Rin Aoki the Ama: HKD-060

We reviewed the interesting legacy of the Ama diving girls in my post of July 27. For a fuller review of this erotic sub-genre, I recommend Jasper Sharp's book, Behind the Pink Curtain. Lovely Rin Aoki has made an appearance in this erotic sub-genre now, and we'll take a look at that offering tonight.

This item-- Ama-chan! Kyonyû sumata kuguri meijin: Aoki Rin (HKD-60)-- comes courtesy of Ruby director Baksheesh Yamashita and is due out on Thursday, October 24. Though the title has "Kyonyû" ("Huge boobs"), the slogan on the hachimaki Rin-san wears above says "Bakunyû no ama" ("Bomber-boobs diving girl").

The images available for this one so far show that lovely Rin-san, is continuing to mature nicely, makes an appearance in the genre.

I especially like the images of Rin-san at the beach, in and out of ama garb. The still above indicates that bedroom scenes also come into the plot.

I have been viewing a lot of Rin-san's early work lately, and, frankly, it doesn't impress me a lot. She is a beautiful girl, but I do like them chubbier. It's nice to see that she continues to evolve into a more Dekkappedlian vision of womanhood!