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    Shoutout to all the toddler regressors out there

    We hear a lot about babies and littles, but what about the toddlers?

    The ones who:

  • are perfectly capable of talking but choose to whine and throw a fit instead.
  • can use the potty, but still like to wear diapers sometimes.
  • sometimes want big kid clothes and sometimes want onesies.
  • can technically sit up by themselves, but why do that when you can be held in someone’s lap?!
  • think that walking is just too hard and inconvenient compared to being carried.
  • prefer to be fed rather than feed themselves.
  • eat their food in little bite-sized pieces.
  • use sippy cups and bottles because why not?
  • exclaim “I’m big! I can do it myself!” about some things and cry for help with other things.
  • sometimes want to learn all the things and sometimes think ignorance is bliss.
  • can be an annoying little menace or the perfect sweet child.
  • can be a baby one minute and a big kid the next.
  • Toddlers are the best <3


    Where are all my ABDLs who…

    Were born this way? Or…

    Developed it from being diapered as a kid?

    Were put in diapers as a baby but never feel you really left them?

    Stole diapers from the babysitter?

    Wondered as a young kid why the hell do I want to wear diapers?

    Taped baby diapers together so they’d fit?

    Ordered goodnites samples in the mail and intercepted them before your family?

    Got driver’s license and were terrified to buy your first, second, third and every pack of the pharmacy depends or attends?

    Would visit ABY.com and dailydiapers.com every day?

    Would have to find creative places, sometimes outside, to store your diapers?

    Would get disgusted that you were into such a strange thing and threw away everything?

    Struggled with how the hell do I tell a partner that I like to wear diapers and struggle with explaining why?

    Have had a partner throw it in your face during an argument?

    Wish that there was more research in this area so we have something, anything tangible to prove our normalcy?

    Don’t necessarily view it as a sexual kink or fetish?

    Being ABDL was never an easy road. You are not alone.


    Me to a friggin capital T! 😯 feels so called out 😳🙈 lol

    50 things to say to your diaper wearing little!

    1. I’m glad you’re home from work sweetie, why don’t you tell me about your day while I put you in your diapers.

    2. Come over here little one, I thought I smelled something stinky and I need to check if it was your diaper!

    3. Is your diaper squishy baby? It looks like you’ve already had an accident.

    4. Behave baby, there’s only 2 ways that diaper is coming off: when mommy/daddy needs to change you, and when they need to spank you.

    5. Let me check your diaper honey, I need to make sure I put enough powder on you so you don’t get a rash today.

    6. I think this store has a family restroom, let’s go inside and do a quick diaper check to see if you’re going to leak prince/princess.

    7. You can’t sit on the couch baby, sit on daddy/mommy’s lap. Your diaper has more than enough padding to keep you comfy.

    8. I hope your hungry baby, because you’re not getting out of that diaper until you make stinkies for me.

    9. Bend over baby, I need to check the leg cuffs of your diaper, otherwise you’re going to leak with how much pee pee you make!

    10. I think you’re just too little for pull-ups baby, let’s try again later. For now, let mommy/daddy put your diaper on and we can forget about the potty for a while.

    11. Uh-oh, I think I smell poopies! Did you make a messy in your diapies baby?

    12. Up on the changing table little one, you know the rules, it’s either a padded bum or a paddled bum in this house.

    13. Now that’s a thick diaper you’ve got on baby! I guess you’re just going to have to crawl around the house now.

    14. Do you want daddy/mommy to hold you while you make a pushie baby? It’s okay, mommy/daddy will help you get comfortable.

    15. Of course you need to wear a diaper to the park baby, a little one like you isn’t going to want to stop playing to go to the bathroom!

    16. Let’s practice counting by seeing how many diapers we have left before we buy you new ones baby, I think we’re running low!

    17. Well, I could put a plug in your bottom if you aren’t going to go poopoo, it’s your choice baby.

    18. You’re waddling again prince/princess, mommy/daddy knows that means your diaper is full. Come over and let me check.

    19. I’m putting a booster in your diaper baby, and don’t fuss over it, you know you can’t control yourself on long car rides.

    20. Sit next to me baby, that way I can check your diaper under the table during dinner.

    21. I can’t believe I have to change you in the backseat! You must be just a little baby if you can’t make it through a car ride without a diaper change.

    22. I love how these jammies have a flap in the back baby, perfect for checking for stinkies before bedtime!

    23. I think I’m gonna put you in the crib for nap time baby, but not before I put a nighttime diaper on you, you’re such a heavy wetter when you sleep.

