I had someone ask me about collaring the other day. I have a good link that discusses types of collars, stages, meanings behind them. Many see collars as just an accessory or something that a Dom will give every submissive he's with. The older school of thought sees a collar as much more of a commitment with a much deeper meaning akin to being married. Once a full Submissive collar is placed on a sub it's considered a lifetime commitment where you relinquish all of yourself to your dominant until he chooses to release you of your collar.

I don't take it lightly. I give necklaces to subs at times, or a bracelet or something to have them know they are mine, or with me at the time but Ive only collared two subs in the last fifteen plus years. Both were released when they felt they needed to focus on careers and life situations that they felt they could not devote their time to me. I haven't collared anyone in a long time and may never do it again as it requires a huge commitment of trust and faith and responsibility on my part to own that sub to a level that I'm not sure could be done true justice.

I digressed a little but here's the link and it's a pretty good read.