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    Catch-up time

    OHO-014 video cover

    Crystal Eiz's Nyûrin-dô series added, including Nene Mikami in OHO-014

    I think I mentioned in my last post--two months ago?!-- that I had slipped behind in my JAV Archive work, and gotten about a month behind my 10-a-day schedule. I'm still holding to that schedule, and finally got caught up to date in the Archive posting-- which shows I've been very busy in these past two months. Ten posts a day is not really that hard, but more than that is pushing it. And, to catch up, I have to maintain that 10-a-day rate, plus 20- or 30- after a day or two off, PLUS at least another 10- a day to lessen the backlog by a day...whew!

    PPPD-028 video cover

    Rin Aoki in PPPD-028

    I did fall behind again by four days this weekend, due to a bout with the flu, but managed to catch up today. I was fortunate that my main day of recovery coincided with a Kaiju marathon, and had a nice, fun, relaxing time watching the movies and Tweeting along with a gang of fellow Godzilla buffs. Catching up again will be easy this time since I've undertaken another major series-- OPPAI's PPPD- prefix DVDs-- which will allow quicker, standardized formatting/posting.

    KYN-02 video cover

    KYN-02 with Rei & Kyôko on Alpha International's early VHS double-kyonyu label, "Big Paradise"

    IMDb submissions are still way behind-- about a month-- so that will be the next catch-up project. IMDb submissions are naturally going to lag behind the archive work, because the archive work is where I gather and translate the data. But because the IMDb submissions go fairly fast, and not ALL these archive posts deserve an entry at IMDb, I'm not too worried about that... As long as I don't get behind again for the next six months, I should reach my year-end goal.

    PPUD-003 video cover

    OPPAI label's "Ultramania series", PPUD-003 with mysterious 145cm R-cup girl, Hitomi

    Half-way through my JAV year, the advantages of this work is beginning to show itself. I've been using the Archives myself to search data/images on videos, studios & actresses. I'm beginning to see this as preparatory work for some real writing on the subject, maybe starting next year... The first step in this writing may be the Actress database, which I set up earlier this year, but have not made any real contributions to. Full biographies/career reviews of the ladies, with links to their appearances in the Archives. Some of these may be redundant to Boobpedia work, but I see it as something different-- first, just because I want to work alone, without the danger of having someone else come along after me and reformat/rewrite/add errors/remove data, and all the other things that go on at Wiki-type projects. Second, because the career reviews will include personal observations & judgments which are not at home at a Wiki-type project, or at IMDb either, for that matter.

    F128P-001 video cover

    Ran Masaki final (真咲ファイナル; 1987)

    At the Archive, recently, I've worked on pushing the two outer limits: Keeping up with current releases so that I have at least a couple future releases in the queue, and old VHS releases. Masaki Ran seems to be the main, first "big bust" star, of the latter envelope. I've got every one of her videos that I could locate-- she didn't make a lot. Her video career seems to have been mainly 1986.

    GONEXD-09 video cover

    Found & added Pray's improbable "GONE mania" series to my archives (GONEXD-09)

    The work at Tumblr has proven to be quite popular-- much more so than the Blogger archives. I have over almost 300 followers at the JAV Archive, and getting more every day. Even after working for several years at Blogger, I only have a couple dozen followers total between all my blogs... I get a couple dozen "Likes" a day at Tumblr... And last, a belated announcement that THIS blog passed its 1 millionth view last month. I've been researching in this field of study since the '70s, but was unable to share mine findings with other enthusiasts. It's nice to be able to spread the information thanks to the Internet.

    BBW Wife Nasty Mansion

    BBW Wife Nasty Mansion (RMAN-004)

    I've been thinking about how to best fit my new Twitter account into my Pink/BBW work. Here's the deal: Instead of cluttering up these posts with, "I added this, this & that to IMDb today, now, here's the ladies", I'll just introduce the ladies here, then post the quickie IMDb update notices at Twitter. And speaking of Twitter: Courtesy of a Tweet from long-time favorite, the beautiful Iori Kuroki, I became aware of a DVD that will be of interest to followers of this blog. Titled BBW Wife Nasty Mansion (RMAN-004), it will be released tomorrow by Takara Visual, and appears to be based on a manga. As you can see from the logo above, this one has an actual English translation in the title, which will make adding it to IMDb that much more convenient and useful to the Anglosphere-- I will try to add it on its release date tomorrow.