    24. Hold still for your diaper change little one, mommy/daddy needs to put cream on your bottom so you don’t get a rash from your stinkies.

    25. Don’t make me tie you down during nap time baby, you know not to try and use the bathroom. Mommy/daddy will change you when they come to wake you up.

    26. If you’re such a big girl/boy, why did mommy have to change your diaper when you woke up wet today?

    27. Baby, you haven’t made poppies in nearly 2 days, does mommy/daddy need to give you medicine to make it better? Let’s go to the changing table and put a suppository in your bottom little one.

    28. I think it’s time to go honey, you always get fussy right before you have an accident in your diapers.

    29. It doesn’t matter that you don’t want to wear diapers baby, I want you to wear them and what mommy/daddy says goes.

    30. Don’t hide from me baby, I can smell that stinky bum all the way from here!

    31. Did you just leak through your diaper into your pants? Okay, come over my lap baby, you’re getting a spanking for not telling me you were already wet.

    32. Now that your home let’s lock up all your big boy/girl clothes, I think you need baby time for this whole weekend. Changing table, now.

    33. Look at how cute this onesie is baby! It’s for crotch snaps so mommy/daddy can clean up your messy bottom, and it would go great with your pink diapers!

    34. Don’t pretend like you don’t like your diapers baby, mommy/daddy sees how excited you get down there when they change you.

    35. It’s been almost 2 hours since I changed you baby, are you sure you aren’t wet yet? I think we need to do a diaper check.

    36. Cry all you want baby, maybe that’ll make you feel better for having an accident in your panties yesterday. It’s diaper time for you from here on out.

    37. Hush baby, daddy/mommy will change you when you fully use your diaper. One wetting doesn’t cut it when they’re that thick.

    38. I love it when you wet your diapers baby, it’s so fun to squeeze and squish your soggy bottom!

    39. That’s your third cup of juice today baby, you must really like wetting your diapers since you’re definitely not using the potty today.

    40. Don’t touch your diaper baby, if you need something come to mommy/daddy first, they know how it needs to fit best.

    41. I’ll check on you during the night to make sure you don’t leak baby, so don’t be afraid to have an accident while you sleep.

    42. It’s too bad you can’t touch yourself like mommy/daddy, you’ll just have to rub the front of your diaper if you want to cum.

    43. I love the way these tights fit you baby, they really show off the diaper you’re wearing!

    44. Don’t move a muscle baby, I can smell that poppy diaper from a mile away! Let’s get you changed in the nursery right now.

    45. Don’t you love your diapers baby? They’re so soft and thick, perfect for mommy/daddy to pat your bottom over.

    46. You’re not leaving that bouncer until you wet your diaper baby, end of story.

    47. Oops, I think I put too much baby powder on you little one, I can’t wait to see it poof out the back of your diaper when you sit down!

    48. Shhhhhh it’s okay prince/princess, daddy/mommy knows you can’t control yourself, that’s why you had your diaper on. Come on, let’s check and see the damage.

    49. Rise and shine baby, let’s get you on the changing table right now, mommy/daddy knows that you can’t wake up dry.

    50. Mommy/daddy loves you little one, diapered bottom and all!

    What’s your favorite thing to hear while you’re wearing diapers?

    She couldn’t help but pout, her lower lip protruding and quivering at the unfairness of the situation.  Daddy had come and gone, but not before he had made a few changes around her apartment.  He paid for it, she was his trophy, his eye candy, his girl when he was away.

    His wife knew about her.  He had permission.  They had even all met a few times - she was a nice lady, but it was clear why he wanted her.  She turned her pouting lip away from her dresser and toward the camera that was watching her from the corner of the room.

    “Daddy!”  She crossed her arms.  "This isn’t fair!“

    But she never knew if he was watching or not, never knew if he was listening.

    Her bestie, the only vanilla person who knew about her “lifestyle”, was horrified at the invasion of her privacy, but she didn’t understand.  She didn’t understand how completely she trusted him.  How she had discovered him online, written him fanmail, worshiped him from afar - she’d never know what drew the artist’s eye, but she had it and she blissfully belonged to him.

    She pointed an accusing finger at her underwear drawer, at the conspicuous lack of panties.  She quickly tried the other drawers - skirts, tops… and one drawer that was locked.

    “Daddy, I want my panties back!”

    She knew better.  He had trained her better over the years she had been playing with him, flirting with him, teasing him.  Just in case, she grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of the drawer full of pull ups, sending it to him with the sobbing emoji, repeated five times.

