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    Japanese Countryside Landscape🌾🍃🌲🌿✨




    •NO CC


    Gallery ID➡️tksims__0oy

    Please use bb.moveobjects code before placement.

    Please do not reupload.


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    「シムズ4 で作る日本の風景」














    Speed Build on my YouTube channel!


    Japanese Countryside Landscape #4 TheSims4 シムズ4 [美しい日本の風景] NO CC [Speed Build] Snowy Escape https://youtu.be/v4y4xqjb27Q

    (½) The Exterior!

    The Gingerbread Mansion | #SimsTalesCollab | Happy Holidays The Sims 4 Speed Build and Tour | NO CC

    Watch: https://youtu.be/O7dUhHpeSIs

    Gallery Name:  MissUnf0rtunate

    Today I have a treat for you! Join me in welcoming the Christmas holiday with a super neat Gingerbread Mansion Sims 4 build! This is my entry for the #SimsTalesCollab.

    Build Information

    Name: Gingerbread Mansion

    Type: Residential

    Location: Brindleton Bay

    OG Lot Name: Hounds Head

    Lot Size: 64x64

    Value: $498,117

    Player Tested: Yes, Fully functional


    The home features:

  • Price: $ 198 982
  • Lot type: Library
  • NO CC
  • Furnished
  • 30x20 lot size
  • ! Moveobjects cheat is turned on

    ORIGIN ID: moonlightowl-es


    Лемонс Сплей

    30*20 Bedroom||Спальня - 2

    Bathroom||Ванная - 2

    More photos


    Лот помечен как с доп. контентом, поставьте галочку в библиотеке.

    I finally did it! It’s 24\7 Japanese Bar. I was thinking a lot about how i want it to look like and i can tell that i’m totally satisfied. And it has no CC! 

    Bar 20x15 lot 41 621 $ NO CC 

    And i would be super grateful if you support me on YouTube :https://youtu.be/GhvBA6O5Nw4

    Buy me a coffee

    Use the moveobjects cheat before placing the lot!

    DL :

    OriginID: NastyaSim17

    202012  Japanese Chaya 「茶屋」NOCC



    I remade the Yasaka cafe room so that it could be set up in the town of Komorebi.

    Cafe  2015 


     Please use after setting 「bb.moveobjects」 of cheat code on

    Sushi Restaurant | Sims 4 Snowy Escape No CC

    Restaurant in Asian style for Mt. Komorebi. I hope you enjoy! Video tour starts at 07:06. Суши Ресторан для Комореби. Надеюсь, вам понравится! Экскурсия начнется с 07:06

  • Size - 30x20
  • Price -  97.891$
  • Type - Restaurant | Ресторан
  • Location - Mt. Komorebi, Hanamigawa Koen | Ханамигава Коэн
  • CC free
  • Use the cheat “bb.moveobjects on” before you place this lot
  • Прежде, чем установить лот, используйте код  “bb.moveobjects on”
  • Please do not re-upload or claim as your own! Tag me if you use my build =)
  • Не перезаливайте и не присваивайте себе мои работы! Мне будет приятно, если вы укажите меня, когда используете мои здания =)
  • Download

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    🥢🍜  Japanese Restaurantr 🍜🥢

  • NoCC
  • Restaurant
  • 20X15
  • Location => Mount Komorebi - Senbamachi
  • 60 605 Simflouz
  • Available on the Sims4 gallery.
  • To find me easily on the gallery => #Zykatekb
  • Also available for download on my blog => HERE (SFS or SimsCould)
  • - In the game this location is for residential lot, remember to change it before placing the restaurant. -


                                 More pictures on my blog.

                                 🍜🥢🍜 Enjoy!! 🍜🥢🍜

    Japanese Ramen Bar 2.0!!

    I’m only using Base, Dine Out & Snowy Escape pack!

    Download on my Gallery: rbarkah

    Or  link direct to my Gallery http://shorturl.at/lvDEK

  • Type: Restaurant
  • Size: 20x15
  • Price: $31.666
  • @TheSims @LesSims @SimsCreatorsCom

    Little Monkeys Tree House.

    Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, a lot of you seemed to want it so i’ve put it up on the gallery as a lot unfortunately bc I couldn’t figure out how to do it as a room without something missing or getting ruined and I would have had to split the two floors so this is what i decided to do. 

    Its on a 20x15 lot but if you can figure out how to add it to your back yards go for it! 

    The main packs used in this is Kids room stuff, Snowy Escape, Island Living (just the fence) Parenthood, Outdoor Retreat, Movie Hangout (Just one of the Trees) and Toddler Stuff. 

    Download: Gallery | Tray

    Snowy Escape - Five updated lots for Mt. Komorebi

    Just before the announcement of Snowy Escape, I finished the last build of my Japanese-inspired neighborhood in Windenburg. Of course, the first thing I did once I was able to play with the EP was to move most of these lots to the new world, Mt. Komorebi!

    I also edited them using the new content (and the platform tool!), and I changed the lot type of my Spa, La Source Émeraude, to Onsen Bathhouse (you can use it to replace the original one i the new world). The last lot of the list, Le Hâve Vert, was actually built three years ago and was not part of the Japanese-inspired neighborhood, but I think it fit well with the new world style, so I decided to move it there too (and was much more edited than the others).

