Oh, did I surprise you? My my, look at you in that onesie! And such a saggy sodden diaper you’re wearing. Did your Mommy diaper you? No? You diapered yourself, didn’t you? When your wife told you she’d be out of town until tomorrow, you decided to dress and diaper yourself as a Baby. Well, I have more surprises for you. I’m going to stay here with you as your babysitter. I’m going to have fun making you my little infant grandchild. At least until your Mommy gets home with her boyfriend. Oh, didn’t she tell you she’s found you a new Daddy? They’ll be back tomorrow to set up your baby nursery in the spare bedroom. Oh, stop whimpering! You know my daughter never should have married you. Well, be a good little baby and lie down so I can change your wet diaper!