? Not sure, but a lot of directors use that as an excuse as to why there is not much male-to-female oral shown in porn. Apaprently men don't want to watch that, and porn is marketed towards men.

    What James is doing with that movie is he's saying FUCK THAT. Women having orgasms is hot, it's sexy, and it deserves a whole movie dedicated to it.

    So what we need to do is BUY THIS MOVIE!!! Even if you've never bought an adult movie before, but this one. Show the adult industry that women are legitimate consumers who will pay to see porn that places value on our sexuality and celebrates women as sexual beings. The only way we can show our appreciation for porn that highlights the female orgasm is to put our money where our mouths are.

    The movie doesn't actually come out until April 21, and I'll make sure to post a link here when it's available for Pre-Order. So y'all have time to save up about $20-30, which is how much most DVD's from Evil Angel are.

    You can also tweet your excitement for the movie to @evilangelvideo

    Hey everyone make sure you check out 'Greed' The first of James' Seven Sins series!! James has been working really hard on this project, so head over to jamesdeen.com and get a membership(or even a trial membership, just $1!) and show some support for him! His site is FULL of really hot scenes, Plus lots of bts of James and the ladies he works with.

    i really like watching girls have orgasms but i don’t like solo scenes. i like seeing response and reaction between multiple parties. at lease a couple of people. i decided to shoot a movie about orgasms but really it is just me going down on like 11 ladies and having them cum all over me. i probably just shot shit so i can jerk off to girls having orgasms while i edit it. but it is done and it was awesome and my jaw hurts in the most delightful way.

    - James Deen's blog

    this is the movie I was talking about!!!! Just the fact that James had the idea to do this movie makes him a god among men.

    Vote for which scene you'd like to see a 5-10 minute clip of

    So I've officially passed 20,000 followers! To celebrate I'll upload a clip of the top 2 most voted scenes of the ones you all have been nominating the past few days. Vote by Monday by either messaging me or responding to this post with which scene you want to see:

    1. Nobody's Daughter (James and Remy Lacroix)

    2. Come Inside Me (James and Lara Brookes)

    3. A rough Interview (James and Breanne Benson

    4. Performers of the Year 2014 (James and Remy Lacroix

    5. Cuties 2 (James and Lexi Belle

    "A sweet surprise for longtime porn fans was the appearance of bona fide legend Ginger Lynn on the arm of Steven St. Croix to present Male Performer of the Year. Winner James Deen used the delighted star as a ventriloquist’s doll, having her repeat what he whispered in her ear.

    “James Deen thanks you and says he will always spread his legs in this industry”—a sly allusion to a comment made by Jenna some years back at an award show in Las Vegas. It just about brought down the house."

              - xbiz

    hahahaha jaaaaaames you didn't!!! Gotta love him

    Congrats to James for winning 3 awards at Xbiz last night!!

    -Male Performer of the year

    -Mainstream star of the year

    -Best Actor in a Feature Movie (The New Behind the Green Door)

    I'm especially happy for the Best Actor win!! I know he worked really hard on that movie and was excited to be a part of it. He also tends to downplay his acting abilities so it's cool that he got some affirmation in that area!

    Haven't come across any pics from the event yet, I'll post some when I do!

    20K follower celebration

    Sooo I'm about 100 followers away from 20K. Can't even believe it! Thanks everyone for following me even though I've been off the grid lately! Hopefully things will slow down for me and I'll be able to be on more.

    I wanted to do something nice for y'all to thank you for following me, but I need your help! Let me know by sending me a message in my askbox or answering this post, of all the gifs and gifsets I've posted which one would you most like to see a 10-15 minute clip of that scene? You guys have until Wednesday to let me know, then I'll pick the top 5 most asked for and put it to a vote. Then I'll upload a clip of the top 2 with the most votes.

    Hopefully that all made sense! Looking forward to your answers :)