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    Help expose this faggot. This fags been begging me to be exposed. I made it send me the unedited SS card and a piece of mail to prove to me it’s really this fag.

    Craig Vigrass

    370 Canfield street

    Milan, MI 48160

    (810) 357-5768

    DOB: 10/4/87

    Comment, like and share this faggot all over the net.

    Anyone who likes this post, comments ok it then reblogs this I’ll send them this days social security card, just message me after.

    I also have this gags SS card, willing to expose that as well

    Anonymous asked :Eastpointe here, do you love it when someone is drinking your piss asked :

    Yeah, I love a thirst little bitch boy who can deinknit directly from the tap, and no spill a drop. If a little bitch spills any of my piss, it better be prepared to lick it off th ground no matter where it lands.

    Anonymous asked :Do tell about the fag you have the keys too asked :

    It’s a long story and not real interesting. I do own a few fags and I have been a key holder for a handful of fags that had no control and needed to learn not to touch their worthless dicks

    Anonymous asked :OK, WHY in heavens name did you reblog a post containing either real pr VERY reasonable facsimiles of Social security cards with the numbers? No one wants -- or needs -- THAT kind of exposure. asked :

    Everyone has their own fetish, and the fags who gave me their SS card wanted that kind of exposure.