You want to call yourself her daddy?

What’s her favorite color? What’s something that always makes her laugh? What are her goals? Her dreams? What is she afraid of? Do you know what she likes do to when she wants to relax? Do you know what helps her when she’s had a bad day? Can you recognize when she needs extra love because she’s feeling needy but doesn’t want to say anything? Can you tell when she’s bothered by something? Do you know her favorite way to be held, to be cuddled, to be wrapped up in your arms? Are you her safe place to go to when the world gets scary? Does she feel safe opening up to you? Does she feel like she can tell you anything? Do you punish from a place of love/caring, for correction of her destructive behaviors, for her own good? Do you see her as a person, a whole complete, complicated person? Do you make her feel respected and cherished? Do you protect her? Do you take care of her?

Being daddy is way more than fucking her, and if you’re not ready to take her heart, mind, body and soul, and protect & treat them with all the love, care, tenderness, respect that you are capable of giving, then you’re not her daddy. You’re just some asshole who wants to be called that. And you can get fucked.


Everyone needs to see this.


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~ Anthie


Ok, me being the mommy/little I am I need to say something. This just isn’t for little girls and daddies. This all the mommies and daddies. This is for all little boys and little girls. Like someone said before me. Everyone NEEDS to see this.