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    Once she turned eighteen and got into the bad crowd at school, Emma stopped obeying her parents. She constantly bad-mouthed them behind their backs, and she never listened to them anymore. Her parents wanted the sweet little girl that they loved back, so they decided that it was time to have her join the many other girls going through regression training.

    They started putting the tasteless drugs in the water bottle that she always brought with her wherever she went, and after a week, she had her first accident at night. She had tried to hide her wet bed sheets from her parents, but they had been waiting for her.

    After a few back to back nights of wetting her bed, Emma’s parents bought her some cute pull-ups for her to wear at night. Her bed was really expensive, and they couldn’t afford to buy her a new one. They upped the dosage, spiking her dinner with the drugs. Emma stopped going out at night, for now, she was dashing to the bathroom every thirty minutes or so. She dribbled into her panties without knowing it, only feeling her legs grow warm and damp, so she had to start wearing her pull-ups during the day.

    After a few weeks, she started soaking her pull ups at night so much that they leaked, destroying her mattress and making it unusable. She had no idea how she’d become a bedwetter again, and even though she hated being stuck at home, she was grateful that her parents were at least being nice about her new condition.

    After a month had passed, she couldn’t feel if she had just wet or not, so her parents started performing diaper checks each hour to see if she needed a change. Since she wasn’t responsible enough anymore to change herself on time before she leaked, her parents had to do that for her.

    She’d been acting more and more like the little girl that her parents wanted her to be, going to bed when they told her to, brushing her teeth before bed, and making sure to wear two pull-ups at night instead of one. With her old bed ruined, her parents bought her an adult-sized crib and insisted that she slept in it with a waterproof mattress. Even with the new crib, she still leaked at night, so her parents made an appointment with a special doctor to talk about their options.


    “There, there, it’s okay, little one,” the nurse said as she rubbed Emma’s shoulder. “It’s perfectly natural for someone of your age to be wearing pull-ups, but your Mommy told me that you’ve been having some issues at night. You haven’t been leaking, have you?” Emma nodded slowly. “Oh, you have?” The nurse faked a gasp. “Cute girls like you should never leak; you have better things to worry about! Can you show me? Pretty please?”


    “Thank you,” the nurse said as Emma hesitantly spread her legs for her. “So you’ve been wearing these little pull-ups all the time? They’re cute, but I have something cuter!” She pulled out a thick adult diaper, one with cute prints all over it. “Isn’t this just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” she asked, letting Emma hold it. “Now why don’t you be a good girl and let let us change you into it?” she asked.

    “Okie,” Emma mumbled, all of her adult thoughts long gone. She couldn’t think of anything better to wear, as leaking made her cry out for Mommy and Daddy.

    “With this diaper, you won’t have to change her as much,” the nurse told Mommy. “While they are a bit more expensive than her current pull-ups, they hold a lot more, so you can go hours before she needs to be changed!”


    “I didn’t even know those existed!” Mommy said, smiling thankfully as the nurse handed her more of them. She stood back and watched the nurse change her daughter.

    “Yes, well, with the increasing popularity of regression therapy, better and cuter diapers had to be designed to tempt others to join in on all the fun.” The nurse pulled up her skirt, revealing a soaked diaper. “While I didn’t choose to be regressed, I am fully diaper dependent. I wear the diapers I gave you all the time, and I trust them without question, so speaking from first-hand experience, those diapers will definitely be able to handle all but the heaviest bedwetters.”

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