Depraved and Deprived
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    I bet Haru enjoys being violently plowed and having her womb bloated full of hot seed by her husband Akira every few hours while screaming and moaning about how grateful she is that she's his wife and fucktoy.

    “A-Ah… w-well… th-that’s.” Haru was cut off by her own moan escaping her lips as her beloved Akira managed to strike a sweet spot that caused a wonderful body trembling climax. The lovely brunette hugging her husband close to her body as he juices made a mess all over his cock and lap. As much Haru could wish she could deny such claims, she knew her body couldn’t lie. It absolutely loved and craved the way Akira dominated it and her. Giving her pleasure she couldn’t achieve alone anymore. It was agonizing but at the same time, oh so thrilling. Barely recovering from her climax, Akira had her bouncing helplessly on his cock once again as he resumed thrusting deep into her. Taking one of her jiggling breasts into his mouth, pulling and suckling on the hardened pink nip. Choked cries and gasp of pleasure were the only things Haru was capable of anymore as jolts of pleasure ran down her spine. Her mind overloading from the stimulation being done to her sensitive flesh. Before long, Haru could feel her darling husband begin to throb inside of her. She so desperately wanted to scream out to cum inside her. To pump a baby deep inside her womb, but her words were nothing more than drunken slurs. But fortunately, Haru didn’t have to say anything; holding onto her waist. Akira slammed his cock balls deep, burying himself all the way up to the womb. Discharging a huge thick of hot virile cum into Haru, the heiress letting out a broken mewl as her ovaries were flooded with her husband’s seed. More than likely knocking her up with their future child. Slumping against her lover, she didn’t resist when she felt him lift her up, more than likely carrying her to their bed. She made sure to use this chance to recover as much as she could. As she knew that in a few moments, Akira would be back on her body to ravage it once more. 

    Sunset Shimmer -Wardrobe malfunction-

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    Sorry for the lack of SFM this month,  
    I got some personal problems (my father got sick, so I went back home to help my mother)  and I couldn’t get access to my PC for a few weeks
    That’s why I made 2d stuff this month I hope you guys understand

    I’ll be back with new SFM stuff in a few days:  (Wip)


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