Been seeing a lot of posts recently on "diaper training" and the like. Some of the suggestions contained within disturb me and some are downright dangerous.

As someone who has personally been wearing 24/7 for over a decade and whose wife is a "pull-ups by day, diapers by night" accident prone girl and genuine bedwetter let me say this.

The best way to integrate dips into your life if "24/7" or "incontinence" is your goal is to simply wear them daily and use them whenever / wherever you have to. Over time (years) your body will adjust to the "new normal" of going potty in your pants as the need arises and eventually you will be going with very little, if any, warning or control.

Please be aware that 24/7 diapering is very expensive and WILL lead to embarrassing situations with family, friends and the public at large NO MATTER HOW PREPARED YOU THINK YOU ARE.

Ultimately, do what makes you happy... so long as no other persons are harmed in the process. Be informed, make smart choices and please don't endanger your health with questionable or risky practices hoping for quick rewards. NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES QUICKLY OR EASILY.

Thank you.