"FOR MEN ONLY" Big Balls and Low Hangers
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    “Dude. So last night Jenna was out for a girls’ night with some of her sorority sisters. I had a five-day load I needed to lose, and she like fuckin’ never wants to take care of me when she gets home drunk. So I went on Grindr and found this faggot who lives two blocks over. Holy fuck, dude. I’ve never had head this fuckin’ good. Not only could he deep throat like a champ, but he does this fuckin’ thing where he sucks yours balls while he’s got your cock all the way down his throat. It’s fucking intense, bro. I fucking dumped a massive load down his throat and he kept sucking me and working my balls and soon I was feeding him a second load. Yeah, man. Let’s hit him up after the game tonight. You and I can take turns pumping cum down his throat.”

    Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


    Suction Like On A Vacuum Cleaner!  Hungry Lad!