    Images like this, from the DVD's trailer, indicate that this is a live version of a Manga, but I haven't been able to find any information on it. The author is apparently Rei Shinozaki (ざき嶺), who appears to be a general erotic manga author, rather than a BBW specialist.

    It would be nice to accurately match up the ladies with their cartoon counterparts, but without more information on the manga, that is difficult to do. Since I don't follow manga, I can't tell, but it's possible these images were just created for the video, rather than coming from a pre-existing series.

    Iori Kuroki in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion

    For followers of this blog, the major center of interest in this DVD will, of course, be Iori Kuroki herself. I think she has become even lovelier as she matures, and since she has left the dominatrix roles. Here she appears in chubby, motherly housewife-mode, which she has taken up lately to great acclaim from yours truly.

    Rin Aoki in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion

    Another highlight of the cast is Rin Aoki, who was previously a thin gravure model. She has been maturing and filling out quite nicely since joining the AV world.

    Hiromi Kishikawa in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion

    Voluptuous beauty and active Tweeter Hiromi Kishikawa makes a trio of major big-bust/BBW stars in the DVD.

    Maho Kiriya in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion

    Making the celebrated trio a quartet is pulchritudinous Maho Kiriya. I don't know about her yet, but judging from the images presented here would be happy to see her more often.

    The BBW housewives have a chat (skinny Ôka Fujimiya: right, center)

    Ôka Fujimiya (center on the couch to the right in the image above) rounds out the cast as the one thin girl in this festival of female flesh. I might guess the charming, chubby ladies are encouraging this slim lass to eat more and make her hubby happy... but, of course, I'm reading my own preferences into the scenario... It's probably more likely that the mature and plump ladies are jealous of a thin young newcomer...

    But we'll have to watch the DVD to find out for sure. So, keep watching the skies! A feast for fans of big, bouncy ladies! Coming out tomorrow! To a DVD outlet near you!

    Rin Aoki the Ama: HKD-060

    We reviewed the interesting legacy of the Ama diving girls in my post of July 27. For a fuller review of this erotic sub-genre, I recommend Jasper Sharp's book, Behind the Pink Curtain. Lovely Rin Aoki has made an appearance in this erotic sub-genre now, and we'll take a look at that offering tonight.

    This item-- Ama-chan! Kyonyû sumata kuguri meijin: Aoki Rin (HKD-60)-- comes courtesy of Ruby director Baksheesh Yamashita and is due out on Thursday, October 24. Though the title has "Kyonyû" ("Huge boobs"), the slogan on the hachimaki Rin-san wears above says "Bakunyû no ama" ("Bomber-boobs diving girl").

    The images available for this one so far show that lovely Rin-san, is continuing to mature nicely, makes an appearance in the genre.

    I especially like the images of Rin-san at the beach, in and out of ama garb. The still above indicates that bedroom scenes also come into the plot.

    I have been viewing a lot of Rin-san's early work lately, and, frankly, it doesn't impress me a lot. She is a beautiful girl, but I do like them chubbier. It's nice to see that she continues to evolve into a more Dekkappedlian vision of womanhood!

    Karen Toudou, two Rins and a Rei: MDV-04


    We haven't looked in on lovely Karen Toudou for a couple weeks, but there is good news for fans of this lady. She is starring, along with Rin Aoki, Rin Fujisaki and Rei Tachibana in a new JAMS DVD, Yaminyû ijiri (MDV-04), released last month.

    Karen Toudou in MDV-04

    Karen gets the most prominent position on the cover, and the most space in the video clip, so I assume she is the main attraction in this DVD. Karen is just about a perfect package for me: Intelligent looking face, with lots of smiles, tremendous boobs, legs and butt, and an over-all mature and pleasingly plump figure. It's hard to find a more perfect model in my eye!

    Rin Fujisaki in MDV-04

    Rin Fujisaki is probably the newest to the JAV industry of the four ladies in this DVD. Nice and plump, with a great pair of boobs, one other thing I like about her-- as I do with Karen-- is that she usually wears glasses. The sexy librarian look has always been one of my favorites, especially with a bigger girl, and Asian.

    Rin Aoki in MDV-04

    Rin Aoki-- long a girlish gravure model, and then a hardcore JAV actress-- has been maturing and filling out of late to become a model to catch my eye. She's being promoted more and more lately in the "pocchari" or BBW genre, though I still think she's too thin to qualify for that label. In this image of her in action in this DVD, we see her main features: A pretty face with huge boobs on a slim figure.

