I'm autistic and I only recently was diagnosed. I'm curious as to why the "high-functioning" label is considered offensive. What phrasing should others and I use in place of it?

    it’s offensive because it’s used to deny “high-functioning” autistics accommodations, and to deny “low-functioning” autistics agency and autonomy. 

    also, autism isnt a scale that goes from high to low, it’s a spectrum. when someone says high-functioning, does that mean: high-IQ? verbal ability? good emotional regulation? ability to pass as NT? independence? some of these? it has no clear meaning; it simply groups people together based on arbitrary traits that others have assigned value to. 

    it is much more effective to say “here’s some advice for non-verbal autistic people” than to say “here’s advice for ‘low-functioning’ autistic people” because it is clear who it’s targeting, it does not paint being non-verbal as a negative trait or lack of ability, and doesn’t exclude people who are non-verbal but someone would class as “low-functioning” for other reasons. 

    here are some other terms to use that people tend to ignore in favour of lumping people as “high/low-functioning,” when really they’re not limited to that false dichotomy: 

    people interested/involved in self advocacy, people who need more specific accommodations, people who can/cannot live independently, nonverbal autistic people, autistic people who can pass as neurotypical, autistic people with a high-IQ, etc.etc.

    colour correspondences

    red; protection, passion, love, energy, chaos, strength, power

    orange; protection, confidence, strength, energy, happiness, inspiration, prosperity, success

    yellow; happiness, healing, comfort, kindness, protection, love

    green; prosperity, creativity, luck, growth, success, happiness, energy

    blue; calming, empathy, happiness, patience, creativity, healing

    purple; divine, energy, prosperity, communication

    pink; fae, love, empowerment, kindness, growth, creativity, happiness, protection

    black; banishment, confidence, protection, strength, power

    brown; grounding, stability, protection, strength, balance

    white; purity, cleansing, empowerment, strength, peace

    Full Moon 🌿🌕🍃

    There’s a full moon this week so that means another post from me! I hope you enjoy this info on things to do with and on the full moon!

    Full moons are great, I like to think of them as a joyous celebration. They stand for success, increase in psychic ability, courage, strength, happiness, wisdom, and more!

    Things to do:

  • Divination // your psychic abilities are enhanced and this is a time of enlitenment, ask the tough questions!
  • Make moon water // lots of moon water!
  • Psychic work // this is the time to practice or use spell work to strengthen your abilities.
  • Honor moon related deities!
  • Throw a party // I’m not kidding this is a time for celebration!
  • Take action // all that planning you did on the new moon is waiting and today’s the day to follow through.
  • Spell work // the best ones to do right now are: confidence, advancement, luck, and love!
  • What will work:

  • Lilac, Primrose, Carnation, Rose
  • Basil, Bay Leaf, Nutmeg, Sage
  • Purple, White, Light Blue, Pink
  • Agate, Calcite, Aventurine, Moonstone
  • Juniper, Willow
  • Alright, I hope this is helpful in all of your full moon endeavors!

    Have an amazing full moon // 🕯🌕

    Housewarming Magic

    For when you’ve moved into a new living situation or are ready for a new start <3

    Finding your home/moving:

  • House hunting crystals
  • Spell jar to find a house
  • Spell for your dream house
  • The witch’s moving checklist
  • Cleansing:

  • Room cleansing
  • To absorb negative energy from a room
  • Summer house cleansing
  • Herbal wall/floor wash + witchy cleaners
  • Home cleansing tips
  • Home cleansing brew
  • Thoroughly clearing spaces
  • Crystals to cleanse the home
  • Cleansing your space without smoke
  • Cleansing your space: a how-to guide
  • Energy cleansing
  • Low energy cleaning + cleansing
  • Warding + Protection:

  • A crash course on warding
  • To ward the home
  • Threshold magic 101
  • Protect my home spell
  • Home protection steam spell
  • Simple home protection jar spell
  • “Little lurkers” home protection spell
  • Room/home protection
  • Wall of fire property & house protection spell
  • Protection (wind) chimes
  • The Rowan cross
  • Protecting the property
  • Check out the sigils below!
  • Sigils:

  • “For a magical and happy home”
  • “Sospidonum”
  • “This space is full of life, light, and bright energy”
  • “No fighting in this home”
  • “My home is safe”
  • “This home is safe for all”
  • “This home is a safe and healthy environment”
  • “My house is protected from unwanted influences”
  • “My home is protected”
  • Witchin’ it up:

  • Happy home spell jar
  • Home sweet home spell jar
  • House to home spell
  • Doing the dishes the witchy way
  • Homemade laundry detergent recipe
  • Laundry magic
  • Pleasing household spirits
  • When a bad guest leaves
  • Building a magical home
  • Odds and ends:

  • Magic, and power, in homemaking
  • The history and creation of witch bottles
  • Cottage witch tips
  • Hearth witch tips
  • The basics of kitchen and cottage witchcraft
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  • Bedridden witch: garden / stale energy /kitchen edition
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  • Travel witchery
  • Links updated October, 2020 (please inform me of broken links via askbox)