Slutty Schoolgirl Learns a Lesson

    Featuring the stunning Stella Liberty as Head Mistress, I’m a naughty little schoolgirl who needs to be punished! After I’m called into the Head Mistress’s office for dressing too slutty, she decides the best thing to do is to give me a good, hard spanking. After all, if I want to show my ass off to everyone, I should expect this sort of treatment! She puts me over her knee and spanks me until my cheeks are bright red, but to her shock, I’m enjoying it! What a little slut. She spanks me harder and harder, but to no avail - I’m just not learning my lesson, so she locks me in a tiny chastity cage to make I can’t enjoy what’s about to come too much. She bends me over and with a gloved hand, starts fingering my asshole! Again, if I’m going to be walking around school with my ass hanging out, this is the sort of treatment I should expect. I still don’t seem to be learning my lesson - what to do? It’s apparent my hole has seen a lot of action, as it’s taking her fingers with ease. At this point she decides it’s hopeless and that instead of trying to make me less of a slut, she’ll teach me to be a bigger one. She slides her entire fist up my ass, stating that if I want to be a slut, she’ll make sure I can take any cock with ease! After she’s fisted me for awhile, she switches to her strap-on (it turns out Head Mistress is kind of a pervert!), bending me over the desk and fucking me, my caged little cock dripping precum like a faucet as she does! She tells me that from now on, I’m to be the school’s official cumdump - my skirt can never cover my ass, I’ll remain in chastity and wear a cute little necklace that says “Anal Slut” to make sure all the boys know what I’m good for - she’s even going to make an announcement over the loudspeaker to make sure everyone knows.

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    Fabulous scene! Not sure the blue disposable gloves help the erotic vibe, though.


    Treat your tranny gently, she’ll make you feel comfy and reward you with lots of Sex…


    Wow! Super-hot clip. I can almost taste that cute girl’s delicious cock at the start and there’s a magnificent cream pie at the end.