    Rei Tachibana in MDV-04

    The DVD's homepage doesn't mention her, and the DVD cover gives her only a small box on the front, but big and busty, pretty JAMS veteran Rei Tachibana appears towards the end of the sample video clip, as seen above. She also seems to be maturing, and she has more fullness in the face than I remember from her earlier appearances a few years ago.

    Karen Toudou

    The presence of any one of these four lovely ladies would stir my interest in this DVD, but Karen is my favorite of the group, and it looks like she gets the most footage. I'm looking forward to more information on this release!

    Ero Boin Nurse X 3: GMED-079

    Today I finished submitting to IMDb all the Pink Films released in 1995. I got started collecting titles and credits for the 1996 releases, which should keep me occupied till the end of August.


    In boob-ish news, I came across this intriguing DVD cover: Hôman bakunyû muchimuchi nurse: Dekapai jukujo kankoshi san'nin musume no ero-ero iryô genba (GMED-079). It comes from Global Media Entertainment, and is due out on August 25. The three lovely ladies starring in this production are K-cup Rin Aoki, J-cup Shiratori Sumire (白鳥寿美礼), and H-cup Yukari Orihara (折原ゆかり). Rin Aoki is the one in the middle of the trio on the front cover of the DVD package above, but I don't know who the other two are.

    And with that quickie I'll have to call it a night again. At the moment, I'm doing some work on early Pink film history, and getting a lot of material for video reviews to be done in the near future.

    Angelic T&A

    Alright, so we've been focusing a lot on the big girls lately. For the sake of the smaller girls, let's drop in on the lovely Rin Aoki tonight.

    We first visited this DVD of Rin-chan's in a post back in July, just before it was released. Titled Nikkan tenshi no uta: Aizô no bakunyû bakujiri kyûseishu (肉感天使の歌~愛憎の爆乳爆尻救世主~ - "Love Song of the Erotic Angel: Savior with Big Tits and Ass" SND-55), it was released on July 28, 2012. The gimmick appears to be that Rin-chan is an angel come down from above to share her heavenly charms with mortal man. Hence the wings.

    I call Rin-chan a "small" girl because I always think of her back in her non-nude modeling days when she was a wee slip of a thing, very skinny, with an disproportionately large bust.

    However images from this DVD show that as cute little Rin-chan matures, she is developing more womanly curves than just a big bust. That's quite a nice butt to hold onto there for a bumpy ride! The official page gives thumbnails and a video clip. Drop in, watch it, enjoy, and tell 'em Dekkappai sent ya!

    Rin-chan Grows Up

    Rin Aoki was always a pretty girl, and had a justly celebrated set of bazooms, but she was rather too thin for my taste-- a skinny girl with disproportionately large boobs. The kind that are popular with the general population, but not hefty or mature enough for me.
    Well now, as we can see from the images herein, our little angel has come over to our side. She has relaxed, let nature take its course, and is putting on flesh, and doing so quite nicely. As she has matured, she has appeared in videos for BOINBB and big-girl specialists, JAMS. The images in this post are from her upcoming JAMS DVD Senkô yoyaku kaishi shimashita! Aoki Rin shutsuen shin nikkan chitai (先行予約開始しました! 青木りん出演新肉感地帯; SND-55; to be released July 28, 2012).
    (...And... Um... I would be interested in that happening to me too... Please...)

    The Dictator

    Let's start off by answering the question most likely to attract readers to this blog entry: Who is the woman who breaks bricks with her boobs in the trailer to The Dictator? We see this performance on the right. Well, since first making this post, I have done a little research on the identity of the mysterious boob-crusher. If my research is correct, she is none other than Susan Sykes aka Busty Heart, with her double 20-pounds of deadly-weaponry. Wasn't Chesty Morgan a member of the Israeli Army? Maybe this is some kind of Special Ops force? Deadly Weapons indeed... But let's set aside our review of The Dictator to take care of some Boobpedia-related items first...

    I was able to work on Boobpedia off & on most of the day. I started the morning off by adding a little to the stub on Sara Aikawa which I started last night. Then I got back to work on the Munekyunkissa / ALB- project. The final day's tally came to stubs for ALB-105 through ALB-125. The day's highlight, I suppose, was Rin Aoki in Pussy Fart from the 110-cm Magnum Big Boobs: Haru (June 2011). It's kind of amusing that Munekyunkissa is taking this "Amateur" charade so far as to attempt pass off as well-known a star as Rin Aoki as an amateur named "Haru"... She's always been a very pretty girl, but rather too thin for my tastes. She seems to be filling out rather nicely in more recent appearances though. I may start following her career with more interest...

