Phone A Fag!

I’ve spoken to several fags who publish their contact details. They seem quite sad that very few people actually call them or send them messages.

So, next time you see a fag exposed with it’s phone number, email, whatsapp, kik, Skype, snapchat, etc - Call them - message them - text them - email them. But don’t just do it once - contact them every time you have a spare moment. Tell them what you think of them. Tell them what you would like to do with them. Tell them what you want to see them do. Humiliate them!

Go on - phone a fag today and make it happy!


all guys can do it to my faggot salve his name kev mountan he only anwser texts or voicemails his fag cell is 208 541 2558


or you can email the fag to at to tell it what you think of it


Master Nick encourages other young Superior men to call or text “it” to yell at “it”, degrade “it”, humiliate “it” and be told what real men think about stupid little faggots. Especially his…

This is one of the exact reasons he wants “it” fully exposed, for the rest of “its” life, to be treated and used the way “it” was born to be by true alpha males!

“Its” personal cell is: 928)369-8015


Please phone me and get in touch.

Phone- 07734923886

Kik- Faggotboy27

Snapchat- Liam27.2



sissy perv fag here

kik message me and I will give you number Sirs