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    Title : The Bimbo Motel Ch. 2 Elaine

    “You have arrived at your destination,” the voice from google maps said as Elaine pulled into the motel parking lot. She was a bit nerdy, and a freelance IT person, which is challenging as it sounds. Elaine made all kinds of “house calls” to places with computers that were acting up. She didn’t charge nearly enough for all this traveling, but she paid all her bills. Usually. Today was her last job for the month, and it sounded easy enough. This motel was installing a new software for keeping track of room reservations, and wanted to make sure it wouldn’t negatively impact the rest of their system.

    Easy enough, the pear-shaped woman thought as she stepped out of her car. She walked into the lobby, ignoring the headache-inducing wallpaper. There was one other person in the lobby, some guy in a suit. Businessman, I guess. At the front desk, the platinum blonde receptionist greeted her bubbly. “Hi! Can I, like, help you?” She blew a bubble with her gum.

    Elaine was a little put off by the intense friendliness of the woman in front of her. “Yeah, I’m here to look at the computer systems here. Something about new software?”

    The receptionist gasped, her huge breasts bouncing in her shirt. “Oh, you’re the computer lady! I’ll, like, call my boss for you.” She picked up her desk phone and pressed a few buttons.

    “Hi, like, the computer lady you talked about is here. Like, at my desk. Okay. Of course, I’ll send her over right away!” Stacy hung up the phone. “My boss says to meet him, like, through the door behind me. It’s the last room on the right.” Elaine picked up her bag and entered the hallway behind the unusual receptionist. The back of the motel was nondescript, with beige paint and gray carpeting. She met the motel owner in the specified room. Elaine shook his hand as he said, “Good morning, my name is—” Elaine’s hearing cut out for a second, her head felt a little woozy, then she was fine again.

    “Good to meet you. I’m Elaine,” she responded, too embarrassed to ask him his name again. “What’s the problem here today?”

    “I just want to make sure we can get our new software running compatibly with the system we have in place. Can you do that for me?”

    “Yeah, of course. It shouldn’t take more than a day.”

    “Excellent! Everything is set up for you here. Go ahead and get started.” He gestured to the chair in front of the only computer in the room. She sat and got to work, and the man left the room, closing the door behind him.

    After a few minutes of work, the screen changed irreversibly. Elaine now stared at a hypnotic spiral, and she was completely taken in by it. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t even look away. Slowly, slowly, she felt herself get more and more tired. Her head tilted back to rest on the back of the chair.

    Elaine awoke slowly, opening her eyes then blinking in the harsh light. After she adjusted to it, she tried to look around at her surroundings. It looked like she was in some kind of science lab; she was surrounded by bright white and steel furnishings. She tried to get up, and found her naked body was restrained thoroughly. Her limbs were strapped to the table in two places each, and again at her neck. There was a metal band circling her head. “Where the heck am I?”

    “My laboratory,” said a voice from her side. The motel owner sat in a chair next to her. “The IT job was a ruse. There is no new software. There is, however, a wealthy customer upstairs looking for someone like you. Well, almost like you. I have to make a few adjustments first.”

    Elaine was worried. “What… what kind of adjustments?”

    “Well, more curves, for one. Red hair. And a cute little bimbo brain.” He picked up a needle from the small table beside him and held it up for Elaine to see. “This will take care of the first two.” The man pushed the needle into her arm and injected the contents into Elaine’s body. “I’ll be back when it’s done.” He left.

    Elaine was sweating as she worried about the changes that were going to take place. She looked down in time to see her modest B cup breasts start swelling. They started off slowly, then began to grow faster and faster, pushing past “normal” sizes quickly. She watched her breasts plump rapidly, obscuring more of her torso as they went on. Elaine felt her butt start to firm up and her hips widened. To accommodate her growth, her thighs thickened as well, making the curve from bubble butt to ankles more gradual.

    As her hips pushed farther into the air and her tits ballooned, Elaine was distracted by the sensation of her lips numbing, something she was sure couldn’t be good. She explored her lips with her tongue and felt them as they plumped up, her modest lips filling out into thick cocksuckers. Elaine’s new lips formed a permanent pout. Suddenly, feeling returned to her lips and Elaine swore she could feel the gentle air flow of the room… and it turned her on. On the edges of her vision, Elaine noticed her brown hair start to change hue; the strands she could see were reddening. Soon, all of her hair was a fiery red color.

    Focus returned to her breasts, which by now were passing the size of her head. They continued to grow, passing through astounding sizes. Finally, they stopped, now covering her torso with flesh.

    “Oh my god… my tits, and my face… and my ass. I’m a freak. No one will take me seriously anymore,” Elaine whimpered, the act of talking turning her on from the sensation of her tongue on her lips.

