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    This is the opposite of a fuck you


    She has the posture of Carl from ATHF


    “Hey Fry Man”

    “Oh, hey Carl! I see you woke up.”

    “Yeah, I did, and I got a few questions about what happened yesterday. I remember coming over here to yell at you guys to keep it down, and the next thing I know I’m in my bed, and I got these pair of rocking tits. So, I’m thinking, you uh, wanna tell me what happened to my friggin body?”


    Conspiracy theory: The corporate overlords who own Tumblr are fully aware of what a disastrous idea post+ is. They aren't implementing it because they want it to work, but because they expect it to finally destroy Tumblr and drive away the last of the users. Then they can shut the site down and end the madness once and for all.

    We've luterally endured all sorts of bullshit, what makes you think THIS is what will end this website?




    Why would they have to drive the user off the site? They could just shut it off. This isn’t a Scooby Doo Episode where David Karp has to dress up as a Tumblrbeast and chase everyone away.


    They ruined He-Man too? I wish these people would fuck off.


    For those of you asking they kill of He-Man like right away and the whole show is about Teela.


    They’re being accused of basically baiting people to watch it by making all the preview and promo footage star He-man, but then killing him off in like, the first episode. They’re defending the decision by calling it a “twist” and saying they’re treating the show as a “soft reboot” but come on, it’s just an excuse after the fact, to get away with it.

    I’m not shocked, it’s Kevin Smith, dude is kind of a twat, constantly touting himself as some kind of Woke Fanboy just because he had a show about selling comics once.

    Hence why I’ve severely cut down on watching anything


    They Kill He-Man, then in the sixth episode bring him back, and kill him again,


    Shout out to acclaimed horror mangaka Junji Ito for writing a cute slice of life comedy about competing with his wife for the affection of his two cats and REFUSING to change his eerie, body-horror-filled, vertigo-inducing art style at all for its entire duration


    The artist Ayako Ishiguro, who’s married to Junji Ito, did a painting of the Addams family as cats, thought it belongs on this post.


    This is just literally that face from the creepy bird statue photoshopped on that one cat


    As much as I talk shit about this hellsite for the sheer ignorance and ineptitude of the staff behind it, only on Twitter can you see the absolute and utter meltdown of a furry artist who, upon being outed as being a racist transphobe, felt that 'I may be racist and a transphobe but at least I don't have a micropenis fetish!' was a suitable clapback to the person who outed them.


    I mean they’re not wrong. They’re not right either, granted!

    But they’re not wrong.


    It’s like that fucking horrific food trend that turned out to be from some hack Facebook “magician” who just wanted clout, 90% sure this is another viral marketing scheme in the same vein.


    It looks like Mr Blobby was melted down and formed into the least ergonomically sound chair