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    Babymoon - commission for @yourgravidgirl ! Thanks so much! 💜


    Our babymoon was supposed to be our last getaway as a couple before our family grew. Something peaceful and relaxing, for just the two of us to enjoy together. And it had been just that...for the first two days of our trip, anyway.

    James had booked us a beautiful seaside resort, with a private balcony almost on the beach. We ordered room service for breakfast and dinner every day, took long, long walks on the beach, kissed in the sand and soaked up some sun rays, and took advantage of their other amenities too. We both got massages, and I even got a pedicure, which was great for me seeing as I hadn’t seen my toes in at least four months!

    However, I think we did a little too much relaxing, because last night around midnight, when I waddled to the bathroom for my first of my nightly trips, my water broke. Gushed all over the floor, surprised me so much I couldn’t help but cry out. James came right away to my rescue, the sweetheart, even though he was half asleep.

    I admit I had been feeling a little crampy during the day, but things were so beautiful and lovely here that I had written it off as braxton-hicks. And...the baby felt so heavy and low in my pelvis while I was getting my toes done, but I had figured it was just the awkward salon chair and the massage I had gotten the day before. But no, it seemed to be that our baby had determined that a “babymoon” meant that the baby had to be actually present. When I told James as much, he laughed and kissed me all over.

    Contractions had started up just a short while after my water broke, but they were mild enough that I was able to breathe through them. I sat out on our balcony and breathed with the sound of the surf, and it was amazingly relaxing. James went reluctantly back to sleep for a while, I promised him I’d wake him up if things changed. After a little while, I followed him to bed and managed to also get some rest, the contractions being steady enough that I could. I felt lucky.

    When the sun came up, shining off the ocean into our windows, I found myself getting up with it and going out onto the balcony again, stretching and massaging my heavy belly. Something told me today would be the day, and even though we were so far from home and kind of unprepared, I felt comfortable enough at least laboring here, if not delivering here. I smiled and looked down at my belly, inhaling as I felt the tension of my next contraction rise.

    And that’s where my birth story really started...baby on a babymoon.

    “Oooh…” I moaned softly, and I could almost feel James’s ears perk up from his spot on the bed.

    “You havin’ a contraction, babe?” he called out, and I heard the shuffling of the sheets.

    “Yes…” I called back with a smile, closing my eyes and leaning back into him as he came up behind me, wrapping his arms low around my waist and cupping my belly in both hands.

    His presence was so warm and comforting, and combined with the sound and smell of the surf, I felt like I was floating through the wave of my contraction, even as it peaked and I could feel my muscles tighten. Taking a deep breath through my nose, I slowly let it out through pursed lips like I was taught by our midwife in the few classes we had taken, letting myself relax and lean back into my strong hubby.

    After letting it fade fully, I opened my eyes and kissed his cheek, nuzzling him a bit. “Mm. They’re not close together or super intense, but they’re getting steadier…”

    He turned and looked at me with a slight expression of concern, stroking my belly with his palms. “...Should we try to get home?”

    I couldn’t help but laugh, shaking my head. “It’s a little too late for that now, hun. I think baby’s gonna come here.”

    His eyes bugged a bit. “Like...here here?”

    I reached up to cup his face and give him a reassuring kiss before answering. “Mm...mhm. But I think we can do this...we’ve gone to those classes, right?” I turned around in his embrace, resting my arms on his shoulders and looking up into his eyes. “And plus...it’s so beautiful here. What better place to have a baby!”

    I watched at his face melted into a small smile, and he sighed, giving in. “...Okay. But the minute you say so, I’m ready to load up and go to the hospital. Ok?”

    “Deal. Now...why don’t you go order us some room service and let the front desk know what’s going on?” I smiled, booping his nose with one finger.

    “Okay.”  He leaned down to kiss me again, then ambled back into our suite. I heard him fumbling with the phone as I turned to look out at the ocean again. Maybe after we ate, we could spend some time on the beach...the sun would feel amazing while I labored.

    Resting my hands on the small of my back, I gently swayed my hips from side to side and marvelled at the feeling of our baby so, so low between my hips. It was heavy, but also felt good. I had been waiting for this for so long, and couldn’t help but smile as I felt another contraction wave beginning its flow through my body.


    Room service got there fairly quickly, and I made my way back inside after a few more contractions in the sun. James handed me a bowl of oatmeal and fruit, helping me sit on the bed and prop my feet up before taking his own seat at the foot of the bed with his plate of pancakes.

    “So guess what front desk said?”

    “Hm?” I blinked at him over the edge of my bowl, fruit filling my mouth. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was.

    “People apparently have done this before. Had babies here. Apparently there’s just something so relaxing about this place that they just...wanna come out and see it for themselves.” He smiled and took a big syrupy bite, and I blinked, swallowing my own.

    “Really? How cool is that...so they don’t mind?”

    He shook his head as he chewed, gesturing with his fork. “Mm! Nope! They said not to worry about it, and they’ll inform the people in the suites around us.”

    “...You definitely booked us the right resort, honey.” I laughed and dug back in to my food, smirking at James’s proud look.

    As we ate, hubby turned on the TV and we lazily watched for a bit, flicking past a few cooking shows and the news before settling on a cute and colorful cartoon. “This’ll be our life for a while,” James teased, grinning over at me. “Better get used to it.”

