The Straight Boy

I met this straight guy this summer at a birthday party of a mutual friend. We got along right away and started to hang out soon after that. He drags me to straight clubs and I play the part of his harmless wing man (not that he needs one, the guy is hot as fuck). He came to a gay party with me. He’s very aware of the way he looks and the kind of effect he has on gay guys. And he likes it. He’s the kind of straight boy to dance with you, hug you, bite your neck and then wink at you and leave.

One night we were sharing a joint at my place and I asked if he’s ever done anything with a guy. He told me that he made out with a few, mainy becuase he thinks it’s funny and also because it scores him points with both the girls and the gay boys who always wanna buy him drinks or give him drugs for free. He also said that he played with another penis before when he hooked up with a ts girl, but he was too high to get it up so they dind’t actually fuck.

Then came last week. I was not having the best day, he was bored and wanted to hang but I told him I’m not leaving my couch, so he came over. We had a few beers, smoked a bit, I told him I was super horny and he started teasing me like he always does. At one point he saw that I’m fully hard and grabbed my hard dick through my shorts for a few seconds. When he tried to take his hand away, I put mine on top of his and held it in place. He started laughing and squeezing hard saying “Oh, yeah? Is this what you want?”. I just grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. He stopped laughing. I looked him in the eye and kissed him again. He wasn’t pulling away, relaxed both his hand holding my dick and his neck. I let go of his head and asked “How do you wanna play this?”.  We started making out. It was like I was a teenager again. My heart was racing and I could tell that he’s nervous too. After about two minutes of this I pulled my dick out of my shorts and he started jerking it with one hand without me saying anything. This was my chance to get into his mouth. But it had to be his own choice, I couldn’t just tell him to suck it. So I broke the kiss, let my head fall back on the couch, closed my eyes and started moaning. I wanted him to see that he’s bringing me pleasure but I also wanted to avoid eye contact in case that would feel weird or intimidating to him. I was right, it wasn’t long before I felt his mouth on the head of my cock. Of course as soon as he did it I encouraged him with a load moan and a reassuring “Of fuck!”. The more I moaned, the more he got into it. He still used his hand and only got like 1/3 of my dick in his mouth (at most), but I’m big so it’s understandable. This went on for 5 minutes or so and then he stopped to take a sip of beer. I really wanted to say something, but I knew I should let him speak first. He was in the more vulnerable position so he needed some feeling of control. “So I guess I’m a bit of a cocksucker now” he said. I laughed, leaned in, gave him a short kiss and replied “Well, you sure smell like one”. Then we both laughed. Then we kissed again until he was breathing heavy. I then took off my shirt, he took off his. I started to take off his pants and noticed that he wasn’t really hard. He had a semi, but not hard. I asked if he’s okay, he grabbed my dick and said “Yeah, this is kinda hot”. Without saying anything I turned him around and was directing him into doggy. I felt resistance and he said “Wait”. I interrupted “Don’t worry, I won’t try to fuck you or anything, I promise”. He complied and went into doggy. And this is when I started to wat his ass like it was the best ass in the world. I don’t remember the last time I worked so hard on eating ass, I clearly wanted to impress him. And I didn’t have to wait long because in a minute he was groaning like crazy and got rock hard. Decent dick too, not as big as mine, but thick and I bet it can do a lot of damage. This went on for a bit and then he started jerking off. A minute into it he said “Fuck, I’m gonna cum”. That’s when I moaned into his ass and started jerking off as well. I moaned so loud that the vibrations on his ass made him shoot. Hearing his orgasm voice got me over the edge, I stood up and shot my load at the same time as him, all over his ass. “I came all over your couch, sorry, I tried to catch it in my hand but it shot too much and too far”, that’s the first thing he said. “That’s cool, it’s really easy to clean, you’re not the first to cum on it”. We laughed. He wanted to take a shower, I asked if I can join, he said yes. We took a shower together, I complimented him on his body and amazing ass, he said I have a huge dick and that while he got his ass rimmed before by girls, it was never anything even close to this. We got dressed, and continued to hang out like nothing happened. We said goodbye like we usually do with a hug. Today I met him for lunch, because he’s leaving town for a few weeks and he wanted to say goodbye. I asked if he feels awkward in any way about what happened. He said “Not at all! That’s one more thing I can cross off my bucket list. I knew it was gonna happen at some point. I’m glad it was with you.”

See? Dominance doesn’t always have to be rough or aggressive or involve “Suck my fucking cock, you faggot”. Sometimes knowing just how much of control to give to the other can get you pretty far. Sometimes you gotta let them make the decision. Let them come to you. Just show them the way and if you’re worth it - they’ll be glad to go on the journey. 

The fucking end.