Anonymous asked :Hey!! With Valentine’s Day coming up I was wondering how the core four would react to a not so anonymous valentine given to them from a shy reader? asked :

Since you requested so many people at once, I’ll assume this is for headcanons!


  • He has so many Valentines in his locker from so many girls, you bet his ego is BIG
  • But when he actually goes through them, only one of them points out something other than his good looks
  • Although he’s a sucker for compliments, he does like knowing people care about him aside from his physical attractiveness
  • He’s not surprised he got the valentine, he’s surprised how much heartfelt meaning was put into the valentine
  • It actually really touches him but he’ll never let you know
  • Even without a name on the valentine he would be able to find out who it is in no time
  • If you ask how, he’ll just wink and say it’s a secret


  • He’s shocked
  • Why him? Out of all the people you could’ve chosen, why him?
  • He’s speechless, he appreciates it so much
  • He keeps the Valentine, looks at it from time to time, it makes him feel good
  • Warm fuzzy feelings
  • He’ll find you and thank you sincerely
  • Might make you one too


  • This is going to ruin her reputation! -But it’s cute
  • She finds you right away, don’t bother asking how, that doesn’t matter
  • Basically interrogates you
  • Why did you make it? Why her? Is there underlying meaning behind it?
  • It makes her think how this would never happen on the isle
  • If you too are alone, she’ll thank you quietly and walk away, tucking the Valentine somewhere safe


  • She fangirls
  • Breaks out the glitter and bedazzles one for you
  • Dresses up real cute and walks up to you nonchalantly
  • She’ll ask you what your inspirations for it were
  • Really likes it if there’s poetry on the Valentine