    “At least they’re cute.” I giggled and finished off my food, then set the bowl aside just in time for another wave of tension to wash through me. Inhaling deeply, I rested my hands on my belly and closed my eyes, stretching my legs out straight. “Oof. Okay…”

    James was right there as soon as I made my little noise of discomfort, rubbing my belly and kissing my cheek. “You got this...just breathe it out, nice and deep.”

    His words were super comforting to me, and I leaned my head on his shoulder, taking a deep inhale. My hands rested on the top of my belly while his gently caressed the bottom of my tense stomach. As the contraction peaked, my toes unconsciously curled and I puffed my cheeks out in a whoosh of breath, my brow furrowing.

    “Easy...easy.” My sweet hubby murmured in my ear, kissing my cheek and pressing his hand more firmly against my belly.

    Soon enough, it was over, and I relaxed back into the pillows. “Oof. Oh wow. Okay. That was stronger.”

    “Yeah, I could tell…” James curled some of my hair behind my ear and looked at me, as if asking me what to do next.

    I looked back at him, then smiled a little. “Ok. Before the next one kicks my ass, let's get dressed and go out to the beach for a while, okay? I wanna get some sun…”

    “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” he asked with a slightly worried face, and I nodded and kissed his nose.

    “Mhm. Sun and sand. Let’s go.”

    With that, he helped me off the bed, and we lazily got dressed and readied ourselves to go out onto the beach.


    When I stepped out onto the patio next, I was wearing the comfiest outfit I could manage from the things I packed - a soft cream colored bikini top and a flowy skirt with a colorful flowered pattern and a soft, super stretchy waistband, which I had pulled down low to expose as much of my belly to the sun as I could. I had slipped on a pair of James’s sunglasses, and plopped a big floppy sunhat on my head to complete the look.

    James, the dear, was leaning hard into this whole ‘dad’ look, and I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him step out into the sun with me. He had bought these loud, neon pineapple printed bermuda shorts specifically for the babymoon, and was wearing them proudly with a dad ball cap and sandals. He gave me a crooked grin and took my hand, carrying our sunscreen and a blanket on the other side.

    We stepped out of the little gate and right onto the beach, sinking into the warm sand. I led, waddling carefully until the sand grew a little firmer, nearer to the water, then I gave my hubby’s hand a squeeze, signalling him that this was where we should stop. He busied himself with spreading out the blanket, while I stood and took in the waves and the beautiful ocean smell in the air.

    It wasn’t long before I had another contraction, and it was strong like the last had been. Inhaling deeply through my nose, I pressed my hands hard against the small of my back and tried to concentrate on the waves rolling onto the beach instead of the steadily mounting pressure. After a moment though, I couldn’t hold it anymore, and I closed my eyes, letting out a soft uncomfortable moan and dropping my head forward.

    I could hear James coming, and he was quickly behind me, holding my hips and pressing into them a bit. “Is that okay, honey?” He murmured in my ear, and I was able to give him a quick nod. The counterpressure was lovely, and we swayed back and forth like that for the rest of my contraction while I tried to time my breathing to the waves.

    Slowly letting out my breath as I felt it fade, I waited a minute before opening my eyes and looking up at James, leaning in to give him a quick kiss. “Mm. That’s nice.”

    “Mkay. I’ll keep it up then.” He answered quietly as he snuggled up behind me, pressing his chest against my back. I smiled and let myself lean back into him, watching the waves and holding the bottom of my heavy belly in both hands.

    It was truthfully nice to be doing this here, even though I had honestly wanted to deliver at home. Everything there was familiar, I had my own bed, my own pillows, I knew where things were and also knew I wouldn’t be bothering anyone...but standing here on the beach with James lovingly holding my hips and feeling my baby stir inside my belly, I knew I could do it. I knew I could have my baby here, and they’d have an amazing story to tell later on in life. And so would I, as a matter of fact.

    The next contraction came on before I expected it, and I let out a soft “oof!” of surprise, my hips rocking forward with the force of the wave of pressure. James laughed softly in surprise too, leaning into my hips and rubbing with the heels of his hands. “Whoa there…” he chuckled, and I couldn’t help but laugh too, even through the tension of my midsection.

    Closing my eyes, I held my belly tight in both hands and swayed my hips side to side, relying on instinct and my body to tell me what to do. The sun felt so warm against my skin, and the sand beneath my feet wasn’t hot enough to burn but enough so that I was aware of it. With a soft, unconscious groan, I leaned forward a bit around my gravid middle, curling around my taut belly and huffing for breath.

    James, bless him, took this as a signal and began to rub and press into my back instead, which helped massively. Taking a deep breath, I moaned again softly as the contraction peaked. Still letting myself sway side to side, I tried to relax, listening to the sound of the waves and even to my own noises.

    Once that one was over, I looked over at James, giving him a faint smile. “Yeah, this baby is definitely coming.”

    He gave me a smile that was half excited and half nervous. “Wanna sit down?”

    “Yeah sure.” I sighed and put a hand to my hat, holding it on my head and taking hold of his hand.

