Depraved and Deprived
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2020-01-09 00:24:24

    Hey everyone, I figured I might as well link you all to where anything I post from now on will be.

    I’m working on a few things here and there, hopefully will have something small posted soon! I also plan on updating my twitter with more of my stuff from before. So look forward to that!


    Added sound for that smoothed Zero Two animation. Frame rate enhanced by @interestingcollectionenthusiast


    original post:https://beldmi.tumblr.com/post/173220545553/zero-two-darling-in-the-franxx

    I’ve gotten some messages about another tumblr purge for artists who are create content of that nature. Here is what I can offer for people who are interested in the future of my art AS A WHOLE

    In case ANYTHING happens to this page, you will be able to find me on my main pages and other social sites. So just in case something happens to my page here below are links to various pages to my art:

    Social Media

    http://todd-drawz.tumblr.com/ (main account strictly SFW)





    https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2416733 (NSFW)

    Do you have a patreon so I can support your future art endeavors?

    I have a patreon and I have expressed how I feel about it. My patreon can be found in the social media link section. If you decided to support my patreon, you can BUT BEFORE YOU DO, READ what I’m about to FUCKING tell you (Yes, I’m using keywords because this is me being 100% with you now). If you suscribe to my patreon, do now subscribe thinking you are entitled and expect me to just dish out smut. My patreon is not about that. Yes, there is a nsfw section wherer I can post my commissions. However, if there is enough support and you want me to keep going, what I can offer in exchange is a character monthly poll. I make a poll, you guys vote on a winner, I draw the winner and you get a nsfw drawing for the month. AS far as that, after commissions, I’m focusin on my main page. I have way too many ideas that needs I wanna put in the oven right now. So yeah that’s all I can offer for my patreon because I’m not powering by smut. I have no problem with the content at all. I just dont want it to be all you think about when you see my art. And if I lose my audience from this page that’s fine too because that’s happened. I’m sorry if you feel like I’m being “mean” all of a sudden. Nah, that’s called honesty. My discord is also attached to my patreon so if you become a patreon you get into my server.

    THAT’S IT! THAT’s THE END OF THIS POST! Good luck to everyone out there maintaining their pages. Be safe and be prepared.

    if you guys are all wondering about what i made last year…. these are most of patreon stuffs i made in 2017  i do bigger projects nowadays than of loops and few sketches. but, feel free to download and spread these ones! i posted these in january but i guess over 15K new followers might have not gotten them. *click that link says 2017 

    Well, I’m here again. At last I was able to solve the low fps in the animations, now I just need to be able to add physics correctly. This is a test, I hope you like it.

    P.S: I have to use gfycat for problems with tumblr