Elize Sissy Princess

I’m Elizebeth, a brown sissy princess.

Locked in the closet.

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2020-10-03 09:33:26

    Candice, my step sister, never got along with me from the day we met. We were the same age and I hated that she was instantly popular after joining my school. She’d spread rumours about me, saying that I had a crush on her and how she caught me masturbating to her picture.

    I was soo jelous of her, especially on prom night, when the jocks came to pick her up from our house and thought it would be funny to lock me in her closet so I couldn’t come along.

    When she got back that night, she rushed upstairs to brag about becoming prom queen, where she found me laid on her bed, dolled up in her make up, lipstick and a blonde wig.

    My stepdad had my legs pinned apart while he kissed me and pumped me balls deep. He called me his princess and kept thrusting on. Without even touching myself, I started to cum uncontrollably.

    Candice started recorded everything on her phone. When daddy finally came in my ass, she walked over and placed her tiara on my head, then tells me how happy she is to finally have a sister.


    Of course I do


    Yes…i am not afraid to admit this


    I Will


    Lifelong fantasy...I end up marrying my neighbour after his divorce. His wife walked in on us in their bedroom to see her husband sticking his cock in the boy she hired to clean the pool.

    She burnt the dress and lingerie that I was wearing when she caught us, but her husband hid her wedding dress while she was packing so he could surprise me with it the next day.