This isn’t porn, either.

    He kicked off his shoes and sat comfortably in his favorite chair.

    “Strip, put on your cuffs, and kneel. Knees apart, please.”

    He watched her as she complied, immediately.

    “Very good. Now, I am going to sip my Scotch, and you are going to entertain me. I want to hear your filthiest, darkest fantasies. I want to know all the things you would do for me to earn your next permission to cum. Do not repeat yourself, do not close your knees, and do not stop talking until I’m done with my Scotch. If you are entertaining enough, I will fuck your pussy. If not, you will suck me off and not get touched.”

    He always got the best ideas for her torments this way. She knew that. She also knew that she would say anything and submit to any torment, just to get her denied pussy fucked.