    Daddy.  I want my panties back!


    She stared at the dots, her heart pounding.  She was goading him, he had only left yesterday.  The DD/lg stuff was new.  She had been his sub for almost three years now, his date to any function - he’d fly her out if there was an event out of town, but Chicago was his favorite kink town, so that’s where she lived now.

    She had been his ponygirl, she had been his rubber maid, she had been bound and plugged and dragged through the dungeon by her hair… and she was the envy of every girl in the scene.  She had bagged the ever reclusive Artist - they never knew that he had been “single” because his true love wasn’t kinky.

    Now he wanted something new, and he was encouraging her to fight back, to taunt him, to rebel, to goad - a very different taste from the days of high protocol dinners.  A new flavor of fun.

    The idea of him “regressing” her had caused her to balk, but he had coaxed her into it.  It wasn’t a hard limit, after all - it was a soft limit, and they were both all about finding exactly where the soft limits became absolute.  She had always had a bratty streak, now she finally had permission to lean into it.

    Close the drawer.

    She beamed, waiting for him to reveal where her panties were - she had no idea what modifications he had made to the apartment, but he and a small crew of guys from the dungeon had worked on the place for days.  So much so that she was extra pouty about how little time she got with him.

    Slowly, she pushed the drawer closed, staring up at the camera.

    A loud click came from her dresser, from the two top drawers.  Her phone blinked to life again.

    Get dressed.  Including your toy.

    Is that where they got to?  Greedily, she opened the other drawer and spun, her jaw dropping.


    The locked drawer had her toy after all… atop a stack of diapers.  Pink and purple and thick, covered in cartoonish squirrels.  She spun and glared at the camera, her fists balled at her sides… but inside she was thrilled.  It was all part of the act - he wanted her to fight back, and so she obeyed.  Just as surely as she had been his dinner plate at one function, his stool at another, his arm candy, his demonstration doll.  She lived to submit to him, it fulfilled her in a way that was more satisfying that she had imagined when she was merely lusting after him.

    And so she’d obediently disobey.

    “Daddy no!”

    His voice came from the camera.  Calm, collected, cool.  Confident.  That was the word for him, and it practically radiated from him.  He was in command of any room he entered, not by virtue of his height, nor by virtue of his build - no, it was purely with his presence.

    “Obey little girl.  I’m timing you.  Get your toy in place and your diaper on or I’ll make you wear two.”

    She shivered.  The diapers were so thick, and they were new to her - he had only introduced her to this kind of play that very week.  She had done depraved things in crowded streets, kneeling before him at Mardi Gras, walked naked on a leash through events, she had debased herself a thousand ways for him.

    Yet her blush was genuine as she lay on the bed, her hands trembling as she squirted lube on the vibrator - not that it needed much in her excitement - and slid it inside her.  She lay so her sex was fully exposed to the camera, not knowing if he was watching alone or with a friend - or even with his wife.

    Gingerly, she pulled the thick padding up, grabbing the powder from the dresser and sprinkling a generous amount on herself.

    At least I won’t have to use it with him away…

    She needed to go already, too.  Her breath short, she taped one side closed and then the other, batting her eyelashes at the camera.

    “All done, Daddy.”

    Silence.  She waited a long time, the silent vibrator inside her, her legs spread as she waited for his word.  Something had taken his attention away from her, his favorite toy, but she waited patiently… wondering if this was a test.

    Was it obedience to wait patiently like a good toy?  Or was it obedience to disobey…

    Their game had taken on a new dimension with this turn.  She waited, her hand going to the padding between her legs, rubbing gently, wishing the vibe would spring to life.  It didn’t.  Nor did his voice come from the camera.  Her phone didn’t light up.  With a pout, in nothing but a t-shirt and the diaper, she wandered toward the bathroom, wondering if she could relieve herself while he was occupied.

    Only to find that the door to her bathroom was locked.  The handle was new, silver where it had been brass a few days prior.

    “Oh no… ”

    Frantically, she tugged at the knob.

    “No no no no… ”  She had only wet once and it had been incredibly embarrassing, under his watchful eye.  She ran back to her room, grabbing her phone.

    Master, my girlfriend is coming over tonight!  Please unlock the bathroom before she gets here!

    Her eyes went from the camera, back to her phone, only to return quickly to the shiny, black, all-seeing eye in her bedroom.  Only then did she realize her mistake.

    She stared at the formal title, the one she had been calling him for years, the one that was off-limits for the moment.

