Ha! Look at this nerd we caught. We were able to tie his hands to his legs, and two to his underwear. It was hilarious watching him squirm!


    Like a puppet on a string! The mafia boss is known for his sadistic tendancies and punishments. This poor pizza delivery guy had no idea what shit he was in when he accidentally dropped the boxes of pizza’s on the driveway.

    The heavies dragged him into the mansion and soon had him strapped up in the most uncomprimising of positions, much to the hilarity of the guards and the mafia boss. “Antonio, show this fucker some Italian hospitality and stick a vibrator in his ass”!

    Found this vid at some point, and it inspired the below short story, i hope you enjoy. if this is your vid and you want me to remove it (or credit you), please let me know.


    I sat with my friends at the table in their home, we planned going out to a party in the evening together, hiving a coffee and talking. As so many times we talked about bondage, the fun we have with different guys in different situations. i liked everything lockable, it is more definite, harder if at all possible to get out, while they enjoyed anything that restrains, one of them especially does enjoy mummification with duct tape.

    i mentioned that tape has its charm, but is just too easy to break, it may take effort, but one always finds a way to rip it nevertheless. they did not agree, done well, done right, using proper duct tape and not cheap packing tape, they insisted it can be just as inescapable. since i refused to agree however, they dared me to give it a try.

    we still had a few hours before going to the party and they agreed that it would not be a full mummification with layers, but just tape to gag me, tie my arms and legs, and then i could proof them wrong. no way i skip a dare, regardless of what it will end up with (big flaw of myself), so of course i agreed to it.

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