    “No one will have to take you seriously anymore, Elaine. Weren’t you paying attention? You’ll be a sex-crazed bimbo in a few minutes. All my client wants you for is your tits and your mouth,” the man said as he attached a dome to the band around her head. He started to attach electrodes to her body- a few between her legs, and on her hips, but mostly on her nipples and around her breasts and by her mouth.

    “But I—“

    The man shushed her. “There’s no point in fighting it, Elaine. I’ve done this before, plenty of times. You’ll be a bimbo no matter your feelings on the subject.” He flipped the machine on, filling Elaine’s mind with images, visions.

    Elaine saw her transformed self bent over a prostrate man, his thick cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on the shaft, moaning as her sensitive lips sent bolts of pleasure through her body. The bimbo on the bed shrieked and Elaine watched her vision-self’s throat work as the man came, pumping his cum into her mouth. The woman’s body convulsed in orgasm as the ejaculate shot into her mouth.

    Another vision formed in her mind; this time Elaine was on her back. There was a cock between her tits, pumping in and out, making her excessive amounts of cleavage jiggle. She watched herself pinch her huge nipples as the dick moved between her boobs. Her vision-self smiled widely as the penis erupted between her tits, spraying her neck and face with sticky cum.

    The final vision combined the first two; she was underneath over a man, using her tits and her mouth to pleasure him. Elaine pumped her head back and forth and pressed her cleavage over his length, working for his release. She saw herself barely able to keep her rhythm going from the pleasure coursing through her sexually exaggerated body, her sensitive tits and lips both working against her ability to focus on the task at hand. As her body began to shake from her climax, Elaine noticed the man’s hips start to buck, and it was clear vision-Elaine was swallowing again, swallowing his loads of cum.

    The visions stopped, and Elaine came out of her reverie for a few seconds, dazed. She had a vague empty feeling, like she needed a cock between her tits or in her mouth… or both. It’s affecting me already, she thought. She didn’t have any time to contemplate that as the visions started again, similar, but different this time.

    Now, Elaine was living the visions. Her eyes snapped into focus as her perspective changed, up and down, up and down. Tremors of pleasure shook through her body from her lips as they slid over that dick. As his cum shot out and hit the back of her throat, Elaine came, and the vision changed. She gazed up at a stranger as he tit-fucked her. She pressed her breasts around his cock and pinched her nipples, feeling similar shocks of pleasure from her boobs. Elaine was writhing on her back by the time she was covered in ejaculate, and she climaxed again. She experienced the final vision, using her tits and mouth to work the cum out of another man. She could barely control herself as her two new super-sensitive erogenous zones both worked the cock. She felt an orgasm strike her as she accomplished her goal, cum flooding her mouth, some leaking out and dripping onto her cleavage. The vision faded, bringing Elaine back to the real world.

    Elaine felt an emptiness deep within her. “I, like, need a cock between my tits… or in my mouth… or, like, both.” She giggled.

    “See? I knew you would like being a bimbo,” the man said as he released her restraints. “Your new clothes are on the table over there. Put them on and I’ll take you to your new master.” Elaine rose slowly, adjusting to the new dimensions of her body. Her tits obscured her torso, the basketball-sized jugs bobbling as she stood and walked to accept her new life. The newly bimbified redhead teased her nipples as she walked, her knees slightly buckling from the intense sensations.

    “These clothes are so sexy,” Elaine whispered as she pulled the black lace panties up her legs. A dress cut specifically for someone with supernaturally huge breasts adorned her body. The top half of it flowed over her breasts, the dress cut specifically so it could easily be pulled off to allow for tit-fucking, without removing the rest of the dress. Completing the look was a pair of stiletto heels, only an inch or so high.

    The scenery flashed by her as the man led Elaine up to her master. Walking into the motel room, she vaguely recognized the man from the lobby. The door closed behind her, and he roughly pulled the top part of the dress off, exposing Elaine’s huge, beautiful breasts. He gently pushed her onto the bed and flung his pants off. Straddling her, he pushed his hard erection in between her inviting cleavage. Elaine shuddered with sensation as her pumped in and out. She used her hands to push her tits around that glorious cock and let her fingers temptingly play with her big nipples. The bimbo whimpered with pleasure beneath him, moaning as her sensitive tits pulsed with sensation. Barely a minute into giving a tit-fuck, and Elaine was already cumming, again and again. She could tell her master was close, and latched her mouth around the end of his cock as he pumped. Within seconds, Elaine moaned happily as hot cum poured into her mouth.

    He stood, and pulled her up as well. Fixing her dress, he said, “You’ll do wonderfully.”