Ideology in Friction(50 % Off until 21 June!)   ⏪ Promotion Video Available!

    Price $12.55 [ estimation ] (6/2/2021)

    [Categories: RPG]

    Circle: ONEONE1

    Follow a certain route in the story to enable the possibility of p* egnancy. From humanoid elves, zombie-swine, zombie-dogs, zombie-horses, orcs, t* ntacles, etc., you can now give birth to a variety of different creatures. In addition to being v* olated by NPCs, a rich variety of *  scenes are included through * dungeon traps, delivery, exhibition, and more. The voice acting and non-e* otic scenes/CG are not taken into consideration for the overall price, as the creators have added these for fun. The main character *  CG alone surpasses the entire base CG count of the previous work.

    Of course, *  scenes are included for all 8 female characters!

    Kubel's Pillory   ⏪ Free Demo Available!

    Price $13.05 [ estimation ] (6/1/2021)

    [Categories: RPG]

    Circle: Smoking Area [Yasagure]

    Majetano is a sorceress who's new to love, and travels to the town of "Caldesta" with the man she has feelings for but falls for the trap of a delinquent, and gets s* xually feasted on by him in this N* R / p* easure corruption RPG.

    Magia Witch Iori ~awakening~   ⏪ Promotion Video Available!

    Price $15.15 USD [ estimation ] (5/26/2021)

    [Categories: Adventure]

    Circle: Ankoku Azumaya

    Iori Fujii's real parents were killed when monstrous beasts from another world invaded. Led by the powerful Demon Lord, the creatures wrought havoc across the world. But they didn't count on the strange set of circumstances that would lead to Iori finding a Magia Driver only he can use... 

    Now Iori fights back as a magical girl with the aid of his childhood friend Rio Tennouji. But who is the strange girl named Babylon, able to turn men into monsters?

    Mage Warrior Maiya ~The 12 Demon W* mbs~   ⏪ Promotion Video Available!

    Price $24.24 USD[ estimation ] (5/25/2021)

    [Categories: Adventure]

    Circle: VALKYRIA

    Diverse monster girls will unleash unimaginable attacks and violate Maiya! But she can fight back -- the battles will get fierce! Can Maiya defeat the twelve gods and accomplish her goal, or will her foes' relentless assaults drive her mad with p* easure...? It's all up to you!

    Sweet Story Bunny Club   ⏪ Promotion Video Available!

    Price 330 JPY (5/24/2021)  

    [Categories: Pazzle]

    Circle: Pen in Apple

    Neon lights are flashing in the club, music is playing, the crowd is on a rampage. However, in the twilight, there is a lonely silhouette ... It looks like this is a girl, and she is looking at you ... What does she need and how can you help her? Press "Ctrl + F" to get an easy win Key Features -Hot H* ntai - Cute girls - Bunny girls!

    S* ccubus Stronghold Seduction  ⏪ Free Demo Available!

    Price 1980 JPY (5/21/2021)

    [Categories: Action]

    Circle:Etching Edge

    The other world is on the verge of ruin, and there's only one way to save it... the princess needs an heir. There's just one problem -- there are no men to give it to her! That's where I come in, whether I like it or now. I've been summoned to this world to save it from a horrible fate...

    Heaven's Armament Heroines AntiDomi   ⏪ Promotion Video Available!

    Price 2,970 JPY (5/20/2021)

    [Categories: Simulation]

    Circle:   Daijyobi Laboratory

    Ganzita; the evil organization that terrorizes the world. The city where its headquarters is located is completely under Ganzita's control. Combatants and spies have now become everyday citizens, awaiting "the right time". Hearing about the organization, Kanade and Miya, heroines of justice belonging to "AntiDomi", are drawn to the city. But perhaps that too was part of Ganzita's evil plot.

    The researcher "Doctor" is set to begin his villain development pet program: "The AntiDomi V* olation Project"...

    Middle-aged Hero RPG ~R* pe Women With Your Authority, and Beat the Demon Lord~     ⏪ Free Demo Available!

    Price 1430 JPY (5/19/2021)

    [Categories: RPG]

    Circle:   kagurado

    Dauvan is a 40-something nobody who one day awakens to find out he's now a legendary hero!

    A priest takes him to the church, where he is then tasked with defeating the Demon Lord.

    However, he has one condition for accepting this mission; the absolute authority to f* ck any cute girl he sees! Thieves, knights, tavern girls, gals, maids, casino bunny girls, married women, they're all his for the taking!

    All the while, he must of course defeat monsters, build trust with the church, and fulfill his ultimate task, but after that, it's free-sailing!

    H* ntai Story Taming the Demon   ⏪ Promotion Video Available!

    Price 440 JPY (5/18/2021)

    [Categories: Pazzle]

    Circle:  Pen in Apple

    The gates of hell opened. Lilith went to your call along the path of passion, l* st, desire to win or submit. Find the end of Lilith's story in Hentai Story Taming The Demon. Hentai Story Taming The Demon is a puzzle game in which you must collect all pairs of pictures to reproduce the image. Enjoy l* sh pictures, great music, and leisurely gameplay with Lilith.

    Detective Girl of the Steam City (20% Off until 22 May!)

    image    ⏪ Free Trial Available!

    Price 1,320 JPY (5/13/2021)  

    [Categories: RPG]


    In a world where Charles Babbage was able to create the Difference Engine and Analytical Engine... Sophie lives in the steam city of London. She became a detective hoping to one day find the whereabouts of her missing father. And there is no shortage of detective work in this filthy world... Thieves, gangs, s* xual requests, b* othel work, and more troubles await Sophie, but what incidents she gets wrapped up in depends on you, the player.

    The Hidden Village of Witches and Catgirls  Free Trial Available!

    Price 1,980 JPY (5/12/2021)  

    [Categories: Adventure]


    The protagonist was chasing his pet cat through a narrow alley when suddenly, he slips into an interdimensional crack, and gets himself lost in what seems to be a village of catgirls.

    He'll have to stay here in "Catsabela" until he can find his pet cat. And it seems there are no other males in this village...

    Heelfall (20% Off until 18 May!)⭐ENGLISH  VER⭐

    Price 1,496 JPY (5/11/2021)

    [Categories: RPG]

    Circle: Bowei + Koda

    You are a young rebel hero, fighting to defeat the empire of s* distic women that controls the continent. During a mission, the captain of your squad is captured by the empire's vicious Princess. To rescue him, must face the empire's most fearsome soldiers... However, the soldiers also have plans. To defeat, h* miliate, d* grade, and e* slave any boy who disobeys the empire! Can you overcome these s* distic women and save your friend? Or will you fall under their dominating heels?

    Metempsychosis   ⏪ Free Demo Available!

    Price 1,430 JPY (5/6/2021)  

    [Categories: RPG]

    Circle: ALICE Made

    A nameless girl is in a library. Before her eyes, the circle of life and death. Everybody has wondered it -- what happens when humans die? This is the story of a girl whose embarrassing pictures were spread all over her workplace, and what happened after she died. In the next world, cute girls await to seduce our heroine! Get ready for a yuri RPG like you've never seen!