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    The Found Jacket

    a transformation story by megachiraz (2021).

     Timothy had taken advantage of the cancellation of some classes today to sit in the park right next to the university building. It was a beautiful day and what could be a better way to spend it than sitting down with a book in a warm breeze?


    Normally, he would have gone to the library long ago, after all, he had an important assignment to hand in in two weeks. Of course, he wanted to give his best for that! Timothy had now been studying English and French literature for four semesters and was way ahead of many people in his subject. While others were getting sports scholarships, he had been awarded with one from the East American College of Language and Linguistic Change. This was for his last term paper on the interpretation of Old English and Old French poems in a medieval codex.

    He had enjoyed working with it, but all the stuff around it… all the lectures, the awarding of the scholarship, even interviews. That wasn’t something Timothy liked at all. He just wanted to happily continue studying and indulging in his passion for cartoons.

    While he had to think for a moment on which page he had stopped when he had packed the book in his bag this morning, he suddenly heard a ringing and then the loud shout of a man. Carefully, without creasing a page, he closed his book and looked around. A little further away, a small cluster of people had gathered around an umbrella. Timothy wondered if he should look too. It had become far too noisy to read anyway. And he would walk past it anyway on his way back to the library.

    He stopped a few metres away and took a closer look at the stall. It was a typical toy shop on a trolley selling all sorts of things. Balls, plastic things to throw through the air, plastic things to hit someone and a few single pieces of clothes. “Nothing special”, Timothy mumbled, shrugging his shoulders, and was already turning to go when he paused. His little brother liked those funny balls after all. Maybe he could buy one for his birthday! But as Timothy turned around, the stall had disappeared and no one seemed to have noticed anything. The only thing that reminded him of the stall was a red stain on the floor.


    “What’s that?”, Timothy wondered, moving a little closer. On the floor was a plain red jacket. Carefully he picked it up and looked around. Another student came over. “Hey, um, did you see the stallholder leaving from here? He was selling toys and clothes like that.”

    “What kind of stall? This is the university, dude, not a kindergarten”, the other one said annoyed and left with a roll of his eyes. Timothy looked after him as he walked away, and a short time after at the jacket in his hands. He would best hand it in at the university lost-property office. Yes, that was a good plan!

    Later that afternoon, when he left the library and got his things out of his locker, the weather had changed completely. The sun had disappeared, and a freezing wind whistled through the open doors of the building. Timothy, who had only come here in a thin dress shirt, was shivering all over. He was constantly cold. But it wasn’t particularly hard, because unlike others, he was a bag of bones. He had never been interested in sports, but he didn’t eat unhealthy things all day long either. He was rather someone who only drank tea all day.

    He had packed the jacket he had found earlier in a bag. Even though he was uncomfortable putting on other people’s clothes, he needed some warmth now. Timothy quickly pulled the jacket on. “Brrr, it’s made of polyester… gross”, he muttered as he felt the hair on his arms become electrostatically charged. The plastic fabric felt weird, but it warmed him. So, happy with his act, Timothy made his way out when he suddenly felt something wet on his stomach. He took the corridor through the basement as usual because he had an access card as an assistant to his academic chair. In the middle of the corridor, he stopped and touched his stomach, but it was nothing there. “What? I was sure I felt something wet down there…”, he said and opened his jacket and reached inside. But instead of hitting his dry shirt, he felt something sticky. Startled, he exhaled and raised his hand in front of his hands.


    Red slime stuck to his hands. “What the hell is that?” said Timothy aloud, shaking his hands in disgust, but the viscous liquid did not go away. Without thinking about it, he tried to wipe it off on his trouser legs. But then suddenly a strange feeling spread all over his upper body. Everything became damp and sticky as the jacket he had just quickly put on began to secrete red goo in huge quantities. In a panic, Timothy tried to scrape the stuff off his body, but more and more came out. Piece by piece, the red mass covered his body and just as he was about to call for help, it entered his mouth and finally covered his face as well.

    Don’t fight it, man, I promise you’ll be fuckin hot!

