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    New Psychedelic Rugs From Traditional Azerbaijani Textiles by Faig Ahmed

    Faig Ahmed’s (previously featured here) latest project focuses on making contemporary carpets from classical Azerbaijani textiles. Ahmed graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Baku in 2004. His background as an artist covers painting, video and installation as well as other mediums; however, his attention is currently focused on working with textile and sculpture.

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    Women Are Universally Beautiful Regardless of Race


    Russian photographer and photojournalist Natalia Ivanova initiated the ‚ÄėThe Ethnic Origins of Beauty‚Äô nonprofit project which is an artistic documentary and research into the diverse ethnic races interpreted through portraits of women and the conception of beauty around the globe. ¬†The project began in 2012¬†and is far from over as Ivanova has only documented women of 90 nationalities so far. Behind each portrait lies a story that has been published with a video documentary, and with only 90 portraits completed, the organizers are continuing an ongoing search to record many other faces of different nationalities.

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