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    I just found this and thought it was cool



    As such, @madamesecretaryxxx is IMPLORING the LGBTQ Community to assist me with legal council ! I have a SERIOUS CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE that NEEDS both VISIBILITY and legal extensive EXPERTISE.

    My case is against immediate Family, old “Friends”, UPMC, Pittsburgh City Police, Forest Hills Police and quite a few other legal entities in Pittsburgh Pa. EVERYWHERE I try to find assistance, I’ve quickly been STONEWALLED, DISMISSED, UNANSWERED and DISBELIEVED. I have (10) months of EVIDENCE and as long as the case is started before March 21st, access to Police bodycam footage will be available.

    PLEASE, Somebody, HELP me with this, as I’m STANDING UP for EVERYONE’S “RIGHTS” across the United States of America, but I’m all ALONE.

    Whomever can help, you can easily reach me here @madamesecretaryxxx or via and please UNDERSTAND, my case will literally be CHANGING the World for all sees, races, religions.

    I’d REALLY APPRECIATE as much SUPPORT as possible, against my Conservative ASSAILANTS.

    Thank you, whoever helps in any way.



    @dommewifechronicles doesn't often post anything other than playful interactions, between Spouses, but in this case a rare exception is being made. As "Femdom" is also being BRUTALLY ATTACKED, by Conservatives everywhere, HELP this Individual in any and every conceivable way that is possible.