Mission Statement:

Welcome to Dream Willies. I own a male appendage, like many of us do. They come in many different guises, as we all may have suspected for some time. Some of us are circumcised without owner input – sorry about that. Some of us have factory ones, and want to stay that way. Fine. And some of us are looking for aftermarket modifications leading to a shortening of the skin sleeve commonly referred to as the foreskin. Those procedures are called adult circumcisions.

Perhaps contrary to common knowledge, the outcome of that procedure can vary much in style, and requires a good understanding of terminology, and of each style’s resulting dynamics, to ensure an outcome matching your requirements. The material shown here on this site is not suitable for making choices concerning the circumcision of non-adults, because the degree of precision implied here is unattainable in that age group, and would not likely manifest.

Dream Willies is not what intactivists would call a pro-circ site. I distance myself from routine infant circumcision as an individual and author, and hereby introduce my site as a place where the raging debate between circumcision advocates and circumcision opponents should find a neutral space in which to objectively review the characteristics of circumcised penises as they are, thereby accommodating the needs of both groups to fully understand and describe the full reality of owning each of the variants shown here.

It may well be that intactivists and circumcision advocates are moving in opposite directions with their respective agendas, but it is inevitable that members of both groups will own similar models of penis. On this site, we want to know what everyone’s ownership experience with their variant is, no matter whether they are planning to increase or reduce glans coverage.  Why? Because I need to write a report for the ministry on my home planet.

The tone I chose for this site is humorous – not because I want to mock anyone, but because we need to keep things in perspective. Without belittling the emotions of either faction, we need to keep in mind that the focus here is pragmatic and observational. Call it scientific if you will. There is no agenda other than to understand more, with both sides of the argument giving input on a level that will hopefully remain mostly technical. I understand that intactivists and foreskin restorers are consumed by a desire to extend their foreskin length, and equally, that adult circumcision advocates are consumed by a desire to reduce theirs. It’s a subjective issue, with both sides gagging for objective facts to substantiate their preference, which is futile. The issue has dynamics not dissimilar to the question of whether the tea will be with or without sugar, as far as I am concerned. In the end, both sides want the same thing – their personal dream willie. May everyone get what they desire in the end, and be gentlemen along the way.

Please keep that in mind when you comment, as rude commentators will be fed to the crocodiles.