    We flopped down on the blanket, and James busied himself with smoothing some sunscreen over my shoulders and chest. I won’t deny, we paused for a few deep kisses, the two of us smiling against each other's lips like we were doing something illegal. He took his time smoothing the sunscreen over my arms and then my belly, and I leaned back on both hands to watch him.

    I could feel the tension of another contraction building. Shifting my hips, I lifted one knee up and bit my lip as I tried to get comfortable, the pressure building and barrelling through my belly and pelvis before I had much time to react. “Hhhooof.” I grunted, letting my eyes shut tightly.

    The next thing I was aware of was James...pressing soft, gentle kisses to my exposed belly, and they were almost as warm as the sun on my skin. I moaned again at that, my head falling back and my hat falling off. I didn’t care though, I was in absolute bliss. He stroked low on my belly, and I half-heard him mumbling something about how amazing I was, how tight my muscles were.

    Rolling my head to the side, I grunted softly and tried to shift my hips, the pressure uncomfortably intense. My knee butterflied to the side, and I scrunched up my face as the contraction peaked in pressure, trying to control my breathing but not having much luck.

    Finally, I was able to let out the air in a whoosh, and I opened my eyes to see James staring at me with a look of awe on his face. “Wow…” He whispered, and I laughed, pulling him in for another deep, passionate kiss.

    And that was how I labored at first, sitting in the sun with my lovely partner and listening to the waves, the sea birds, and feeling the sun on my skin. For a while I stayed sitting, then I got up onto my knees, finding that it was easier for me to shift my hips and move around while I had contractions in that position. James snuggled up behind me and rubbed my hips and back, giving my belly lots of attention and sneaking many, many kisses between contractions. I was in absolute heaven.

    Moaning my way through a particularly long contraction, I let my head drop forward and rocked my hips side to side. James mumbled sweet nothings into my ear as I worked my way through, his hands rubbing from my hips to the bottom swell of my belly and back. It felt like we were working together.

    “Hnnn…” I moaned a little bit louder, scrunching my eyes shut and curling forward around the swell of my belly. “Ahhh...hahh-”

    “That’s it...easy, Kat, easy...whoa-!”

    And suddenly the two of us and the towel underneath us were covered in a huge gush of warm fluid. I gasped and looked down at myself, and James laughed, kissing at my shoulder. “Uhhh...yeah, baby’s coming. If I didn’t already believe you.”

    “Oh wow. Oh wow, that felt so weird…!” I gasped for breath, laughing and sliding a hand between my legs to press at the wet fabric. “Ahh…” I breathed through the last of the contraction with a smile on my face, knowing that I must be progressing.

    When it was over, James affectionately patted me on the butt. “I think that’s time to go inside, okay?”

    “Yeah...yeah. Lemme just go get my feet wet, okay?”


    With a smile, he helped me rock up to my feet, and I carefully waddled out into the surf, letting the cold water wash over my feet and swollen ankles. “Ahhh…” I sighed, enjoying the feeling as long as I could.

    After a moment, James took my hand, and together we slowly made our way back to our suite, pausing once in the journey for me to have a contraction. I hung on his shoulders and swayed my hips, my moans muffled into his chest. He hung onto me and easily supported my weight, kissing the top of my head as he swayed with me.

    When we finally made it inside, I immediately and without caring stripped down to just the bikini top while standing right outside our door, wiping the sand off of my feet and moving to the soft bed. I had another contraction once I reached it, and I flopped my hands down on the mattress and braced myself against it, moaning somewhat louder than I’d let myself out on the beach. Without the cushion of my bag of waters, the contractions were becoming much more intense. They weren’t unbearable, and it wasn’t quite painful, but there was definitely an increase in pressure deep in my pelvis, and it was uncomfortable.

    With a grunt, I shifted and propped one knee up on the bed, opening myself up as much as I could. It was all I could think about, opening up and letting myself widen. I rocked back and forth, one hand braced on the soft mattress and the other grabbing my knee to keep myself steady. “Ohhhh….” I found myself moaning with the wave of tension, my jaw dropping loosely open. “Ahhhh…ahhhhh...hahhhh….oof.” I puffed my cheeks and let my head drop forward as the contraction peaked. I leaned hard against my knee, focusing on the feeling of opening, widening, and the sensation of my baby dropping further and further down.

    The intense contraction finally let go after a minute, and I slowly uncurled myself and pushed my hair back out of my face, sighing deeply. I became aware of the feeling of being watched, and slowly looked over my shoulder with a small smile to see James, who had been standing behind me watching me work my way through the contraction the entire time.

    “...Wow.” He mumbled, slowly coming over to me. “You’re really working hard now.”

    “Yeah. They’re intense.” I mumbled, reaching out a hand for him.

    He slowly made his way over to me and took my hand, and I smirked as I noticed how flushed he was. “...You wanna try some of what we talked about with the midwife?” I asked with a grin, giving his hand a squeeze.

    “What do you mean?” He blinked and tilted his head to the side.

    “Y'know. Massage, counterpressure, that kinda stuff.”

    He drew a little closer and rubbed my back with his free hand. “...Wasn’t that stuff she was going to do for you?”

    “Well, yeah, but she did say you were welcome to take part too...plus,” I leaned in and kissed his cheek. “She’s not here, is she? You gotta help me through this, honey.”