    Rather than the "Pussy Fart" titles (I don't mind the occasional pussy fart during sex, mind you, but I can't say I make a fetish out of it...), I was interested in the titles of a new couple videos using the "Kakure kyonyuu" (hiding big boobs) theme. The covers to these particular DVDs (Scoring with the I-cup Girl who Hides Her Big Boobs: Eri for example) seem, actually, to have the girls showing them off. But I think it would make a nice series: Big-boob Japanese gals who try to dress so that their bust is not noticeable, but the things are just too damned big to hide... As a demonstration of what I have in mind, above right we have the super-abundant Yuuki Manaka in DVD DDK-040 shyly realizing that--OOPS!-- some cleavage is peaking through. One thing leads to another and soon we have the modestly proud unveiling (below left; from DVD MAGURO-021). I leave it up to my esteemed readers' imagination to surmise where the DVD's narrative leads from there...

    In 2006, before he was fired from Mainichi for writing about such shameful things in English, so that foreigners could read them, Ryann Connell reported on an article in Spa! (December 2006) covering the "Kakure kyonyuu" phenomenon. Connell's article was titled "Japan's latest titillating trend: Hiding those huge hooters!" It indicated an inconsistent attitude towards big boobs. It claimed that the majority of Japanese women were A- or B- cups before the mid-1980s, and that bigger-busted women were ashamed of their breasts, and kept them hidden. Hence, "Kakure kyonyuu" was going on at that time. In the '90s, however, in the wake of the "Kyonyuu boom", bigger boobs became more widely-admired in Japan. These days (in 2006 that is), A-cups account for less than 20%, and smaller-busted women are exaggerating their busts through padded bras, etc. Yet, according to the article, "Kakure kyonyuu" is still widely practiced among buxom women who do not want to attract undue attention.

    And now for The Dictator, which I saw today. I found it not nearly as offensive as Sacha Baron Cohen's previous two-- Borat and Brüno-- and therefore not as hilarious. Still, it wasn't bad. Probably what made this one a little less biting than the others was that, though U.S. culture gets a few jabs, the main target of satire seems to be the Dictator himself. In Borat, Baron Cohen used an anti-Semitic character to ridicule the anti-Semiticism of the Americans he tricked into lowering their guards. In Brüno, he uses a flamboyantly gay character to ridicule the Americans' (and others') homophobia. But here, rather than poke fun at American prejudice against Moslems, or Middle Eastern stereotypes, he seems to be using the Dictator more to make fun of... Middle-Eastern dictators. Not exactly the sharpest subject for satire. Along with that comes the feeling that we're laughing at another group of people, rather than laughing at (and therefor learning about) ourselves, as in the previous two films. Cheaper laughs.

    As far as I know (I don't follow Baron Cohen's career that closely), this is his first "straight" movie with a screenplay, and all actors. He abandons the guerilla-style filmmaking he used previously, where he gets unaware, real people in uncomfortable situations to record their reactions. It's one thing to ridicule the people of a culture or nation for being one way or another with fictional characters, it's something else to actually show real people being that way, and to get humor out of that. For example, there is a scene where he and another Middle Eastern character are talking in pseudo-Arabic, using occasional English words ("Statue of Liberty", "Empire State Building!") and making explosion noises and laughing while sitting behind two American tourists. The subtitles tell us it's a perfectly innocent conversation, and we are supposed to laugh at the reactions of the American tourists. Well, we do laugh, of course-- it's funny. But wouldn't it have been much funnier-- more unpredictable and true-to-life-- if, like in the previous films, they had really been American tourists, rather than actors? There is more bite to the satire in the guerilla style, when it works right. But then, no doubt, his growing fame prevents that style from being as easy to pull off anymore... So, unlike the great Martin Scorsese (above left, in custody of the Dictator himself), I can't claim I think it is better than Raging Bull (1980). But then unlike Scorsese, I am not being held hostage with electrodes attached to my privates while writing this review... But seriously... Baron Cohen is no doubt the best satirist working in film today. If he's not quite at his best in this one, it's still much better than the majority of comedies coming out these days. If (as I think) this is his first completely fictional film, then it's a very worthy first effort. Either way, Seven stars out of Ten.