    Daddy!  Please!  I’ll be a good girl!

    He had met her girlfriend.  They had his blessing.  She was the outlet for her more… dominant feelings.  They were both switches and the struggle for dominance between the two rather submissive women amused him deeply.

    She waited as the dots danced again, her fate hanging in the balance.

    Get dressed.  Shortalls and pigtails.  Go pick up the dry cleaning.  If you’re quick, you’ll be back before she arrives.

    She gaped, pondering whether it was time to use her safeword.  It was only for dire moments, they had agreed to always push each others’ soft limits.  Was this a soft limit or a hard limit?  She closed her eyes, assessing her feelings.  A swirl of anxiety and fear… and excitement.

    Yes Daddy.

    She waddled to her closet, still awed by the sheer amount of childish clothing he had purchased for her - he had obviously been pondering this adventure in their relationship for a while.  It was true she was uncomfortable, but wasn’t that what stretching boundaries was all about?

    As she pulled the shortalls up her legs, the vibe sprang to life inside her, causing her to jump.  She squeaked in a way that she was sure brought him a chuckle.  The intensity reduced, but the toy stayed on, a low hum inside her diaper.  Biting her lip, she fastened the buckles on the shortalls and began tying her hair back as instructed.

    There was no doubt in her mind that he was watching as she did, the intensity of the vibrator increasing as she tried to tie one side before moving to the other.  She found herself leaning on her dresser for support as the pleasure rolled through her.  She wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees and rub furiously at her diaper, rocking and encouraging the vibrator to move against her clit just so…

    But she knew that the moment she did that would be the moment that he turned it off.

    After a half-dozen more tries, she finally had her hair back in pigtails, instantly dropping her apparent age by ten years.  She put one finger to her mouth and bit her lip as she looked toward the camera, bending her knees and pouting.

    “Did I do good, Daddy?”

    She had yet to figure out what worked and what didn’t in this new flavor of their familiar game, but the rewarding buzz inside her was certainly positive reinforcement.

    “Please Daddy, will you unlock the bathroom for me?”

    Her phone buzzed on the dresser top.

    Ask your girlfriend… or should I say your babysitter.  She has access to your vibe and the bathroom.  Have fun.


    Its not even the diaper itself thats missed. Its someone else picking them out, deciding which to wear and when . Not being able to wear big girl panties , because you’re too little or because you don’t change from a wet diaper into panties anyways . That question of being asked if you’re wet , or at the store if you need more pullups. Diaper checks. The ones when you are dead asleep and a finger slides in , barely waking up to the cold wipe on my skin , or soft kisses on my princess parts. The sweet smell of powder and the cloud that lingers, or maybe even being covered in it . The softness and safety of it. The loving hands that carefully put it there and the snuggles that followed nomatter what part of the day it happened. Its not just the diaper …but everything else about it .


    for us AB girls, this is everything! over on the DL side of ABDL, it’s more the diapers themselves rather than the context. but this is why i’m here. this is absolutely everything.


    Buying goodnites at walmart

    The cashier said, “almost there, huh?” She caught me off guard and I said, “Whats that?” Kind of nervously. How did she know i thought to myself. She replied with, “the bedwetting, they’ve almost outgrown it?” Referring to my non existent children. I said “oh, yep!” Slightly relieved.

    Little did she know, the diapers were for me, not my child. I am the child. A big baby wearing thick double diapers, that were beyond soaked and ready to be changed.


    Omg I’m always worried about what the cashier will think when I buy goodnites 🙈🙈


    Lol I remember a long time ago when I was in the checkout line and this older lady looked at me and then at the diapers in my hand and was like “OMG you have a baby!?” I was like “ummm…yeaaa” 🙊😊


    Haha if someone asks me that I’d probably say it’s for my (non-existent) baby sister 😂😂


    I don’t know how I would handle that conversation with a cashier. When I buy my goodnites I always shut my phone off and then pretend I am talking to someone. They don’t want to be rude and ask me questions so I just act like it’s nothing. I would be too embarrassed to talk to them and this system works for me every time.


    Tip for girls: if someone you know asks you what the diapers are for, you can say they’re for your period. I actually have many non-abdl friends who use diapers during their periods so it’s a legit excuse.


    That’s what got me in to diapers the first time. And of course when my boyfriend found out he was actually supporting it and asked if he could help change me one time. Which a few months after that I found out that I’m an Abdl on top of being a little. -Wolf


    Aww I’m glad it worked out for you!