    A smile slowly spread across his face, and he nodded, giving me a soft squeeze around the midsection. “Yeah…! I mean yeah, of course! Whatever you want me to do, honey. We can get this baby out together.”

    I smiled at his eagerness, leaning in and pressing a kiss to his lips. We stayed there like that for a little bit, and I slowly wrapped my arms around his shoulders and relaxed into him as we kissed each other and just...relaxed into the closeness.

    It didn’t last very long though, as another contraction crept its way through my pelvis, and I inhaled sharply. “Mmph. Okay.” Letting out my breath, I used him as balance to slowly lower myself to sit on the edge of the bed. Opening my knees wide, I rested one hand on my knee and held the other out for him. “Come here, hon...I’m having one…”

    “Yep, right here…” He murmured, and placed his hand in mine. I right away guided him to press his hand against my swollen vagina, pressing mine against his to signal him to give pressure. “Just...oof. There. Just give me some...pressure, and rub there…” I leaned back on my hands as the contraction increased, and James kneeled down in between my legs, rubbing my thigh with his other hand.

    As I breathed my way through the contraction, James watched me with a small smile on his face and murmured sweet nothings, massaging my labia and giving gentle counterpressure. He was a natural, and having his voice to listen to as well as the sensation of his hand against me was absolutely blissful. I moaned in happiness and let my eyes drift closed, focusing on opening and the feeling of my loving partner’s hand between my legs. “Mmm...mmmm god that feels so good…” I couldn’t help but moan, and I swore I could just feel my sweetheart smile.

    He snuggled up tighter and kept up the massage until I relaxed and opened my eyes to look at him, and I was right, he did have a big smile on his face.

    “God, honey...you’re so beautiful.” He whispered, and I laughed, shaking my hair out of my face.


    “Seriously. You’re so...round, and focused, and those sounds you’re making...god.” He whispered, leaning in to kiss my belly as I tried to catch my breath.

    “Thanks honey…” I whispered back, reaching out and gently stroking my fingers through his hair. “I couldn’t do this without you.”

    “Oh you totally could. You’d pop this baby out and be down at the buffet for dinner.”

    I laughed at that, then inhaled as another contraction took me by surprise. Bowing my head forward, I tried to breathe through puffed cheeks. James, still chuckling, went right back to massaging and rubbing my labia. “That’s it...you got this, babe. You got this.”

    The contractions had definitely increased in pressure, and the intensity of the sensation in my hips was incredible. With a soft grunt, I leaned back on my hands and rocked my hips up in an effort to ease the pressure, which caused James’s wrist to slip and brush across my clit. I gasped loudly and grabbed his wrist, the pleasure mixing with the increase in pressure.

    Immediately he took my cue, and his other hand darted over to rub two fingers on my clit as the other hand kept steady pressure on my labia. He leaned in close and whispered encouragement in my ear as he did so- “You’re doing so well, babe. You got this. You got this...I’m right here, and I got you. Just breathe.”

    Moaning in absolute ecstasy, I threw one arm around his shoulders and leaned into him, my hips lifted off the bed a bit so I could continue rolling them back and forth. My mind began to go fuzzy with both concentration on the task at hand and the pleasure rolling through me, mixing with the intense pressure of the baby in my pelvis, my heavy belly and breasts, and the contraction tensing up all my muscles. All I could think about was our baby, and him, and how good and right this felt.

    When the contraction ended, I let out my breath and slowly lowered my hips, then turned to kiss James on the lips, mumbling against him. “Mmph.Don’t...stop that.”

    He smiled against me and kissed me back just as lovingly and passionately. “Yes ma’am.”


    The next few contractions went by like a breeze. I was in absolute heaven. We tried a couple of position changes when I got restless sitting on the bed. Standing at the foot and holding onto the bedframe and leaning on the wall were both good, but I found I felt my best when I was squatting down on the side of the bed. I could lean on the mattress, and James could stay super close to me and still reach to give me massage and love. It was honestly lovely, and the feeling of working through my contractions along with him was a dream.

    However, after only about an hour of this, things really started to get intense. I barely had time to rest between contractions, they slowly became right on top of each other. I could sense that things were shifting, and I began to feel the instinct that I would be pushing soon. James could tell that it was getting more intense as well, as he’d stopped trying to talk to me between contractions, and had left my side a few times to grab a cool washcloth for my face and to grab some water from our little mini fridge.

    When I had a moment to breathe, I would sip on the water, wipe at my face with the washcloth to cool myself down, and steal a quick kiss from James before lying my head down on the bed and closing my eyes to try to center myself. I had shifted to kneeling after a while of squatting because my legs had gotten tired, but I knew I wanted to get back to squatting when it was time to push.

    It was like I had a signal from my body after a moment of rest, and I patted James on the arm, murmuring low. “Gonna try pushing, okay babe?”

    His eyes bugged out, but he nodded and grinned. “You do what you gotta do, honey. I’m right here. Want me to grab towels?”

    I nodded back in reply, grabbing the bed and carefully shifting myself into a squat, belly hanging between my knees. I felt James get up and rush to the bathroom as I looked down at myself and took a deep breath, blowing it out through puffed cheeks and pursed lips. This felt so perfect, so right.

