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    Bnha cmv/tiktok ideas pt 4

    • dabihawks to let me love you from glee

    • shinkami or tododeku to porcelain face 

    • bnha band au (guitarist kaminari) to ultraviolet by stiff dylans

    • grievingshoto (dead deku au) to funeral from parade

    • deku, uraraka, and iida (omegaverse) to the negative from waitress

    • all might and deku to one last time from hamilton

    • tododeku to begin again from taylor swift

    • dabi and endeavor to jeffdunham achmed and AJ duet 

    • bakudeku to jeff dunham good day 

    • amajiki as fluttershy from my little pony

    • hawks to you gotta die sometimes from falsettos

    • kirishima to words fail “i’d rater pretend” from dear evanhansen

    • kaminari to more than survive “never gonna be the cool guy” from be more chill

    • bakugo to jeffdunham the cursing 

    • kaccako and dabihawks to the notebook fight scene

    • rei and hawks or burnin to two black cadillacs

    • aizawa family to where you belong by keri kimmel (the fosters op)

    • aizawa to on my own from les miserables

    • deku to i’m not that girl from wicked

    • inko/rei to i dreamed a dream from les miserables

    • erasercloud to a little fall of rain from les miserables

    • inko and rei to anybody got a map from dear evanhansen

    • any of my angstyotps to we’ll meet again by vera lynn

    • todoroki/dabi to emotionless by good charlotte

    • todoroki family to family portrait by p!nk

    • todoroki family to doll house by melanie martinez

    • bakudeku to mean by taylor swift

    Feel free to use any of these ideas

    *cough* it would be nice if you credited me *cough*

    Imagine Your OTP

    Person A: *stares at Person B*

    Person B: *slightly annoyed* What is it? Stop staring…

    Petson A: *continues staring*

    Person B: Do I have something on my face or something?

    Person A: … Yes.

    Person B: Where?

    Person A: It’s your face.

    Person B: … Are you serious??

    Person A: I like it. Like, very much.

    Person B: *surprised* Oh… *blushes*