    A voice pierced Timothy’s body, but he couldn’t answer as more and more of the goo slid down his throat. Suddenly the goo tightened around his body and pressed against his skin.

    It’s been years since I got a new chance to make a new dude. Let’s make some updates!

    The slime became hotter and hotter, and Timothy felt his body change. Muscles pressed against his slender figure from within. More and more goo slid into his stomach and his body became stronger and stronger. His pecs swelled and the buttons of his shirt popped off. But the slime absorbed everything. The remains of his shirt also dissolved, while trained abdominal muscles rose from his stomach. The slime flowed over his nipples and gave Timothy a feeling he had never experienced like this before: arousal. He moaned with a muffled voice and felt the slime working its way further down his body. His trousers ripped open as the muscles in his legs soaked up the slime and grew larger. His penis, quite normal and unremarkable, pressed against the red sheath of slime. Timothy grunted and his fully slimed hands clasped his trembling member. His butt began to quiver as the muscles in it swelled, giving him a good cushion through which he never hurt himself if he fell.

    He loved the pleasure that spread through his body as he continued to stroke his shivering cock. And he rubbed it. And rubbed. And it got bigger between his also growing hands as muscles swelled in his arms. Thick strands of muscle filled his thin arms as they absorbed the goo. He still could not speak because his mouth was still full, but then the stream of goo stopped flowing into his mouth. With a quiver, his shoulders widened and the slime settled on his face like a mask. As if it was hot wax, the goo hardened and pushed and shoved his bones, facial muscles and skin back and forth. His chin became more pointed, and his brown hair dissolved. On top of his head, blond hair sprouted again, but it only grew long at the top, the sides remained short. His lips became fuller, short blond stubble came out of his jaw. Timothy felt better than ever in his life. He let go of his cock with one hand and stroked his thick chest and caressed his six-pack.

    Two large drops of slime entered Timothy’s ears at once, leaving him daft for a second. But they formed a large pair of headphones from which he heard the same phrases over and over again.

    “You’re hot. You’re a god. You’re a cocky skater. You’re the sexiest dude on the streets. You love to fuck.”

    Bit by bit, Timothy’s mind changed and Big T’s took its place. He put his roaming hand down to his balls and massaged them. With a quiet gurgling sound, they swelled as more and more seed was produced inside of them that was begging to be released. He went on and on as his Adam’s apple got bigger and his throat thicker. Due to the increasing amount of testosterone in his veins, his voice dropped an octave as he continued to masturbate. Knowledge from his lectures disappeared. But he wasn’t getting any dumber, but he simply didn’t give a shit about education anymore. All he wanted to do was skating. And weightlifting. And fucking. He groaned and gradually the last remains of the red goo soaked into his skin, leaving a tanned tone. Blond hair sprouted under his arms and between his legs. His chest and legs remained bare. Slowly he began to smell like a man and a musky perfume fogged his senses. His feet popped out of his too-small shoes and he wiggled his longer toes until his feet reached size 14. And with one last guttural moan, Big T came and shot his load all over his book-filled leather bag.

    Still panting, Big T opened his eyes and a pair of grey sports shorts, under which he wore nothing, appeared on his lower body. “What the fuck am I doing down here? Am I a nerd or what? Time to meet the dudes”, he said, scratching his head as his bag turned into a skateboard. He grabbed it and adjusted his cock in his pants. Black ink appeared on his right hand as he scratched his crotch and a clock tattoo became visible on the back of his strong hand.


    As he stomped out, his jacket changed. The cheap polyester became a high-quality red sports jacket with white stripes. Irritated, he looked around. Wasn’t he wearing his new shoes? They had been damn expensive, he thought and looked down to the floor. A little bit of the red goo oozed out his big feet and formed a pair of brand-new red trainers. Why was he here? In the library? As if he wanted to read boring books! “Let’s get out of here quick”, he muttered and just before the door he pulled out his smartphone and turned the music up really loud. Finally, Big T left the building on his skateboard and with booming music on his ears.

