A Fully Owned Slave
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    Married bliss Part Two

    as promised, part two of my story.  As before, if you like it I’ll continue.  Heavily influenced by Miss Sadie Stern’s monthly

    Part two:

    Newly caged and still tied to the bed by his wife Jane and her best friend Sarah, Phil was terrified.  Jane pulled her soiled panties out of his mouth and said “you had better behave yourself if you hold any hope at all of being released from that steel cage for an orgasm, understand?”  Phil gulped and nodded his head, he was both scared and aroused, by this turn of events.

    Sarah and Jane untied him, pulled him off the bed and pushed Phil into a kneeling position.  Jane fastened a thick leather collar around his neck and attached a leash to it.  Giving a sharp yank on the collar she ordered him to stay.  Sarah spoke “You’ve neglected your wife, you’ve spent your time masturbating over chastity and female domination porn on Tumblr and now you’ve been caught.  I think you’ll find that your fantasy isn’t as easy as you think”.   Jane continued “You’re going to be trained Phil, the way all weak, ridiculous, submissive males should be trained.”

    Sarah reached behind him and grabbed his balls, running her sharp, red fingernails across them, he squealed, loudly.  “Shut up you ridiculous creature, or I’ll gag you with my dirty panties again.  Your punishments are just beginning as is the hard work you will be assigned on a daily basis.   From now on you shall address me as Miss Sarah and Jane as Mistress, do you understand?” Phil managed to stutter “Yes, Miss Sarah”, she let go of his now red balls.

    Jane Continued “I’ve called your office worm, and told them you’ll be away for three days, they were very accommodating, that time is for your initial training with Sarah and myself.  Maybe some other friends and my mother will come round to help, you will treat them with the same deference as you treat us, understand?”  “you can’t possibly share this with anyone else, can’t we keep this secret, please Jane?”   Phil felt a hard WHACK! Across his vulnerable, exposed buttocks, Sarah had grabbed a heavy wooden paddle drilled with holes and was lambasting him with it, punctuating her words with strokes of the paddle she said “I TOLD YOU WORM, HER NAME IS NOW MISTRESS, UNDERSTAND?”  “Yeeeees Miisss SARAHHH” blubbered the hapless male, tears streaming down his face.

    Jane continued “Neither of us wants you have to repeat ourselves, if we have to you’ll be severely punished.  We’ll keep you naked for today, but we may entertain ourselves by dressing you as a schoolboy, or girl.  You may serve as our maid, who knows?  Sarah and I have quite an imagination”.

    Jane said “Let’s start with our first act of worship” with this she walked in front of him and turned her back, her large, firm bottom at head height for Phil, she said “One hundred” and Sarah pushed the hapless male’s face into Jane’s rearing bum.  Jane said “every time you hear the command one hundred you will push your stupid face into the cleft of whatever female bottom is before you, if she wears panties you will pull them down with your teeth and push your face in for a count of one hundred”. Sarah yelled out “TONGUE!”  Jane continued “that should be obvious, when you hear the command tongue you will lick, hungrily, pushing your tongue as far between the cheeks and into her hole as you can.  When you finish, you will  withdraw and thank the lady for the privilege”.

    The worthless male spluttered and moaned against her naked bottom as he licked, his cock swelling painfully against the steel cage, as he counted mentally to 100 he pulled nervously away and said quietly “Thank you Mistress”.

    Sarah and Jane laughed as they led him to the couch and tied his leash to a newly installed metal ring in the wall.  Jane said “we’re going to watch TV for an hour before we set you to make our dinner, but no TV for you, lay on the floor like a dog, we have a job for you”  Phil curled up in on the floor, scared to deviate from his instructions for fear of further punishments.  Jane brought a dog bowl, full of what appeared to be underwear and set it down along with an empty laundry basket.

    Sarah said “You shall be responsible for all our laundry from now on slave, but before you hand wash them you will lick and suck our dirty underwear clean, ok?”  “yes Miss Sarah”, “Jane knows you’ve been sniffing her dirty panties and wanking with them, isn’t that right slave?”, “Yes Miss Sarah”.  Once again his cock stirred painfully in his cage.  

    Jane said “One more thing, you’ll be blindfolded, once you’ve finished a pair from your bowl, you’ll put them into the basket.  You’ll be blindfolded and you have ONE HOUR, if you fail your task to our satisfaction you’ll be severely punished, understood?”. As Sarah put the blindfold over Phil’s eyes he meekly said “Yes Mistress, thank you” and took a pair of the soiled panties into his mouth.

    To be continued…