    James barely got back with the towels and I was already pushing. The contraction had come back with force, tensing up my belly, and I followed my instinct, took a deep breath, and pushed, leaning hard on my elbows on the bed. “Hn-” I grunted as I started my push, then gasped as I let it out, allowing myself to moan. “-ngh! Ohhh...hohhh…” Panting, I took another deep breath and growled as I bore down again, overwhelmed with how open I felt and how low my baby was in my pelvis.

    James put a hand to my lower back and I could feel his hand cupping between my legs. “That’s it, babe. You got it. Push!”

    “Ohhh...hohhh...ngh-” I grunted as I bore down again, then gasped as the contraction let me go, and bowed my head forward to rest on the mattress. James immediately kissed at the back of my neck and shoulder, smoothing my hair back from my forehead. “That was amazing.”

    “Did you...see anything?” I asked as I tried to catch my breath, and he shook his head.

    “You’re pretty...bulgy down there, but I can’t see a head yet. But I’m sure you will on the next push. You got this.” He leaned in and kissed my forehead, and I smiled and closed my eyes.

    The next contraction was on me before I knew it, and I sat up on my elbows, bowing my head forward as I prepared to push. “Okay. Okay. Hngh-” I scrunched my eyes shut tight and curled forward around my belly as I bore down.

    “Honey! Honey, I see the head!” James suddenly cried out, and I couldn’t help but let go of my push and breathlessly laugh at the absolute joy in his voice.

    “Ahh! Hahh, ohhh come on-” I grunted and leaned forward more onto the bed as I pushed again, puffing out my cheeks and spreading my knees apart wider.

    “Gah!” I grunted as I let go of my push along with the contraction, panting hard. “Hahh...ahh…” With a shaky hand, I reached down to feel, and touched fingertips with my partner. There, widening me in a perfect circle, was the top of the baby’s head. I gasped, then squealed in breathless laughter, looking down at my belly. “Oh my god!”

    “Theyre perfect, Kat. They’re perfect. You can do this!” James cheered, stroking my labia very softly around the baby’s head.

    Shivering at the lovely feeling, I groaned as I leaned forward onto my elbows and bore down again, moaning in ecstasy and excitement as I felt the baby’s head pushing down along with my efforts.

    On my next push, I gave a big grunt and the baby’s head popped right out, gushing some fluid onto the floor. I laughed in excitement and looked over my shoulder, and I could feel James cupping the baby’s head in both his hands. “I got em, I got em babe! Push, they’re almost here!”

    Panting, I carefully shifted my hips to either side, then moaned loudly and bore down as hard as I could. “Nnnn….nnnngh! Ahh!”

    With a loud moan and a gush of fluid, our baby was born right into his dad’s hands, just as the sun was beginning to come down outside and the call of seabirds was ringing outside our window.

    Laughing, James quickly helped me turn and sit down, the baby draped perfectly over his arm. He placed her on my chest, then leaned in to kiss me deeply. “You did it, babe. You did it. Happy babymoon.”

    Tears in my eyes, I looked down at our baby and beamed, stroking her perfect little head. “Happy babymoon.”

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    What I love about birth:

    Waters agressively breaking

    Waters breaking in public

    Public labour and birth

    Crown in pants

    Quick birth in unexpected place

    Giving birth alone

    Unassisted hands off birth

    That moment when you can see the head peering out. It dips in and out before lips slowly stretch.

    Slow hands off stretch where the lips struggle around the head.

    The gush as the head is born

    Shoulders stuck

    Wanna ask me more? My inbox is open.


    Literally love all of these so much! Only adding a romantic partner and orgasm during birth. Mmm yes!

    Shared Experience

    Story contains: Fpreg, Mpreg, and fisting. Enjoy!

    After many years of wanting, Mark and Jessie finally got the news of their pregnancy! And a few months later, it was revealed to be twins! However, as the due date got closer, doctors were increasingly nervous about Jessie's health. They began offering ways to help like an early C-section (which neither of them wanted) or aborting one of the twins. Completely shocked at the options in front of them, Mark started seeking out treatment from the witch down the street. If anyone could help, maybe she could.

    The witch listened to their story and began thinking of options. Then Mark said: "I wish I could help somehow. Take some of the pain away from my wife." This gave the witch an idea! After performing a few spells and telling Mark to go home and rest, it was revealed what the witch had done. She split up the twins and gave one baby to Mark to carry. Mark and Jessie were elated! Jessie now had much more energy, and her health was improving quickly. Mark now had his own weight but was excited to be helping in a more physical way. The only problem was gonna be hiding the situation until the babies are born.

    A month goes by and the babies are now full term. Mark was able to get away with his "beer belly" and Jessie got her normal praise over her growing belly. They decided the best place to handle the birth was at a hotel. One, because the hospital would never let them give birth together, and two, because it was nearing their anniversary and a hotel stay was tradition. The night began with some chocolate covered strawberries and belly rubbing. This shared pregnancy seemed to bring them closer together in a sexual way too. The contractions were beginning for Jessie, so she began rocking back and forth on the bed with Mark rubbing her lower back along with his own midsection. The pain started to increase so Jessie got up and began to pace around the room, deciding where best to prop up herself for the coming moments.

