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    Birth Fiction Story!

    Contains: home birth, sex during labor, orgasm, intimate moments, and being forced to stay quiet while crowning.

    It's 8pm on a Tuesday. We're sitting in our little livingroom watching crime shows like usual after our other 3 kids finally fall asleep. I rub my swollen belly and wiggle my toes as we watch a murder investigation unfold. It's a few days past my due date and I have been feeling contractions for the last two hours. My husband John sits next to me, holding my hand. He's calmly looking through his social media. I love looking at him when he's not aware. His handsome face and manly veiny hands give me butterflies and I'm so thankful he's the father of all our children. He's always been gentle and loving towards me and our family. And he's amazing in bed, which is why I'm currently pregnant with our fourth child. Another contractions tightens my belly and I place my hand on top to cope. Slow breath out. This is a very familiar feeling. Tightness and pain, but this is what I crave. I've always been turned on by stretching and birth, but sadly our other experiences we're much less enjoyable. Our other births have been in hospitals, as our families required it of us. They never trusted a home birth. The hospital has harsh lights and touchy doctors. We could never give birth in peace. It could never be sensual. But now. We have moved to a different state. And since the pandemic, it's been surprisingly easy to hide this whole pregnancy. Our dream is coming true tonight. We're going to have our sensual home birth.

    Even though the atmosphere is different, this is all very familiar. I can feel my baby move down. The pressure is nearing my wet vagina, which is also prepared for the coming moments. I know it's getting close to time to push. But I want to wait. This episode is almost over.

    "How do you feel?" John asks. He puts down his phone and leans over to me. His hand cradling my lower lips and massaging them. His finger finding my slit over my clothes easily. He kisses my shoulder.

    Another slow breath out. "It might be time I take these off." I struggle to sit up and motion to my pajama pants. The contractions use to make me scream during my first two births, but now I know I can breathe through them. I just hope I can be quiet enough during the rest of tonight to not wake the kids.

    John helps me get up and slowly pulls down my pants and underwear. I step out of them and sit back down on the couch. Earlier today we prepped the area with several towels. My water tends to break right before I need to push, so hopefully this is enough to keep the carpet from being soaked. I take off my shirt and sports bra. Being naked feels right. It feels like what I'm supposed to do.

    As I adjust, I can see John getting hard under his jeans. I love that seeing me in this vulnerable state turns him on. Birth is such a wonderful combination of sexual pleasure and intimate love finally seeing our child come into the world. A child created out of unbridled passion. Another contraction hits me out of nowhere. I suck in a quick breath and close my eyes. It'll only get more intense from here. I lean back on the couch and spread my legs. My fingers lightly rub the outer lips of my vagina. I stick a few fingers inside and stretch myself down towards my butt. Sometimes we like to roleplay birth by having me push out larger sex toys. This also served to prepare me for birth. Time got away from us recently though, with raising 3 other children and all. My hole is a bit tighter than I had hoped. But this means the pain will be greater, feeding perfectly into my ideal fantasy. I start to rub my clit. The pain eases off for a moment as I focus on the sensation. John notices and takes over this task for me. "I got this job, remember?" I smile and relax into the soft cushions surrounding me. I reach over to his bulging front and stroke him as well. We could never do this in the hospital. John grins.

    The tv continues to play in the background. Neither of us are paying attention anymore. John is now sitting much closer to my naked body. One hand behind my lower back. Another on top of my dripping vagina. Three fingers are slowly drawing circles and stretching me in all directions. His pillowy lips are lightly kissing my neck and shoulder. Pressure is starting to really build and I am wondering if staying home was the right idea. But John reads my thoughts and comforts me. "You're gonna do so good. You're so strong. Let your body do what it knows."

    My round belly visibly tightens and I quickly situp in pain. At the same time, water splashes out of my hole, soaking John's hand. But he doesn't seem to mind. "Good girl!" he whispers excitedly. I pray the tv is loud enough to drown out the birthing noises coming from both of us. I gasp and look down at the puddle I created. Most of it was caught on the towels and John swiftly grabs another to soak up what splashed elsewhere. The baby begins to make his or her way into my birth canal. "Ohhhh it's happening." I whimper. I begin taking quicker breaths as the pain slowly increases. John puts his hands on my parted knees and pulls me in with his words. "Hey. You're doing so great. Take a deep breath. We're gonna do this together. I'm right here, okay?" I nod and breathe out. We talked these moments over several times. We want it to be slow. Take our time. Let the baby come when they want. John will keep me focused on pleasure and intimate anticipation for our newest family member. We're gonna smile as much as possible. Birth is a magical event. Birth is an orgasmic event.

    "Do you want me to be naked too?" John asks. I take another deep breath and look at him with sex eyes. He knows this means yes. He pulls his shirt over his head revealing his perfect body. I always get butterflies when he is shirtless. It's like he hasn't aged at all since we started dating all those years ago. I feel my vagina get even wetter. Then as he's unbuckling his pants, another contraction begins. I feel the need to start pushing. "Wait!" He rushes back to me, seeing my face change from the onset of pain. "Don't push yet. You aren't ready." I hold off as much as I can as I wait for the feeling to subside. Deep breath out. I open my eyes again. John is now fully nude and his penis is fully erect. It's been awhile since I've seen him so hard. He must really be getting into this fetish as much as me. I reach out to him to pull him closer. He leans over my pregnant body and kisses me gently. His penis brushes the base of my bulging belly. I lightly tug down on it to bring it to its home. He begins to press into me but stops and asks, "Is this okay? Do you want me to?"

