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2023-12-03 18:01:54

    There is so much panic in conservative and right-wing political and media circles at the moment about drag artists performing and/or reading to children and how they should be protected from it. And all I can say is Bugs Bunny, because I guarantee that the people calling for drag to be banned, watched and enjoyed that Waskerly Wabbit growing up.


    //Organisers announced the 2023 campaign, called ‘Never March Alone: Championing Trans Allyship’, on Friday (26 May) as part of an effort to stop discrimination against transgender people.//

    The message is clear: London Pride won’t accept any of that transphobic, TERF-fuelled «LBT without the T» hate propaganda.


    With so much Transphobic rhetoric, fear mongering, misinformation and legislation being aimed at us here in the UK, USA and beyond, we need all the help and as many allies as we can get.