    Mark loved Jessie's pregnant figure and couldn't help but touch himself as he watched her pace. One of their shared fantasies was to coach her give birth and it was finally coming true. They brought stretching toys and lube for the occasion along with the necessary towels and baby items once the little one(s) come into the world. Mark offered to stretch her one last time before she starts pushing and her face lit up in anticipation. Kneeling down to her open legs, Mark starts off with some lubed up fingers, stretching her tight hole and fingering her swollen clit. Jessie lets out a moan, a mixture of pleasure and pain. When Mark's fingers start to work their magic, he slowly begins to insert his balled-up fist. Jessie gasps from the sensation. The stretch excites her and makes her moan even more.

    Mark begins to add some motion to his hand and open Jessie even wider. She begins to whine louder, worrying a bit that the neighboring room might hear her. "Shhh... If you can't be quiet now, giving birth will be obvious!" Mark teases her. Jessie smirks and then winces in pain from a surprise contraction. Mark removes his hand and stands up to hold Jessie as she begins to sway back and forth in his arms. This position would be better if Mark's belly was its usual flatness, but the twin is now snuggled close between his mom's back and dad's front. They hold each other close as Mark tells Jessie some encouraging words. "You're gonna do so good. You have a strong body. Let the baby come down." As he whispers to his wife, it's as if the twin heard him as well, and began pressing into his father's opening. Mark took in a sharp inhale as he realized his own contractions beginning. But he must focus on Jessie first. She's closer to birth, but now he must help her while experiencing his own pain.

    "Ohh!" Jessie moans as water rushes out of her vagina, soaking the carpet. "Ohhhhhhhh... " she whimpers, feeling the baby's head push deeper into her birth canal. Mark helps her onto the bed and does his best to clean up the mess. (Getting down on the ground didn't used to be so difficult!) Jessie begins to pant and pull her knees closer to her chest. The pain is getting stronger, but her birthing goal is now in sight. She builds up her focus and closes her eyes, concentrating on the feeling. Mark climbs onto the bed at her feet and starts back into his encouragements. "Honey, you got this. Keep focusing. Push when you're ready." Jessie is panting now while waiting for the next contraction to push. Mark is gripping his stomach as it tightens, trying to hide the pain from his wife. The movement inside is clear, however. This baby wants out. And if Jessie doesn't give birth soon, Mark may beat her to it.

    As soon as the contraction begins, Jessie pushes as hard as she can. The movement bringing the child slightly closer to her gaping hole. Mark begins to see the head and reaches a finger inside to feel. "That's it! You're doing it! I can feel the baby coming!" That last line ringing true in more ways than one. Jessie releases her push, and the baby slides back inside. "C'mon babe, don't let it go. Push!" Jessie grabs ahold of her legs again and pushes even harder, her face contorting into that of the women giving birth on tv. She was one of them now! She is a powerful mother telling her body what to do. Mark regains his erection as he watches the head make its appearance again. This time making Jessie's vagina bulge from its width.

    As Jessie's wet pussy reaches its widest crown, she starts to moan from the pain and worry that this was a bad idea. "I can't! It's too big!" Jessie pants. Sweat dripping off her forehead. Mark places his hands on either side of her enormous crown and locks eyes with her. "Yes, you can. You are going to push our baby out. And then you're gonna help me push too." Mark gives a little smile to hide the pain. Jessie suddenly realized Mark's words and nods her head in excited agreement. She gives a few deep breaths and then holds it to bear down on her aching hole, pressing the child even more into the world. "Yes! Yes! Keep going!" Mark yells, not caring about the sound. Jessie takes her cue to be loud as well and lets out a scream as the head finally emerges with a gush of fluids.

    With the head finally out, Jessie has a chance to breath and refocus herself. "Are you in labor too?" she asks her husband between pants. Mark nods, still concentrating on Jessie's baby. He's felt his body open internally more than anything ever before and the pains are much worse than any digestive pains he's felt in the past. But he'll think about that when his other child is finally born. "C'mon honey. One more push!" Jessie brings her knees to her chest and bears down one final time. She can feel the baby turn within her and she screams again as the shoulders make their exit with the body flowing out quickly after them. Mark grabs the squirming infant and places it on Jessie's chest. Now that this one is out, Mark finally lets his own pain show. He moves to his hands and knees and pulls down his shorts. This is gonna be a first for him, but he feels like he knows exactly what to do.

    Jessie cleans up herself the best she can and cuts the umbilical cord with the supplies they brought. This baby is luckily very calm and falls asleep as soon as Jessie wraps it in a blanket. Still in pain herself, she stays seated on the bed and instructs her husband to move toward her so she can help him push. Mark crawls on the bed until his wife has full access to his birth canal. The pain is distinct and directing this baby straight to his ass. It's all he can do from groaning out loud. "Babe, you're doing so great" Jessie comforts him. "You moan all you want. This is so wonderful, and the pain is gonna be so worth it." Jessie rubs her hands over Mark's thighs and his lower back. She inserts one finger into his hole to check his progress. She feels the head when she gets to her third knuckle and decides there's still time to open him up before the birth officially commences.

