Sometimes you just need to grab your phone and record while filling your diaper, isn't it?

    This way I am more comfortable to play with my Tena pullup and to get very intimate with the camera, you can see me closer and closer as I squish my bum on your face careless of the big leak dripping through the sheets into my bed opsssss🌊

    I just made some cuts as I was sexting during this video and you can see how horny I become as long as I continue my session, love my followers who help me drippp 🥰



    take this bonus little gif as a special gift, wish you an happy new year, have a look at my MV stores and see you in 2023🍾


    eyyyy help I am dripping all over oh noooooo 😭😭 my ninjamas doesn't hold a second of my stream and leaked on your face opsie💦 Fortunately I was able to catch on my phone and after a critical moment I can enjoy humping my pillow on my comfy bed 💤 Yesterday I was very chatty and want to thanks who get me in the right mood, this video is what happens if you make me horny on monday ehehehe🥰🥰


    YOO this pillow is so big and long ahahaha 🌊 I love to hump it while hugging it with all my body waaaaaah😍 I found out I had 2 pair of drynites left so I couldn't wait to wet one!! To be honest I prefer the pink and white old design because I love to see the yellow you know ehehe💖💖

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    Just before going to take a nap I completely let it go in my Always diaper, and I mean COMPLETELY soggy💦💦 I am so happy to play brainless without caring about leaking and enjoy the hot feeling inside in my lingerie whoaaaa ✨ have you ever see me wedging on the bed? well now you can eheheh I have to admit it is amazing, I definitely would do this again and again🥰



    Ellie is back babyyy eheh Do you like my new gaming chair? Watch me following the link

    Maybe you could be a little bit distracted by my flooded Ninjamas. Ohh god I've missed diapers so much in this last year and it has been such a great way to come back❤️ The feeling of warm pee bulging my pullup is something divine, makes me almost brain-dead and guess what? You could sse the inside this time yeeeeeeee. Thanks to everyone who supported me this last nasty year, now I will start to wear more often until I will be consistent again 🤞🏻