Dominant Life

This is a BDSM lifestyle blog, focusing on a Dominant life in a vanilla world. You will be awestruck by gorgeous women of all colors, shapes and sizes. You will drool over some of the most Dominant cars ever to grace the road. And following in the footsteps of Hugh Hefner, no lifestyle blog would be complete without cocktails, art and the art of living. So relax with your precious submissive, read selections from my library and enjoy a menstruating cumshot or ruin your childhood while you enjoy a Dominant Life.I am a 50 something Queer male with an adorable baby slave that I love to torture, the wonderful Caramel Cutiepie! I am also a Pagan, flaming liberal Dom - Taurus with Leo Rising, Year Of The Water Rabbit, ENFJ, Ravenclaw, & awful crotchety! If you want to know more about me, you can read my About Me, Diaries, my Fetlife profile and 30 Days Of Kink Project. All asks will be answered privately unless submitted anonymously. Most questions are not answered because they have already been answered and reside in my Library For Kinksters. Read my Ask Policy for details.NSFW, 18+, Adult Only. READ MY POLICY ON MINORS HERE. Remember, with all advice, one size does not fit all and your mileage may vary. If you are easily triggered, please do not read or follow. See the trigger policy at this link. #tw #trigger #triggerwarning

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