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    <>A Deal is a Deal (Chapter 1)

    Jessica couldn’t believe it. The stupid diaper looked like it was about to burst, but it didn’t leak a single drop. 

    Jessica started drinking now that she was in college, and naturally, it led to a few wet beds. What girl doesn’t wet the bed when she’s had too much to drink? But her mother was tired of washing sheets and wanted Jessica to go back to diapers if she couldn’t handle her alcohol. Jessica flat out refused. “Look at those things! They’re baby diapers. They won’t fit me, let alone hold all my pee,” she told her mom.

    So her mom made her a deal: Drink as much water as you can and try on the diaper. If it fit and held all her pee, she’d have to wear them to bed until she could get her bladder under control. If it didn’t fit or leaked, she could wear panties to bed. 

    Jessica accepted that deal immediately; anything to get her mom to shut up about it, even if it meant wearing one temporarily. Wanting to make sure the diaper met its match, she guzzled glass after glass of water and waited until she absolutely couldn’t hold on any more. 

    Her mother watched on as she struggled to slide down her panties and slide on the diaper. Her need was so great that a squirt of pee found its way into her panties before she could get them off. It scared her a bit… every drop counts.

    She started peeing before the diaper was even all the way up, but it didn’t let a drop escape. A loud hiss filled the quiet room as she forcefully emptied her bladder into her diaper, her mom watching on. It was probably the best pee she ever had; the feeling was kind of orgasmic. All the while, warmth spread throughout her crotch as the diaper filled up.

    As her pee stream faded into a trickle, Jessica’s pleasurable feeling was replaced by nervousness. Despite her best efforts, it still hadn’t leaked. “What’s this thing made of?” she thought to herself. 

    Determined to push out every last drop, Jessica got on the ground and held her legs apart and pushed with all her might. She only stopped when she felt herself actually start pooping the diaper as well. Fear started to leak out of her in the way she hoped her pee would’ve leaked out of this dumb diaper. She hoped her mom didn’t notice that she’d started to poop as well. She’d never live it down.

    Her mother had a knowing smile as Jessica finally admitted defeat.

    “I guess you do have a baby bladder after all,” her mom said. “A deal is a deal, you’re wearing diapers to bed from now on.”

    Jessica’s cheeks burned red with embarrassment. She got up, the full diaper making her a little bowlegged. She went to reach for her panties so she could change, but her mother was quicker and snatched them up.

    “Not so fast, baby,” she said. “It looks like you had an accident in these as well.”

    The squirt of pee she had let out in the panties had made a noticeable yellow patch on her formerly pristine white panties. 

    “It’s no big deal, mom. I was just waiting until the last possible second and a squirt leaked out.”

    “Well, that counts as an accident in my book, young lady,” her mom said, looking stern. “You can’t change back into these. Why don’t you change into another diaper?”

    Jessica was furious at this turn of events, but throwing a tantrum while wearing a full diaper would only make her seem like more of a baby. At least her mom didn’t know she had pooped it as well. Without another word, Jessica grabbed another diaper and retreated to her room to change.

    “You know what,” her mom said to herself, “I don’t think she’s ever changed a diaper before. I should go help her and make sure she does everything right.”

    With that, she followed after Jessica as she walked up the stairs, never taking her eyes off the bulge in the back of her daughter’s diaper.

    Fuck... 😍

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