    Mark is now rocking back and forth, praying this pain doesn't last too long. He saw his wife endure tremendous pressure enough to make her scream. But he is thankful that he is taking on this second baby for her. Just gotta get through his own birth now. Jessie lubes up her fingers and gives the same love to her husband that he gave her earlier: some stretching to prepare the area. Mark relaxes into her touch and focuses on the stretch. Jessie goes slow, but she knows what Mark loves. Once she's satisfied with his looseness, she presses a strong fist inside. Mark lets out a moan that Jessie recognizes. She loves making him happy, and fisting has always been a favorite of his. She twists her hand and pushes into him more, knowing this would help him through the upcoming pain. Mark pants out loud and starts clutching the bedsheets in his hands.

    "Good boy!" Jessie commends him. She loves hearing him vocalize and is so excited to offer him a safe place to enjoy his fetishes. (Also to help relieve any pain from the baby inside.) As she continues this fisting play, she feels the head of the twin come closer to her hand. Slowly she removes her fist to see the baby’s head inside his gaping hole. "You're so close babe! I can see the head!" Mark relaxes from her hand being removed, but the pleasure is quickly replaced by a more intense stretch. Mark gives in to the pressure and leans in to push; his ass angling lower to help the baby move down. Jessie has her hands on each cheek, watching the head open his hole wider and wider. "Oh my god, you're doing it! Babe you're doing it!" Jessie squeals in excitement. Mark loves her encouraging words but can only focus on the direction his body is going. Push push push! He moans as he feels his ass widen from the baby's head tunneling its way out. Jessie does her best to help by stretching the skin around his hole and pressing on the perineum. "You're so close babe! One more push!" Mark pants and plants his face into the bed to scream and push with all his strength.

    Water and other fluids soak the bed and Jessie's waiting hands as the baby's face makes its appearance. Halfway out, Mark feels behind himself to caress his child's head. Made with love and brought into the world together. Mark smiles as he realizes how crazy this night has been. One last contraction builds up inside his body and he wills the baby's body into Jessie's lap. Mark nearly collapses from the final push but he manages to turn around and face his wife and new baby. Jessie collects her other child from the bed and places it in his open arms. Both babies, large and healthy, safely born with the equal help of their parents. What better ending could you ask for?

    My first birth fic...

    I’ll post more recent ones if this gets a good reaction. This is one of the first I wrote.

    I’m 42 weeks pregnant and about to give birth. There’s a huge snowstorm outside; there’s no way an ambulance will be able to get to me, let alone family or friends. I’m terrified; the doctors estimated this baby to be 10lbs, and even though I was planning a vaginal delivery, I was planning it in hospital… surrounded by doctors and nurses, with all of the pain relief I could wish for. As another contraction rips through my stomach, it’s a harsh reminder that I really am about to do this all alone. I know I only have so much time to move around and gather what I need, so before the next contraction comes, I grab as much as I can – waterproof pads, scissors and shoelaces to cut the cord, lots of clean towels and blankets and the bathroom scales to weigh the baby. I then have to decide which room to give birth it, because once I’m settled, there’s no way I’ll be moving again! Part of me wants to stay in the bathroom to minimise the mess, but instinct is telling me that I’ll be more comfortable in my bedroom, so that’s where I settle. After the next wave of contractions pass, I try to make a plan. I’m going to let my body do as much of the work as possible, but with a 10lb baby to get out, I know I’m going to be doing a LOT of pushing, so I get as many ‘pushing areas’ set up for different pushing positions as I can. I lower the chair and pull it away from the desk, so I can use it to sit on, to lean against, to squat against… I move the foot stool out into the space by the cupboard as a makeshift birth stool, I put an old cushion on the floor by the window to catch any mess if I want to push holding onto the window sill and I cover my bed in waterproof pads. By the time I’m done, the next wave of contractions washes over me, and I collapse onto my bed, already exhausted.

