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    add your hoe tips

    have some ice cold soda on standby while giving head and take a sip every minute or so. you’re welcome.


    make sure to swish it around your whole mouth


    -ALWAYS pee after sex (This goes for everyone, not just people with vaginas. It helps prevent infection)

    -Run cold water over your skin after shaving to seal your pores and prevent ingrown hairs.

    -The plan B pill if taken correctly and quickly prevents up to 7 out of 8 pregnancies. And I promise it’s not as embarrassing to buy as it seems.

    -Dab perfume on the inside of your thighs before sex. (obviously not too close to your crotch area.)

    -If you’re sucking dick, put your hair in a ponytail, not a bun. (Shit will fall out in 2 seconds plus it gives them something to grab on to.)

    -If your hair is all fucked up from sex and you have somewhere to be, argon oil is your best friend. It immediately helps remove tangles, makes it easier and quicker to style, and makes your hair look fresh and soft.

    -Always have a backup vibrator if you don’t have a rechargeable. The batteries run out randomly and it will literally break your heart in two.

    -Don’t fake orgasms. You don’t have to fake pleasure, if someone isn’t giving you what you need let their asses know. Communication is an important part of sex and you’re not helping anyone by faking satisfaction. 


    -Always use mouthwash before you give head (BRUSH YOUR TEETH STILL LIKE A NORMAL HOE☝🏾️) Just dont brush right before giving head,toothbrush fibers have a chances of making small cuts in the mouth along the gums which makes it easier for Std’s to pass ✊🏾


    Coconut oil is okay to use as lube and makes the room smell like cookies so that’s cool

    Coconut oil is also great for shaving

    Apple cider vinegar in ur bath helps to correct ur vaginal ph and that’s always good


    Just so happen, if you end up bleeding by accident on the d, and you need to repair your panties: put your stained underwear in a mixture of ¾ ice cold water and top it with a ¼ of peroxide……mix it…….give it about an hour or two……let it dry……and ya got brand new, blood-free underwear

    Coconut oil also temporarily stops a period of ingested.


    if u get that dick real down in ur throat swallowing is a lot easier bc u barely taste it

    or are these not the type of hoe tips we’re sharing here


    + when you giving head, specifically sucking dick, not only have ya water but make sure you not locking ya knees or tense; you will pass out if you do, trust.

    + I think y'all know this about making a fist with your right hand, squeezing your thumb in your fist can help if you’re tryna temporarily stop your gag reflex if you tryna suck that dick deep as shit

    + with the cold water thing after you shave ya kitty, if you can’t do cold water a strip of t-shirt in water as cold as you can stand works well, just press it on your vag for a little while until the shirt feels warm or room temp and rub in a bit of coconut oil or Shea butter and let it air dry or pat it dry (DONT RUB!!!)

    + everyone knows food contributes to how you taste so try to eat a bit cleaner if you know you’re bout to get the work and don’t forget to tell your SO or sex partner the same thing

    + also for plan B it only works if you’re between a certain weight so make sure you read the box and stuff before you buy it to take proper measures if necessary

    + sliquid is one of the best lubes out there. Vegan, organic, hypoallergenic works with toys and majority of it is safe if consumed. Plus they shit smell nice and make ya skin smooth as hell. They massage oil is A1


    Idk about using coconut oil as lube, but the rest of these are 🔥🔥🔥


    Coconut oil (as long as its real) is fine as a lube.


    *takes notes* great info