    "Yes, do it." I smirk. "Before I have another contraction." He smiles and presses into me deeper. The fullness of his member stretches me out again and I gasp in enjoyment. His hand finds a swollen breast and squeezes as he pushes inside me further. I open my eyes and see the ceiling of our living room and the colors thrown on it from the still-playing tv show. He begins to push and pull making the couch creak slightly. In my current state, my clit is perfectly in touch with his movements and I have to keep myself from moaning. This exact thing is what brought us to our birthing moment. The need to be intimate. John slows his motions and brings his hands to my face. We lock eyes and share a light kiss. He continues to rock into me while we kiss more intimately. I can feel his love for me on my lips. What joy! To be preparing for the birth of our fourth while still having sex like our wedding night.

    A sudden pain pulls me out of this romantic moment and I gasp again. This time in surprise. John quickly pulls out and kneels down to see inside me. My lips, now gaping from sex begin to show the hair of our newest baby. Not quite at the entrance, but definitely on its way. "He's coming babe." John smiles and touches his still hard penis. "You're doing so great. Keep deep breathing. Wow, you are so hot right now." I manage a quick smile as I focus on the waves of pressure. I start to rub my sensitive clit again to bring back the orgasm I was nearing earlier. Orgasmic birth. I think it could really happen. I keep rubbing and breathing. When I open my eyes, I see John stroking himself and staring down my hole. I must be getting close.

    "Would you like me to get the mirror?" He remembers how we use it so much during roleplay. "Yeah, could you go get it?" I ask between pants. He gets up and walks out of the livingroom. Penis still in hand. As he walks past one of the kid's rooms, he quickly peeks in to make sure they're still asleep. Man, how did I win over this sexy man who loves our kids and me this much? He returns with the handheld mirror from our bedroom. I feel that deep pressure again and start to push as he gets the mirror set up for me to see down there. When I look down at it, I can see that teardrop shape begin to emerge. A few curly locks poke out the top. Looks like this baby will have a full head of hair like the rest.

    The contraction ends and I relax. The head slides back into me and I see the vagina I recognize from this morning when I shaved. John pulls back my tender lips to see if the head is still close, and it is. He also finds my throbbing clit which keeps getting ignored when each contraction hits. His mouth quickly latches onto it and begins to please me. I would worry that my birthing liquids are getting into his mouth but this is exactly what I need right now. His tongue and light biting is bringing me to the edge. Ecstasy swells up in me. The combination of oral stimulation with the immense pressure of labor is overwhelming. I hold my breath with my mouth open wide in a silent scream. Another contraction begins but it kicks off the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. I grab John's hair and press him deeper into my vagina. At the same time, the baby's head presses deeper into my opening without having to push. The orgasm naturally opened up the birthing canal. I am shaking with enjoyment. When I finally come back to reality, John backs off and wipes his mouth. I see the cum that sprayed all over his chest. He must have orgasmed just as I did. This is the dream!

    He holds up the mirror for me again and the head is almost to a full crown. I'm beginning to feel pain again just as I reach the dreaded ring of fire stage. Pressure continues to build and I need to push again. I pull my knees up to my chest and bear down. "Push, baby, push!" He whispers as he kneels down to get a better view. The head moves ever so slightly, but gets stuck at it's widest point. John can see me start to panic. "Take it slow. You are doing just fine. The baby is just fine. Let yourself stretch." I do my best to relax and breathe. This stretch is so intense. I never use toys this wide for fear of getting stuck. But this is what I've always loved. I feel so full and tight. John is right. I need to take it slow. This is my favorite part, pain and all. Now I'll let our baby decide what happens next. I reach down to touch the light brown hairs poking out my hole. The baby is locked into place for now. Warm and comfortable in it's current position. I wonder what he or she is thinking. We still haven't picked a name.

    John has now cleaned up his spermy mess and is massaging my thighs. He's brought one of the towels closer to me and is waiting patiently. He will be the one catching the baby. Another new thing for this home birth occasion. No more doctors whisking them away to clean up immediately. We're going to stay together as a family. I want this baby to only be touched by us for his or her first moments. John traces his fingers around the baby's head and my stretched lips. Pressure begins to build again. Almost like another orgasm, but much more painful. I can't wait any longer. I begin to push. "Hhnnnnnnnuuuh" I moan, still trying to be quiet. The head doesn't budge. The contraction doesn't stop. I bear down again, pulling my legs even closer to my body. John is cheering me on, but I can't listen to him right now. All I can do is push. Finally, the head pops out with a splash of more water. I get a brief moment of relief. I feel the body turn inside me to better prepare for the shoulders. I need to start pushing again. The pain is so intense now. My abused vagina wants this baby out. "Get him out, get him out." I whine as my pushing seems to do no good. "This is your time, babe. You are almost there. One more big push!" I try to catch my breath but the biggest contraction overtakes me. I let out a short scream. "Ohhhh!" The shoulders come flying out of me along with the rest of the body. John catches the baby right away and places it on my chest. Covered in gunk, but a big healthy baby. I quickly scoop up our squirming child and suck out anything from the airways. Soon we hear sweet cries and know the baby's okay. Both John and I look at each other with tears in our eyes. We did it. We gave birth at our home. I pick up the baby to look at the gender. "It's a girl." I say through happy tears. John brings the towel up to wrap her in it as he kisses my forehead. We have much to clean up but for now, that can wait. This is the best night of our lives. I can't wait to do it all again.

    This is my first story, so let me know what you think?


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