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    Anyone still on this site? I've got a new video!



    Please do a diaper poop video!!! Also, I have to mention you hack a beautiful dick and you are pretty af IMO, you are the girl of my dreams I swear

    Thank you so much!!

    I finally made a diaper poo video!! πŸ₯°



    What does poop taste like, and how did you mentally make the jump to actually eating it? I’m having difficulty going through with it, even though the idea turns me on more than anything

    Mostly the idea just really turned me on for a while, and one time I had a poop that looked particularly tasty, so I just took a huge bite. It was really bitter. I'm not a big fan of it on its own, but I did a video with a banana once and it wasn't such a bad combo.

    I guess start small and maybe try with something you like. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


    Wanna see me make a big mess in the shower? In this video I lay a hard turd in the shower and have some fun spreading it all over and ruining my red bodysuit! ❀️


    Two new poop videos online now!! πŸ₯°


    I have a crazy crush over you. You make me so hard I keep fantasizing about you everyday. I wish I could buy your videos for cheaper though Plus I wish you’d make more videos! I need it

    Thank you so much!! This week I'll be putting up some collections of older stuff at a big discount!

    I'll be uploading more too! I actually just submitted a new poop one! Should be up tomorrow! πŸ₯°