    I still have three lots to move, in a more urban style, but I don’t think I would put them in Mt. Komorebi, as I want to leave some lots empty for some new projects!

    Playtested as usual, without CC, use bb.moveobjects on before placing the lot. 

    Download the tray files with the links below or use my Origin  ID simsontherope to find them in the gallery! I also added links to the original posts, in case you want more screenshots of the lots.

    Refuge de l’Aube : 30x20, Residential, 20x30, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. 

    Link to the original lot : Here.

    Download : SimFileShare.

    La Source Émeraude : 30x20, Onsen Bathhouse.

    Link to the original lot : Here.

    Download : SimFileShare.

    Pavillon Discret : Residential, 15x20, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

    Link to the original lot : Here.

    Download : SimFileShare.

    Palais des Orchidées : 30x20, Restaurant.

    Link to the original lot : Here.

    Download : SimFileShare.

    Le Hâvre Vert : 50x50 lot, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms .

    Link to the original lot : Here.

    Download : SimFileShare.

    If you like this creation and my other content, you can follow me on Twitter. You can find my Terms of Use on this page.

    Tiny Fall Cottage (No CC)  👉 DOWNLOAD 👈 at The Sims Resource!

    Please don’t re-upload my work or claim as your own!

    Lot: 30x20
    Value: $ 82,646
    Lot type: Residential

    House contains:

    - 2 bedrooms
    - 2 bathrooms
    - living room
    - kitchen
    - patio

    The old Blue Velvet wasn’t really a “nightclub”, and  so, things had to change. Velvet on the outside, blue on the inside. The NEW Blue Velvet is the ultimite place in Willow Creek to dance the night away! (If you get drunk it’s your own fault)

    Download at the Gallery (ID: ShibuiSims) NO CC!

    * ID has recently been changed from FlowerxSims to ShibuiSims

    5-3-1 Shinrinyoku Dining

    This was supposed to be a residential lot… but it just didn’t work. The garden was too pretty to let this build gather dust, so now it’s a restaurant!

  • No CC
  • 30x20
  • Build in Mt. Komorebi
  • NOT playtested
  • Turn on bb. moveobjects cheat before placing the lot!
  • [SFS] Download
    Gallery ID: MusiLizzy

    hare & hedgehog renovation

    the hare & hedgehog café was always one of my favourite places in windenburg but i wanted to change some things. so this is how my renovation turned out. i hope you like it!

    [click here] to download the tray files (free + no ads // via patreon)  

    [click here] to watch the speed build (stop motion)

  • price (furnished):  90.403 §
  • price (unfurnished): 29.673 §
  • world: windenburg
  • lot name: hare & hedgehog cafe
  • type: community
  • origin ID: CharlyPancakes
  • please turn on “bb.moveobjects on” when placing the build
  • cc free
  • please don’t reupload/claim as your own
  • feel free to renovate the build to your own liking. if you want to share screenshots of your version i will be more than happy to see them!


    EPs: get to work, get together, city living, cats & dogs, seasons, get famous GPs: dine out, parenthood, jungle adventure, spa day SPs: perfect patio, backyard, romantic garden, kids room

    Sims 4 - Possibilités Infinies

    I started working on this lot before my vacation, and finally finished it!

    I knew I wouldn’t have the patience to create 4 buildings for the different versions of the Community Space. So I made two instead : a rundown warehouse you can use prior to voting for the Community Space project, and a renovated one that works as a Maker Space, Community Garden or Marketplace.

    I tried to include some objects to work on skills from other packs too, and a place where you can eat, bath and sleep, in the two containers, in case you want your sims to stay there longer!

    Info : 40x30, two lots : a rundown version (Community Space) and a renovated one (you can use it as a Maker Space, Community Garden or Marketplace)

    Playtested as usual, without CC, use bb.moveobjects on before placing the lot.

    Download the tray files (for both lots) : SimFileShare.

    Or use my Origin  ID simsontherope to find it in the gallery!

    If you like this creation and my other content, you can follow me on Twitter. You can find my Terms of Use on this page.

    Sims 4 - Palais des Orchidées

    Yay! My sims will finally have a second option if they want to eat out, especially if they want to eat in a slightly more fancy setting than a simple dinner.

    I feel that the hardest part when I create a new build is to find a name for it, even if most of you don’t really read them as they are in French! I now have only one lot left to create to make Windenburg complete… but it’s a 64x64 one, so wish me luck!

    Info : 30x20, Restaurant.

    Playtested as usual, without CC, use bb.moveobjects on before placing the lot.

    Download the tray files (for both lots) : SimFileShare.

    Or use my Origin  ID simsontherope to find it in the gallery!

    If you like this creation and my other content, you can follow me on Twitter. You can find my Terms of Use on this page.

    Perfect Hedge Witch Cottage

    A sweet little isolated home set in Glimmerbrook. 

  • Completely CC-free.
  • Residential
  • 1 bathroom
  • 1 bedroom
  • §36,325
  • 30 x 20 lot.
  • Uses most of the packs
  • Contains Debug items
  • Built in Glimmberbrook, Glimmerbrook Watch
  • “bb.moveobjects on” will need to be used before placement.
  • Now available on The Gallery! Origin ID: realsugabuns
  • Thanks @maxismatchccworld simblrcollective and other rebloggers you rock!

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