    Hey tf-fans! This is requested story from FA - it was something different because I’ve never worked with goo in a transformation story. I hope you like! If anyone of you people have ideas for future stories or just want to have a little chat -  drop me a message or ask a question! I’d love to hear your thoughts and love answering your questions! Have fun and stay safe!


    so I got into grad school today with my shitty 2.8 gpa and the moral of the story is reblog those good luck posts for the love of god


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    His princess. ♥️


    Although I know what a misogynistic, homophobic country we live in I sincerely hope this is were we are heading. (Oh and yea I vote so I can help bring it about.) 


    Okay, that made me genuinely happy. And horny.


    “You work hard at your studies, your company and your body. The world sees you as a man of strength and accomplishment. This is a label you have earned, my love, and I’m so very proud of you.

    “But you’re back home now. All that pressure you put on yourself, all the stress and worry and effort of being someone you believe the world needs you to be…you can let all of that go. For now, the only thing that matters is that you are my wife and you belong to me.

    “Let me make your decisions. Let me carry your fears. Relax the masculine facade you wear for everyone else and let my woman free. I will keep her safe all night until it is time to get dressed in the morning and face the world. 

    “I am your husband and all the bedrock you will ever need.”


    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


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    Everyone who reblogs this will get a personalized hypnotic erotic GIF based on what I see on your profile.

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    The 1950′s Household and How Male Couples Can Reclaim It

    I would consider myself a progressive person in that I strongly advocate for people to be judged on their own merits and not the basis of their gender or sexuality. I think it’s a good thing that women and feminine gay men have the opportunities to expand their horizons in whichever way they please in modern society.

    The problem is, however, that in redefining the boundaries of gender roles we might lose sight of the things that Men and women have always played important roles in being good at. Men have been the providers, the protectors, the breadwinners, and the leaders. Certainly there are women and fem guys that can fulfill all of those qualities themselves and they deserve a chance to have their shot at proving that. 

    The reality is that for myself, and frankly I feel for the vast majority of women and submissive gay men, we don’t want Men to be reduced to this artificial “equal playing field” with us, whether we care to admit it or not.

    Equality of opportunity is not equal to equality of achievement. The Alpha Men of society are still just as brilliant and successful as They were before and Their disproportionate influence and representation to women and faggots in positions of leadership is not some vast sexist conspiracy. They simply have what They deserve.

    The traditional households stereotypically associated with the 1950’s gave a structure that allowed Men to serve in Their rightful place and Their spouses to tend to their Man’s needs while all of their basic means of living were covered by their Husband. Divorce rates were almost non-existent and marriage played an important binding structure in our culture. 

    Since then, society has made some important evolutions. We’ve realized that women should have equal opportunity to choose their own life. We’ve become more savvy to issues of rape, incest, and domestic violence and take efforts to stop this and support victims. Plus we’ve enabled LGBT people to pursue their own relationships and marriages. 

    What has also happened, unfortunately, is that we’ve thrown out the baby with the bath water. Men have been emasculated and any mention of Alpha Male Superiority or a desire for a male-led household is frowned upon. I think it’s no coincidence that divorce rates have skyrocketed as society attempts to disassemble a natural hierarchy that makes for healthy families. When two people have equal authority in all aspects of a relationship for many people it leads to nothing more than petty arguments and a constant power struggle. 

    As a gay man who knows at his core that he’s a submissive faggot, and has always wanted a romantic Man-led marriage, I feel compelled to do what I can to HELP the institution of marriage. We as faggots aren’t afraid to acknowledge Male superiority. In fact we idolize Men and find each and every aspect of masculinity to be hot as hell. 

    Let’s set a good example for society by supporting Men in their rightful place. Pick up after your Man, clean for Him, cook for Him, do as He tells you, and listen to Him. Don’t be ashamed of the fact that you will bend over backwards to look good for Men and serve Them as superiors.This will make you a good spouse and set things right for society. 

    Together, fellow fags, let’s do everything we can to honor Men and support this natural hierarchy as a binding agent for a healthy society with Men as the head of Their households.


    Love this its so true and what i crave