Dreams of Chastity & Denial
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    Trapped in Hell - Prologue

    Brian DeAngelo had everything: he was good looking, young and healthy and had recently made a fortune. “High risk – high reward” was his maxim, so when a now well-known crypto-currency was initially introduced, he had put all his assets into it. When he sold his coins at the peak of the boom and the dollars flooded his accounts, he had bought shares of the very company he used to work at – so many shares in fact he gained the sole control of the enterprise. Having risen in the ranks so rapidly, he exacted his revenge on all his former coworkers and superiors who had once belittled him and stood in his way by kicking their asses out of what was now his property. Right after that, he got rid of his girlfriend, Juliet. She had always been rather reluctant in playing along with his sexual kinks and with his now endless possibilities, Brian just didn’t see a future with that shy geeky bookworm.

    After he’d dumped her, he wanted to live life at its fullest instead - with all the girls he could have! Vanilla sex had never been something he could settle with, but ever since he felt the power he now had, his interests had developed to an even more extreme extent. It was his darker fantasies he wanted to explore now. All he ever did was trying to outperform his rivals and rise to the top by all means necessary. Now, his strongest sexual fantasies involved totally giving up control. He wanted to be all helpless at the hands of a merciless woman, teasing and denying him!

    He had met Kimber and her sexy friends at a bar one night about a year ago. He never made a secret of his wealth, buying drinks for the ladies and bragging about his new car or expensive suits. They had obviously gotten word about his lifestyle and what he was searching for. Kimber had openly admitted he was exactly the type of man they were looking for, the adventurous guy with money to spend. Those girls were different than the others, seductive and eloquent. They knew exactly what Brian needed and told him what he wanted to hear. He never really understood where they came from, they appeared to work for some kind of medical facility specialized in “treating” powerful men and women with an urge to be dominated in extreme ways. However, he hadn’t bothered asking any more questions when they had offered him the experience of a lifetime: a sexual heaven beyond his wildest dreams! Funny enough, he had already heard about this offer, several times. It was almost like a new trend going round amongst certain clienteles, rumored about at the clubs and bars Brian frequented. A mixture of total loss of control and intense sexual craving. He had been hooked from the start. Naturally, he had invited the three of them into his newly bought city loft only a few blocks away.

    Since that fateful encounter, he had spent numerous nights with the trio. They always would meet at the bar, have a few drinks and then get over to the loft to further explore Brian’s tastes. Tonight though, it was time to take another step towards his ultimate fantasy. “So, have you thought about it?”, Kimber asked while Brian caressed her nylon-clad leg, “The offer is still on. We could fit you in on our premium customer program, but you have to decide until tomorrow.”

    Brian was already dizzy from the drinks he had and Akari stroking his thigh didn’t exactly help him concentrate. “Yeah”, he replied, “I wanna try it, like we discussed the other day… I want more of this, for longer periods of time. But, what you suggested… indefinitely… it’s so fucking enticing, but I don’t think I…” Kimber interrupted him “It’s okay, you’ll get what you want. Tight bondage, merciless teasing, cruel denial! You don't have to sign the contract right away, we can discuss the details and duration at your place. Wanna leave?”

    Thank god, he thought, he couldn’t wait to leave! One last time, he said to himself, I don’t have to get deeper into this than I already am! He gulped down his drink, and they got on their way. Who could blame this young fool for his curiosity? But had he climbed down the rabbit hole had he known what waited for him at the bottom?