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    Rin Aoki the Ama: HKD-060

    We reviewed the interesting legacy of the Ama diving girls in my post of July 27. For a fuller review of this erotic sub-genre, I recommend Jasper Sharp's book, Behind the Pink Curtain. Lovely Rin Aoki has made an appearance in this erotic sub-genre now, and we'll take a look at that offering tonight.

    This item-- Ama-chan! Kyonyû sumata kuguri meijin: Aoki Rin (HKD-60)-- comes courtesy of Ruby director Baksheesh Yamashita and is due out on Thursday, October 24. Though the title has "Kyonyû" ("Huge boobs"), the slogan on the hachimaki Rin-san wears above says "Bakunyû no ama" ("Bomber-boobs diving girl").

    The images available for this one so far show that lovely Rin-san, is continuing to mature nicely, makes an appearance in the genre.

    I especially like the images of Rin-san at the beach, in and out of ama garb. The still above indicates that bedroom scenes also come into the plot.

    I have been viewing a lot of Rin-san's early work lately, and, frankly, it doesn't impress me a lot. She is a beautiful girl, but I do like them chubbier. It's nice to see that she continues to evolve into a more Dekkappedlian vision of womanhood!

    Diving-girl Shiho Terashima: JUFD-301


    Here's an interesting-looking video I came across the other day. It's called Hôman ama shiofuki chijo no chinpo-isari Terashima Shiho ("Chubby, Dick-Hunting Perverted Diver Woman, Shiho Terashima"; JUFD-301), and is due out on August 1.

    Shiho Terashima

    Shiho-san is a plump fûzoku and AV girl with a 103(J)-78-101 figure. She first appeared in AVs in 2011 under the name Azusa Ômori (大森あづさ), and certainly amply fills out the role of diver-girl in this upcoming video. The diving girl is an interesting aspect of Japanese/Korean culture. They're called "Ama" in Japan, and "Haenyo" in Korea.

    Image from The Island of the Fisherwomen

    Fosco Maraini wrote a few books on these diver-women back in the '50s, one of which (The Island of the Fisherwomen) I had in the '70s, and memorized every intriguing picture. Nude, plump Asian women getting wet. What great fuel for a horny young man's imagination the photos in that book were!

    Cannibal Ama (1958)

    Fetishization of the ama in Japanese films goes back at least to Michiko Maeda's Revenge of the Pearl Queen (1956), which contained Japanese cinema's first nude scene. The poster above is to Cannibal Ama (人喰女 - Hitogui ama; 1958), like Pearl Queen, also a production of early exploitation studio Shintôhô. Cannibal Ama gave beautiful, buxom Yôko Mihara her film debut. Two decades later, in the 1970s, she was an entrancing, matronly presence in many of Toei's softcore pinky-violence films.

    Lusty Ama: Stirred-Up Pot (1976)

    Nasty Diver (1977)

    When Nikkatsu went into the softcore business in the 1970s, Ama stories were one of the sub-genres of their Roman Porno series. The two posters above are to Lusty Ama: Stirred-Up Pot (色情海 乱れ壺 - Shikijô ama: Midare tsubo) from 1976, and Nasty Diver (夜這い海女 - Yobai ama) from 1977. An example of this genre has recently been released on DVD in the US under the title Nympho Diver: G-String Festival.

    Shiho Terashima in JUFD-301

    My wife and I came across a group of these ladies while we were vacationing on Jeju Island, off the south coast of South Korea. Looking at Shiho-san again, above, in the DVD which inspired this look at the diver-girl in Japanese film, I have to admit the real Haenyo that I saw were nowhere near as attractive as the fantasy versions. Naturally, the real women were rough, tough, weathered, hard-working old gals. We gave one 20,000 won to dive into the ocean, and she came back with a plate full of living, squirming things, which she cut up, alive, and gave us to eat with some gochujang. I can eat some pretty exotic things, but not those sea slugs, etc. that we got. My wife ate them happily though...