    After 8 hours of labouring on my bed, drifting in and out of sleep, I can feel the head pressing down on my cervix, making me want to push. I resist the urge though, panting quickly through it instead. I know I’ll need to push soon, but I want to conserve as much energy as possible. With each contraction, the head presses down more and more and after another hour, it’s impossible to resist any longer. Still semi laying on the bed, I open my legs wide and bear down right into my bum. I feel the head move down ever so slightly. It hurts so bad, but at the same time, it’s so satisfying, the pressure almost orgasmic. With the contraction over, I decide to move so that gravity can help bring the head down. I get off my bed and stand by my chair. With my arms resting on the back of it, I rest my head on my arms and let part my legs. I give another big push down, my knees naturally bending with each one. I don’t try to fight it though, and I continue to give big, hard pushes. I feel the head slip from the confines of my cervix and settle in the birth canal, inching down with each push and slipping back up as I stop pushing. It’s beginning to get hard now; the head stretching my birth canal feels like I’ve got a full-sized bowling ball wedged up there, and for the first time, I begin to doubt my ability of getting it out. I just don’t understand how something that size is going to stretch me wide enough to come out. My thoughts are interrupted by another contraction though, and I find myself bearing down again, my eyes screwed shut, my fingers tightly gripping onto the back of the chair. My legs are shaking with the effort, and as I finish that push, I let out a loud moan. I put my hand down there, but of course, there’s nothing to feel yet – the head is still way up inside me. I try to catch my breath, but the rest is short-lived, and I soon find myself straining with all my might again. After another 5 minutes of pushing, I feel like I need to change positions. I feel like I’m not open wide enough, and any progress being made is just being undone every time I straighten my knees, so I decide to use the foot stool for a while. I stand with my back toward it, then gripping it with my hands, I lower myself into a sitting squat, allowing my hands to take most of my weight. I can feel my pelvis open up more in this position, and with the next contraction, I push right down into my bum. This time, I can feel the head moving down as soon as I begin pushing, slowly forcing it’s way through my sore birth canal. Pushing in this position is great for moving it down, but my arms tire quickly, and by the next wave of contractions, I can’t hold this position any longer. I decide to go back to my standing squat, but this time using the foot stool. I stand up and face it, rest my knees against each of the wooden legs, naturally forming a squatting positon, then I lean forward and hold onto the foot stool with my hands to support myself. I work through the next few contractions, bearing down into my bum with each one. In this position, I fall into a natural rhythm of a deep breath in, a really big strain and a long moan at the end of the push. This goes on for the next 10 minutes, but by now, every muscle in my body is aching. I stand up and put one foot up on the foot stool, and gently insert 2 fingers inside me. I can feel the head with the tips of my fingers, it slowly pressing down on them as my body involuntarily pushes. I remove my fingers and move over to the window. With both the window sill and the window frame to hold onto, I can really begin to let rip. With my hands holding on tightly to the window frame, I squat down with my legs open wide and push and grunt and pant and scream for all I’m worth. There’s no orgasmic feeling any more – just intense pain. By now, I sound like a wild animal; grunting loudly as I push, roaring at the end of each one. I don’t care though – pure, primal instinct has taken over. I continue to bear down harder and harder, my entire body trembling with the effort. On the 10th push, a huge bulge appears, the head slowly stretching my vagina and parting my lips. The burning, oh, the burning. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt, and I let out a deep howl as I stop pushing. My throbbing red lips slowly come back together as the head retreats back inside, but the bulge is still there. It really is the size of a small bowling ball, my hand not able to fully cup it. With my legs barely able to hold me up, I slowly make my way over to the bed, knowing that that’s where I’ll be delivering my baby. With the pillows propped up behind me, I’m able to relax before the next contraction comes. When it does, I pull my legs back with my hands, put my chin to my chest and push hard. Harder than ever before. My lips quickly part again as an inch of the head becomes visible. The burning is so bad now and I’m howling as I push, but I don’t let it go. I push 3 times with that same contraction, the head gradually moving down with each one. It once again goes back when I stop pushing, but I know that I’m making progress. There’s a natural lull in the contractions, so I make the most of it and let my legs relax, resting my head back on the pillows. A few minutes later, the contractions come back stronger than ever. I just want this over with, so I block out the pain and just push and strain as much as I possibly can. I feel myself opening up more and more, the burning sensation now turning to fire. I let out an almighty screech as I’m stretched open more and more. The head isn’t fully crowned yet, but my perineum is already stretched paper thin, bulging out as the head pushes down. I have no idea how this head is going to come out, I just know it has to. The contractions come back. I’m scared for the pain that’s about to come, but I make myself bear down hard again. The head slowly inches down, a millimetre at a time. The pain is unimaginable; the burning now an intense firey, searing pain. Unable to contain the screams, I throw my head back and let out a long, loud roar as the head finally crowns. Looking down, I have no idea how I’m going to get it out; the crown alone is the size of a large grapefruit. I know that if I force it out now I’m going to tear badly, so I begin to give little shoves. The head moves slightly, my perineum stretches even more… the pain is worse than I ever could have imagined, every fibre of my body just wants to push with everything I’ve got and get it over, but I know I have to do this properly… so I continue with my gentle pushes, panting and yelping every time the head moves. I push like this for another 5 minutes, until eventually I let out a loud scream as the head stretches me to my limits and comes out as far as the forehead. I can’t hold back anymore. I just can’t. I don’t even wait for a contraction, I just take a huge gulp of air and bear down with every fibre of my body, roaring at the top of my lungs as the head finally squeezes out the rest of the way. I look down at the head between my legs. It’s the size of an average watermelon. I’m in shock at having just pushed that out of me, but I know there’s more to come. There’s another pain inside me as the baby rotates, and I know it’s time to get the shoulders out. I screw my eyes shut and give a massive push, screaming as the shoulders force my vagina open even more. I’m so sore now, that every slight movement feels like someone is holding a red hot poker against my perineum. I bear down again, even harder than before and the shoulders finally begin to move. I push and strain and pant and scream, trembling with the effort, until the shoulders are finally free. I thought the body would just slide right out once the shoulders came out, but it’s clear that I’m going to have to push it out all of the way. Another big strain gets the chest out, and with one last push and an almighty scream from me, the body and legs finally slip out of me and my baby boy is suddenly between my legs.

    After I’ve caught my breath, I cut the cord and weigh the baby on the scales. 13Lbs 2oz. I’m in shock! I have no idea how I managed to push it out of me! All in all, I was pushing for 3 hours.